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All Access: Your Last Minute Teaching Lesson Planner

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Is this your first time hearing about All Access? Have you heard about it, or are hesitant to make the next move? Do you have All Access, but want to know more about its benefits? Or, are you looking for no prep 2nd grade activities & no prep 1st grade activities? If you answered yes to any of the preceding questions, this is the post for you. Let's walk you through what I call the last minute lesson and how All Access is the ultimate teaching lesson planner.

All Access Can Save you Lesson Planning Time

As educators, you know that lesson planning can take loads of time. Many teachers set aside a certain day to plan out everything for the next week. This could be after school, during prep, or at home. Team Lucky Little Learners wanted to save teachers from hours of work, and created All Access to save you time by making lesson planning a breeze.

Below are a couple of ways All Access can be your teaching lesson planner bestie.

All Access is a digital teacher membership site.

Plan an Entire Week in Minutes with No Prep 1st & No Prep 2nd Grade Activities

Join Angie, as she lesson plans a school day in two minutes. Proof that a week can be planned in one prep period! (With all of the no prep 2nd grade activities & no prep 1st grade activities, planning truly is a breeze!)

Last Minute Student Absence-No Problem!

Has this ever happened to you: It is one minute before dismissal, when a student approaches your desk.

Student: “Teacher, I am leaving for vacation tomorrow morning. Mom wants my work for next week.”


But wait, you don't have to rush to the copy machine with papers flying out behind you! Just open All Access and either make a quick bundle and print OR email digital assignments to the parents! Let me show you how.

All Access is Made for Spontaneous Teachable Moments

Teachers often have to change their lesson plan on the fly, when a teachable moment happens. For example, let's say you are focusing on long vowels with a silent e, and discover a select group of your students need to revisit short vowels. Run to your computer and type “short vowels” into the All Access search bar. Then, select the activity you want, print off a few copies and a small group, differentiated lesson is ready in seconds!

Decodable phonics mats are available on All Access

Other Last Minute All Access Ideas:

  • Last minute parent notes
  • Printable or projectable anchor charts
  • Higher or lower challenge activities based on how a lesson goes

Last minute needs at your fingertips!

All Access Can be your Meetings Assistant: Impress with No Prep 1st Grade & No Prep 2nd Grade Activities

Raise your hand if you attend lots of grade level and student problem solving meetings! At my district, we meet once a month to discuss grade wide literacy and math needs. We also take this time to form differentiated small groups based on these needs.

Think of the amazingness All Access could bring to these meetings!:

  • Find resources for small groups
  • All Access has loads of Science of Reading aligned resources, making interventions are readily available!
  • Create individualized lessons & learning plans for students

Watch Angie use All Access to quickly plan interventions after a child study meeting.

Dig Deep into All Access

Still not sure if you are ready to take the All Access leap? Learn more about All Access, then take a peek around!


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