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Dive into Native American Heritage Month: Resources for Primary Teachers

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

November is Native American Heritage Month, and while we know we are not experts on the subject, we're excited to help you bring the rich cultures and histories of Native American communities into your classrooms. We're all about amplifying Native American voices, celebrating diversity, and having fun while we do it. So, let's dive into these fantastic tools and materials that'll help you make this Native American Heritage Month one to remember in your class!

We've gathered some rich content to make Native American Heritage Month ultra special and vibrant in classrooms. Read on to browse our favorite elementary school-appropriate websites, read-alouds, and videos.

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Native American Heritage Websites

Explore these excellent websites for culturally authentic resources to foster inclusivity and respect in learning. By utilizing materials from Native American authors and organizations, you can rest assured that your students will gain a more accurate and empathetic understanding of Native American history and traditions.

NIEA PreK-2 Student-Centered Learning Activities

This website offers student-centered digital learning activities, primarily aimed at early childhood to second-grade students, in collaboration with the National Indian Education Association (NIEA). From crafts to games to teaching activities, Native American culture is brought to life in fun ways!

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

This website, hosted by the National Museum of the American Indian, provides a rich repository of educational resources for teachers interested in Native American culture and history. Educators can find a wide range of lesson plans, interactive tools, and multimedia resources designed to enhance their classroom teachings and promote a deeper understanding of Native American heritage among their students.

Tribal Legacy Project

This site showcases Native American heritage and stories through multimedia presentations and interactive exhibits. Teachers can find a wealth of resources, such as videos, photos, and educational content, to incorporate authentic Native American perspectives and history into their teaching.

Teachings of Our Elders

The focus on this site is to provide resources for elementary school teachers interested in incorporating Indigenous perspectives and teachings into their curricula. Teachers can access a variety of educational materials, lesson plans, and cultural resources aimed at fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of Indigenous cultures among their students.

Native American Heritage Videos

These videos encourage a deeper appreciation of Native American heritage, promoting cultural understanding and fostering inclusivity in the classroom.

Native American Heritage Day for Kids

Here is a short animated film that provides a historical perspective on the first Thanksgiving, highlighting the contributions of Native Americans. Teachers can use this video for a culturally sensitive Thanksgiving discussion, highlighting Native American perspectives in American history.

The Living History of Native American Gatherings

This is an educational video that introduces various Native American tribes and their cultures. Teachers can use this video as a valuable resource to teach children about the diversity of Native American communities, their unique traditions, and the importance of respecting and understanding their heritage.

What is Native American Heritage Month? Facts for Kids

In this video, narrated by kids, students will discover exactly what Native American Heritage Month is and why we celebrate it. The video also goes into the significant contributions that Native American communities and individuals have made to the United States.

Contributions of Native Americans

In this video, kids will learn facts about Native Americans people, past and present. The focus is on looking at the Native American culture through the lens of achievements and long-lasting legacy that still positively influences America today.


Give voice to Native American heritage through these read-aloud books! Our list focuses on narratives that allow students to explore Native American stories, experiences, and perspectives.

Native American Stories for Kids: 12 Traditional Stories from Indigenous Tribes across North America

By Tom Pecore Weso

This book is a collection of captivating tales that offers young readers a glimpse into the diverse cultures and rich oral traditions of various Native American tribes.

We Are Still Here! Native American Truths Everyone Should Know

By Traci Sorrell

Educate readers about the often overlooked or misunderstood aspects of Native American history and contemporary issues, offering valuable insights into the resilience and contributions of Native American communities.

When We Were Alone

By David A. Robertson

In “When We Were Alone,” a young girl learns from her grandmother about preserving heritage and resilience amid adversity.

Fry Bread

By Kevin Noble Maillard

This is a heartfelt picture book that celebrates the cultural significance of fry bread in Native American communities, highlighting the connections between food, family, and heritage.

We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga

By Traci Sorell

Discover a beautifully illustrated, culturally rich children's book on Cherokee gratitude, emphasizing seasonal appreciation and interconnectedness in nature.

At The Mountain’s Base

By Traci Sorell

Kids and teachers will adore this heartwarming picture book depicting a Native American family's journey of courage, tradition, and unity as they await their military loved one's return.

We Are Water Protectors

By Carole Lindstrom

This book empowers young readers to protect Earth's water sources with Indigenous wisdom and environmental stewardship in focus.

A Day With Yayah

By Nicola Campbell

Join young Indigenous girl and her grandmother, Yayah in nature, celebrating cultural heritage, love, and wisdom in “A Day With Yayah”.

You Hold Me Up

By Monique Gray Smith

This sweet book is all about the power of support, love, and understanding within Indigenous communities, promoting kindness and respect as essential values.

The Star People: A Lakota Story

By S.D. Nelson

This is a traditional Lakota story about the origins of the Pleiades star cluster, offering readers a glimpse into Lakota culture and mythology.

Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids

By Cynthia L. Smith

A collection of heartwarming and diverse stories from various Indigenous authors, celebrating the rich tapestry of Native American cultures and traditions.

Stolen Words

By Melanie Florence

A touching children's book that talks about how Indigenous languages were taken away from families in the past and why it's important to keep them alive today.

Read About Other Cultures

If you found this reading list helpful, be sure to check out our other read aloud lists.

Black History

Hispanic Culture

Women's History

Asian American Culture

As educators, we can foster a deeper understanding and respect for Native American heritage, not just during November, but throughout the year. We hope these resources inspire young minds to appreciate Indigenous cultures, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic future.

Do you know some high-quality Native American Heritage resources to add to this list? Please let us know in the comments!


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