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All Access: The Ultimate Teacher Membership for 1st & 2nd Grade Teachers

All Access, Teacher Support

Written by: Katie Palmer

We all know teachers are swamped. Because of this busy career, many teachers, looking for some calm to their chaos, have turned to subscription sites. These online platforms have revolutionized the way teachers access resources, collaborate with their team, and stay up-to-date with the latest educational trends. But with so many sites to choose from, how can teachers decide which teacher membership platform best meets their needs?

Our team has the answer, and it is All Access! This post will walk you through the whys of All Access and how it stacks up against the competition.

All Access is a teacher membership option for 1st and 2nd grade teachers

What is the All Access teacher membership?

If you are new to the Lucky Little Learners universe, you may have not yet heard of All Access. Our All Access motto is, “Click. Print. Teach.”, and that is exactly what All Access will help you do!

All Access teacher membership perks at a glance featuring these icons: unlimited downloads, immediate access to resources, affordable, for teachers/by teachers, take back your time, be the teacher you want to be!

Lucky Little Learners is hyper focused on all things 1st and 2nd grade, so our rich library of resources in All Access is too!

Take a quick highlight tour of All Access with Angie in the video below.

All Access is just what it sounds like..your access to all of Lucky Little Learner's resources. Anything the team has ever or will ever create! In addition to thousands of resources, All Access offers all of the following categories. Read through the post in order or click on your areas of interest for more details.

Why Subscribe to this Teacher Membership?

Take a look at all the top reasons to subscribe to All Access that will make your teaching life so much easier, and allow you to take back your time for your family and yourself. These reasons attribute to what we call the All Access Advantage, and bring us miles above the competition.

Product Request Hotline

One of the top reasons teachers choose All Access over other teacher membership sites is our product request hotline. We've had a product hotline from the start, and at the time of this posting, have fulfilled over 600 requests. We have a team of teachers on staff ready and able to fulfill these requests. This amazing benefit is available to all monthly and yearly teacher membership subscribers. If we don't have a teaching resource you need, submit a request to our curriculum team!

Having an All Access teacher membership allows you to make a product creation request.

Editable Resource Library

A perk of the yearly subscription is access to over 400 (and growing) editable resources to create exactly what you need for your classroom, without having to create something from scratch. Many of our editable resources include autofill forms, which can save you tons of time. Click the button below to peruse all things editable.

One of our favorite editable resources is the editable sub plan series! This is a favorite due to the autofill feature, which is included with many other editable resources as well.

Digital Material Access

Although most schools are back in person full time, many now offer a digital learning option. Or, perhaps your school is 1 : 1 devices, or you have available devices in your classroom. If any of those statements ring true about your classroom or district, digital resources are a valuable and timesaving resource. (Timesaving because there is ZERO prep!) Simply assign these resources on Google Classroom or Seesaw. Currently, All Access has over 5,000 (and growing) digital resources, and all of our digital resources are accessible by all membership plans. These are perfect for:

  • Independent centers
  • Projecting for whole group lessons
  • E-learning days (weather cancellations, etc)
  • I have even heard of teachers using digital resources for the last minute, “Oh, I am leaving for a week long vacation after school today and my mom wants you to send all my work along.” Digital resources make this easy peasy…send mom a link to all the work!
Students using the engaging digital resources on All Access.

New Resources Each Week

Our team is busy working to create an easier school year for teachers. Because of this, we add new resources to All Access each week. Every Friday morning, all subscribers (both monthly and yearly) receive a top downloads email that shares what the LLL teaching community has been using as well as a peek at brand new resources.

All Access teacher membership perk: weekly top downloads emails are sent each Friday

Sample Weekly Top Downloads Email

Bundling Tool for All Teacher Membership Subscribers

The bundling tool is another amazing aspect of All Access. This tool allows subscribers to quickly put together resources into one download to be printed all at once.

Great uses for the bundling tool:

  • Making sub plans to email to a coworker/teaching bestie (No more early morning classroom runs!)
  • Printing off seasonal items for each month
  • Bundle together and print each week/month's centers and materials all at once

View the bundling tool in action here:

Team of Master Teachers

Did you know there is a team of veteran teachers working behind the scenes at Lucky Little Learners to ensure our resources are research based, easy to use and engaging? With a combined total of 200+ years of teaching experience, and team wide master's degrees, we understand the struggle of planning it all and wearing so many hats. Here is a quick snapshot of the team that works tirelessly to create resources you and your students will love, answer your questions, and guide you through the school year. We truly believe that together we are better and our customer service is unmatched by other teacher membership sites.

