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You have all these math centers but now what?  Are you wondering what the best math centers storage options are for your classroom?  I have a bunch of storage options that can work for any budget!

Math Centers Storage Options on Video

If you’d prefer to skip reading through it all and just watch a quick overview of all my suggested options, you can watch the video above.  I will go into further detail and provide links below.  If you’d like to save this post for future reference, you can use this link to pin these ideas to your Pinterest board.

If you are looking for math centers to use in your classroom, these bundles include 120 different math centers.
1st Grade Math Centers Mega Bundle
2nd Grade Math Centers Mega Bundle

Plastic Baggies

A simple plastic baggie is an affordable and easy option for math centers storage.  The gallon ziplock bags are what I used in the past.  I recommend getting the freezer quality bags because they are more durable.  The directions sheet, recording sheet, and all the center pieces can fit inside of the bag.

Calling all 1st grade and 2nd grade math teachers! This post shows a variety of math centers storage options that are no brainers! You may even have some of these materials in your cabinets right now! #mathactivities #teachingmath #2ndgrade #secondgrade #2ndgrademath #mathcenters

Iris Containers

The colorful Iris containers have been a huge hit in classrooms all over!  If you purchase them from Michael’s, I strongly suggest waiting for them to go on sale and never pay full price for them.  They can also be picked up on Amazon.  When prepping these, I would first print the direction sheet at 50% in the printer settings.  This is the perfect size for the container label.  All of the pieces for that math centers can go inside of the Iris container.  The recording sheets can be placed in a file folder or basket near the math center.

Are your math centers an unorganized mess? I hope not! If you are looking for some ideas that will help with your math centers storage, read this post! It has tons of ideas for a variety of budgets that will ensure a successful math centers time. #mathactivities #teachingmath #2ndgrade #secondgrade #2ndgrademath #mathcenters #classroomorganization

12×12 Project Cases

12×12 project cases are another great storage option.  I like the size of them because there is plenty of room for 10 or more center activities.  In the picture below I have 20 math centers that easily fit in the project case container.  You could place the centers themselves in ziplock bags or file folders.

Math centers storage is an important piece of math center organization and success. If your math centers are organized and easily accessible, the whole math center process is more successful. This post shows videos and pictures of math storage that will work for a variety of budgets. #mathactivities #teachingmath #2ndgrade #secondgrade #2ndgrademath #mathcenters #classroomorganization

File Folders

A simple file folder is another cost effective option.  If you have plenty of file cabinet space, this might be your way to go.  The picture below shows what these would look like although my file folders don’t have tabs because I cut them off and place them in the Sterilite drawers.  If I was just keeping them in a file cabinet, I would leave the tabs on and even write the name of the math center or math skill on the tab.

Organize your math centers and save yourself time! This post shows video and pictures of a variety of ways classroom teachers can store their math centers. Tons of great ideas for any budget! #mathactivities #teachingmath #2ndgrade #secondgrade #2ndgrademath #mathcenters #classroomorganization

Sterilite Drawers

Sterilite drawers can be a nice option for center storage.  You can get the drawers from Walmart or Amazon.  The drawer labels can be found in the math centers bundles for both first grade and second grade.  When the centers get stored inside the drawers they are in file folders.  I cut the tabs off of the file folders so that they can fit nicely inside of the drawers.  When storing the centers in file folders I glue the directions to the front of the folder.  I place the center pieces and recording sheets inside of the file folder.  The center pieces are stored inside of a sandwich or quart size plastic bag.

Sterilite drawers are a great option for math centers storage! Whether you have task cards, math centers, or math games it's nice to have an organized place for everything. I don't know about you but classroom organization is a MUST! #mathactivities #teachingmath #2ndgrade #secondgrade #2ndgrademath #mathcenters #classroomorganization

If you’d like to purchase math centers for your classroom, I have monthly bundles of 10 centers per bundle.  I also have a mega bundle of a year long set of 120 math centers.  Use the links below to grab these.

1st Grade Math Centers Mega Bundle
2nd Grade Math Centers Mega Bundle




  1. Shevonne Weekes

    Do you sell the monthly drawer labels separately for the centers?

    • Angie Olson

      Hi Shevonne!

      Thanks so much for reaching out, unfortunately I do not sell those, but I’ll add it to my list of possible ideas for the future. Have a great day!

      Angie Olson
      Lucky Little Learners


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