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5 Solid Gold Classroom Management Tips For Teachers

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Looking to tighten up classroom management this year? We've got you covered with our newest post filled with management tips for teachers! Think of this article as a one-stop-shop for teacher recommended procedures that simplify the art of classroom management.

There's no time for classroom management!

I get it! There isn't enough time in the day for all the things. BUT.. when you're making the decision about what to take off your plate as a busy teacher, DON'T shortchange the time you spend on classroom procedures. If you go slow with routines in the beginning, you'll go fast with learning in the end.

Classroom management is like the secret sauce of a high-functioning classroom. It shapes how learning happens, how students feel about school, and it even helps them become productive humans. The great news is that good classroom management doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, we believe if you focus on just five things, solid gold classroom management will be yours!

Classroom Management Tips for Teachers

1. Plan ahead for all common classroom procedures

Think about every aspect of your day and how you want your class to operate. Don’t assume kids come to you knowing how to do those things! Teach them how to do them and constantly reinforce by practicing.

For example:

✔️How do you want them to line up?

✔️How do you want them to enter the room in the morning?

✔️What is the procedure for bathroom use? How should they ask? When is it an appropriate time?

Look at each part of your day and ask yourself, “how do I want my kids to operate at this time and what will I need to teach them to get them there?” Remind yourself that it will take time and practice before your students will get the routines down. Be consistent with them always!!!! The more consistent you are with them, the more they will understand their boundaries.

I find that I’m always practicing and reinforcing routines throughout the year. Especially after breaks.

-Stephanie, Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group
Classroom management tips for teachers: Display and go over classroom behavior and expectation charts can improve classroom management

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2. You can never over-practice rules and expectations

Practicing over and over is essential! Introducediscussact out – and repeatedly practice each of your classroom expectations. But be ready to revisit throughout the school year! Any time you see the slightest mistake in your expected procedure – stop the class. Talk about what just happened and start again.

-Mihaela, Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group
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3. Assigned order is a smart move!

I ALWAYS have a line order. Usually it’s alphabetical until I figure out who cannot be beside each other. The person at the front is the leader for a week, then they move to the back and next in line is the leader. That way there is not any fighting over who gets in line first and no one can cut because everyone has an assigned spot.

-Erin, Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group
A rules for classroom lineup poster.

4. Hand signals work great for cutting down the noise!

I use silent signals and it works wonders for my kiddos we go over them at the beginning and they do amazing. I use a 1 for a pencil, 2 for tissue, 3 or a W for water, 5 is a question. We use catching a bubble and go over line basics.

-Jennifer, Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group
Classroom posters using sign language to ask to go to the restroom, etc.

Use ASL (American Sign Language) and finger cues.. I teach signs for water, bathroom, help, etc. I figure if I'm teaching them signs/signals why not teach real signs and introduce another way of communicating that could spark an interest to learn more?

-Christina, Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group

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5. Let students take the lead when possible

I recommend thinking of all the procedures of your daily routine and try and make as many of them the responsibility of the students as possible.

For example:

>I have all materials in available locations for kids to get on their own and we practice getting them

>Make the daily monotonous tasks kids’ jobs (pencil sharpener, question changer, whiteboard washer, floor cleaner, iPad tech to plug all iPads in, etc.)

>Have a bathroom/leaving room magnets. Each kid is assigned a number, there’s a magnetic board for bathroom and only two kids allowed out at a time.

>USE LINE ORDER! I cannot stress this enough. It eliminates so many problems. Student of the week gets to be first in line. If no student of the week, then student #1 leads.

>Have a song to sing when kids are lined up as a way to prepare for the hallway.

-Christina, Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group
Classroom jobs display board.

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Now it's time to let the learning happen! Remember, with these five strategies in your pocket, you're all set to create a classroom where learning happens, relationships flourish, and every day feels like a success. You've got this!


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