Team Lucky Little Learners

Create Your Own Resources

A newer feature in All Access is the “Create Your Own” section. This feature allows teachers to customize word searches and math worksheets. And, coming soon: crossword puzzles and spelling lists.

With a teacher membership, you can create your own resources in All Access like word searches or crosswords.

Weekly Tips & Freebies

As mentioned above, monthly AND yearly subscribers get access to a weekly freebie and a sneak peek at new resources/the most top downloaded resources of the week. These two emails are major perks of Lucky Little Learners vs the competition. Sign up for the Sunday Freebie email below!

Sunday Freebie Email

Every Sunday, all subscribers to our “In the Loop” emails receive a weekly freebie! If you are ready to test the All Access waters, subscribe to this email and let the freebies flow to your inbox.

Weekly YouTube Video

Debuting late July 2023, is our Weekly Wednesday video in which we share tips, tricks and teaching hacks to make your life easier and save your time for you and your family! Subscribe to our channel to never miss a Weekly Wednesday video.

Exclusive Resources

The All Access teacher membership library contains Lucky Little Learners resources that cannot be found anywhere else. Not on TpT or in the LLL shop. With an ever growing collection (currently over 550 exclusive resources are available!), these exclusive resources are only available to members. Most of these resources stem from a product request, so they are bound to serve a need you have in your classroom.

Full Curricula

All Access is not just a large collection of resources, it also includes a full 2nd grade math curriculum, Lucky to Learn Math, 2nd Grade. Coming soon are two more curricula: Lucky to Learn Math 1st grade and Lucky to Learn Phonics. Our Lucky to Learn Math 2nd grade rolled out in the school year of 2022-2023, and was loved by students and teachers around the world. You don't have to take our word for it! Check out these 5 top tips & reviews from actual teachers using Lucky to Learn Math.

The Lucky to Learn math curriculum will amplify your students' math skills in an engaging way.

Scope & Sequence & Weekly Lesson Plans

All Access towers above the competition in planning resources as well. Our team will not just throw 18,000+ resources at teachers, and expect them to take it from there.

👉 Have you ever attended PD where umpteen strategies and ideas were praised and lectured on, but you had no idea how to implement these ideas, especially during the busy back to school season??

Because each of our team members has been in your exact shoes, we know what that is like and want All Access to be the opposite…we lay out thousands of ideas AND show you how to implement them.

Because of this, we have created weekly lesson plans and scope & sequences…for the entire school year!

Never lesson plan alone again!

Free weekly lesson plans and year long scope & sequences are available.

Product Guides

All Access is a cut above the rest as it doesn't just offer thousands of products…we also show you how to best use these resources to make a big impact in your classroom. Our product guides walk you through implementing resources while keeping best practice in mind.

Product guides help you expertly use Lucky Little Learners resources.

An All Access Teacher Membership = Differentiation Made Easy

There is a zero percent chance all learners in your class will be alike. They all come in your classroom door with unique strengths and needs. That is why many of our resources on All Access are differentiated for you. Examples of differentiated resources:

Explore All Access to discover more ways to easily differentiate your lessons.

If you want more differentiation direction, check out this video: How to Differentiate your Instruction with All Access.

Search Features

How can you search for the exact resource you need in All Access? The answer is, in several ways!

Search by:

  • Series (for example Lucky to Learn Math, Toothy, Phonics Ladders, etc…)
  • Grade level
  • Resource format: digital, editable, printable
  • Category: subject, season, holiday, resource type…you name it!
  • Resource type: games, hands-on activities, worksheets, task cards, lesson plans to name a few

Large Teaching Community

Lastly, you not only have Team Lucky Little Learners at your side, but also the Lucky Little Learners teacher universe. The LLL facebook groups are a growing community of 1st and 2nd grade educators that make up one of the largest PLCs on the planet!

Lucky 1st Grade Teachers

Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers

Don't Take our Word for it!

But…after all that, you don't have to take our word for it… Check out the reviews from teachers like you, who already have an All Access membership.

Click the “make teaching easier button” below, and get started on your All Access journey. We promise, you will never regret it!


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