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Math Facts Worksheet Generator: Create Differentiated Practice in Seconds

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Written by: Katie Palmer

The key to student academic growth is differentiating their instruction to meet individual needs. Helping students learn math facts is no exception! After the whole group teaching is done, it is time for students to work on individualized skills to promote their math automaticity. But how can teachers find differentiated math practice that is kid friendly and easy to use? Our team has the answer: A quick math facts worksheet generator

And, this can be done in seconds!

The Importance of Math Automaticity

Before we get started, you may be wondering, why the fuss? Why do primary students need to be automatic with their math facts? Mastering basic math facts paves the way to future math success. As students are expected to solve more complex and multistep math problems, they will often need to be able to quickly recall the basics. For example, when being asked to solve 284-52, they will need to be able to solve several basic facts to reach the final answer. Being automatic with their facts allows success and mastery of future math concepts.

Sticky math is a non competitive way to practice basic math facts.

Why use the Math Facts Worksheet Generator?

Now you are thinking to yourself, why would I use the All Access math facts worksheet generator when I could use the ones included in my district's curriculum. Or, maybe you have been using the worksheets found with a Google search.

There are reasons the All Access math worksheets are a step above the rest.

  • You can title your worksheet: (Make the title the name of your math groups!)
  • Choose the skill: Addition, subtraction, multiplication or division (great challenge opportunity for higher level math thinkers)
  • Choose the layout: horizontal or vertical
  • Choose the level of difficulty: how many digits
  • Pick how many problems students will complete
  • You can choose to include regrouping or not
The new math facts worksheet generator has many customization tools.

Ways to Weave in Math Facts Practice

Now that you know how to make the worksheets, just how to use them? Our team has several ideas, here are the top ones.

1. Whole Group

Individualized Math Tests

Gone are the days of timed math tests where students essentially compete against each other. Here are the days where students try to improve at math automaticity at their own rate. A great way to keep math facts practice individualized is with our Sticky Math method. (Read more about the Sticky Math Method.) By using the math worksheet generator, teachers can pick review or challenge skills for each student. Slip these sheets into a page protector in a student's folder or binder and watch their math fact confidence grow!

try titling your math facts worksheets with the name of your math groups.

Addition Bootcamp

Ready for a heavy hit on addition strategies? (Or any other math operation.) Try using the Addition Strategies anchor charts from Lucky to Learn Math.

  • Teach a strategy each day or couple of days (lots of modeling and working together)
  • Create a worksheet and have students demonstrate using the daily strategy to solve
Addition and subtraction strategies anchor charts.

2. Small Group & Centers

Let students work on the skills they need most with independent math facts sheets created by you, their teacher who knows their academic needs best.

Use these sheets as an independent center, or by modeling solving strategies in a small group.

Bonus tip: Insert eight math facts worksheets into menu covers. This is an easy write and wipe solution, and is their independent work for the week!

Link to the full video & math facts worksheet generator below.

3. Quickly Assess Skills

If you are in need of a quick assessment before moving on to the next math unit, the worksheet generator is your best friend. Quickly choose the skill to assess, print, copy and pass it out. Assessment in minutes.

4. Homework

If you are a teacher who sends homework, try differentiating it to best meet the needs of all students. Parents will appreciate seeing what the students are working on and learning along side them.

Create Your Own Math Facts Worksheets in Seconds

Let's take an in depth look at this math facts worksheets generator that will have differentiated math skills practice in your students' hands in mere minutes.

For more on math facts, check out our post library below.


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