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Children’s Books for Celebrating Asian American Culture

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Bring diversity to your classroom library and read alouds by highlighting the rich traditions, histories, and contributions of Asian Americans. Here's a list of our favorite Asian American read aloud books for celebrating this culture in primary classrooms.

by Kerisa Greene

“I Am Both” by Kerisa Greene is an empowering children's book that celebrates the unique experiences of biracial children, emphasizing the beauty and strength in embracing both sides of their heritage. Through engaging illustrations and heartfelt storytelling, the book encourages young readers to proudly embrace their dual identities.

by Analiza Quiroz Wolf and Michael Franco

This inspiring collection showcases the remarkable achievements of Asian-Americans across various fields, highlighting their diverse talents and resilience. Through captivating stories and vibrant illustrations, it celebrates the contributions and influence of these remarkable individuals.

by Soyung Park and Susan Kathleen Hartung

“Dear Juno” by Soyung Park is a touching story about a young boy who communicates with his grandmother in Korea through letters and drawings, bridging the distance between them with love and creativity. This heartwarming tale highlights the power of family connections and the joy of cross-cultural communication.

by Cathy Linh Che, Kyle Lucia Wu, and Kavita Ramchandran

This engaging children's guide offers an A to Z exploration of Asian American history, presenting key events, influential figures, and cultural contributions in an accessible and educational format. Through vibrant illustrations and informative text, it provides young readers with a comprehensive understanding of the rich heritage and achievements of Asian Americans.

by Nicole Chen and Lenny Wen

“How We Say I Love You” by Nicole Chen is a touching story that explores the many ways love is expressed in different relationships, capturing the beauty of affection through everyday moments and heartfelt gestures. It's a warm reminder that love isn't just about the words we say but the actions we take.

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Do you have beloved Asian American read aloud books to share? Comment your favorite children's book that celebrates Asian American culture, and let's continue to grow our list together. Happy reading!


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