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Halloween Classroom Party Ideas: Activities For In-Person AND Online Parties!

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It’s October and that means the spooky season has arrived! Whether you are teaching online or in-person, it’s time to decide – how are you going to celebrate this fun fall season with your students? 

If you could use some ideas, read on for dozens of Halloween-themed activities for virtual and traditional classrooms ~ all are sure to engage your lucky little learners this year!

Halloween Party Activities for Online Parties

Teachers all over the world have done a fantastic job making the virtual learning experience fun for young learners. Virtual holiday parties mean you can pull out all the stops! Here are some ideas that will make your online Halloween party a big hit:

1. Ask your students to join the party in costume. Play a “guess my costume” game to get the party started.

2. Hold a decorating contest. Before the virtual party, challenge each of your students to decorate the wall behind where they sit for class. If you want to make it a true contest, take a vote virtually to name favorites in the following categories… Most creepy, most silly, most shocking, most creative, etc.  The more exciting the view, the more fun the experience!

3. Don’t forget to play some spooky Halloween music in the background. 

4. Have a few games ready to go. 

5. Search “kid-friendly Halloween read alouds” on YouTube for some fun renditions featuring some well-loved children’s literature.

Search for your favorites. Here are some of ours: 

  • The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything
  • Pete the Cat Jack-o-Lantern Carving
  • At the Old Haunted House
  • Creepy Pair of Underwear
  • Hey, That’s My Monster! 

Halloween Party Activities for In-Person Parties

Are you ready to add some new party ideas to your Halloween toolbox?  We’ve got games and activities galore that will help you keep your little ghouls and goblins engaged and learning and safely social distancing.

Practice reading, writing and math in Halloween style with these themed activities: 

  1. Ghost Spelling & Fact Family Houses

2. Fall Math Centers

3. 1st Grade October Math Centers

4. 2nd Grade October Math Centers

5. October Math Puzzles

6. Bats & Spiders Lapbook

Get your students giggling with these new social distance-friendly game ideas : 

  • Halloween Truth or Scare

Create Halloween themed conversation cards. For example, what scares you more, snakes or spiders?

  • Guess the Witch’s Brew Ingredients 

If you can serve food at your party, this game offers a few healthier choices. If you can’t serve food, you can still play this game visually. Display the “Ingredients” at the front of the room, labeled with numbers. Tell your students that each ingredient is a different body part. Have kids number a piece of paper from 1-5, then write down their guesses. Reveal the answers to see who got the most correct guesses!

Cooked spaghetti = brains

Carrot sticks = fingers

Peeled grapes = eyeballs

Corn kernels = teeth

Monster ears = dried apricots

  • Tarantula Toss 

Before the party, spread spiderwebs across the four corners of the classroom and place a piece of tape on the floor a few feet in front of each web. Divide the class into 4 teams. Give each team a bowl of plastic spiders. Send one team member at a time to the teams’ web. When the teacher says, “Go,” each student throws spiders at the webs, trying to get them to stick. The first student to get 3 spiders to stick earns a point. Play continues until each student has had a turn. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Our best hope is that even in this time of social distancing, extra precautions, and distance learning, Halloween can be a fun and memorable event for your students. We hope these activity ideas will make the fall season – and your classroom party -just as fabulous as it always is!

And whether your Halloween party is in-person or online this year, your students will LOVE solving these math problems to get all the ingredients into the witch’s cauldron!

Check out this free Halloween digital math game!  Students solve the problems to help the witch make her witch's brew!

Download your free Witch’s Brew Addition game: 

Save these ideas to your Pinterest board and use the image below.

It’s October and that means the spooky season has arrived! Whether you are teaching online or in-person, it’s time to decide - how are you going to celebrate this fun fall season with your students?

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