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Summer Self Care for Teachers

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Teachers, we SEE you. We see the exhaustion as you pack up your classroom for the summer. The tears that fall as you say a final goodbye to your students are not unnoticed. We see the overwhelm as you look at your once organized classroom. Guess what? We see and feel ALL of that too. For some teachers, this school year was amazing. For others, they are left drained. No matter where you fall in that spectrum, it is important to set aside time for self care. So, sit back teacher friend, and let us fill your summer self care bucket list with activities that are sure to make you feel those summer break vibes, and perhaps feel more like yourself again.

Are you feeling this so far? If so, here is the ticket to get back to that “I can’t wait to plan, decorate, organize, I feel like a first year teacher, buy all the flair pens” feeling.  

Ready for this? SELF CARE. 

Below are some self care activities to help cure that school year exhaustion. Try one, try them all. The only goal is that this helps in some way! 

Make a summer bucket list. 

Bucket lists give us something to look forward to! Bucket lists do NOT need to be filled with big ticket items. Plant a garden, take that extra long hike, camp in the woods, try a Pinterest recipe, see a waterfall, camp under the stars…the possibilities are endless! 

Have kids? Involve them in the creation of the summer bucket list. 


Writing down your thoughts is an excellent way to decompress. It can be a blank journal to jot down thoughts and ideas OR invest in a prompted, self care journal, like THIS one created specifically for us drained teachers.

Blank Journal

Start or end your day with a thoughts purge!

Gratitude Journal: Five Minutes a Day Manifestation Journal

Start a self care routine in only five minutes a day with this prompted journal.

Find your Peeps! 

This has been a challenging time for educators. It can, at times, be lonely. Lucky for us, we have a Facebook tribe—Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers— full of AMAZING teachers across the globe, who are feeling it all too. Join us in our group and connect, collaborate, and decompress! 

Teach 1st grade? Check out our Lucky 1st Grade Teachers facebook group!

Read the books!

If you are a reader, this is YOUR summer! Many a student has been told that reading is a free vacation, now is your time to practice what you preach. Here are the top picks from our Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook group all in one post: 2024 Summer Reading List for Teachers.

There are SO many more books we could recommend but a sure bet is to check in with your local library, download a reading app, shop online or simply dig through your book collection at home. Crack that book open and let the relaxation begin. 

Get into Nature! 

This might not be for everyone! However, study after study has proven nature’s calming effect on our mental health! Whether it is a hike, camping trip, a backyard bonfire, or simply sitting outside it is sure to boost your mood quickly. PLUS, taking that nature walk counts as exercise and we know that can be an immediate mood boost.

Hone that Hobby!

Summer break is a great time to learn, revisit or hone a hobby. Some favorite summer hobbies include:

  • Painting and drawing
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Crocheting or knitting
  • Gardening
  • Crafting or DIY
  • Hiking
  • Scrapbooking
  • Woodworking
  • Pottery
  • Volunteering (Something not related to education for that brain break. I have loved walking dogs at the local animal shelter!)

Learn Something New!

Gone are the days of having to enroll in college courses to give your brain a workout. Many things can be learned right from the comfort on your couch! Many offerings can be found for free with a quick search on Youtube. Here are additional online course ideas:

Learn a Musical Instrument

Here are some free options for learning an instrument from home.

Virtual Musical Instruments

Skill Share


Learn a New Language

Learning a language can be as simple as popping headphones in to complete a virtual class. Below is a list of well liked language learning apps and websites.


Rosetta Stone


Crafting & DIY

Youtube has the best crafting and DIY tutorials! If you want a shorter form video, Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook Reels are packed with crafting tips & tricks! As an example, here is a video filled with ways to use Dollar Tree Peel-N-Stick wallpaper!

Free Courses

Have you ever wanted to say you went to Harvard? Well now you can! Harvard offers a collection of online courses, as well as many other colleges! Check out some of these tuition free options to gain more knowledge, just for the fun and interest of it!

Harvard Free Online

The Open University: Open Learn Academy

There are many other ways to ditch the school year stress! Find what works for you! Find YOUR calm! Have an idea to share? Head over to our Facebook group and share the love! Creating a summer bucket list? Be sure to share that with us too! You might just inspire others! 

Always remember, together we are better!


  1. LeAnn Erickson

    Very inspiring! ❤️

  2. Michelle

    Thank you!! Love 💕 the book suggestions!! My summer starts July 1st, in school until June 30th in Canada 🇨🇦


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