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Nouns are everywhere!!!

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Written by: Angie Olson
We have been so busy learning about nouns this week!  Who knew that they could be so fun to learn?!?!  I would like to start by sharing a noun song that I used to introduce nouns.  I am not kidding when I say that they have requested to hear this song about three times a day every day this week!  I simply can’t say no to that!  They have now memorized this song and I don’t think that they will forget what kinds of words are nouns!  “A person, place, or thing is a noun.”  Love it!

After showing the noun song (a few times!) we made a list of nouns for each section of this anchor chart (see below).  Little activities like this really show me what kind of exposure and background knowledge my students have!
Next was their time to shine!  I gave each student a small stack of post-it notes and a sharpie marker (Warning:  I would NOT recommend doing this if your students don’t use permanent markers often!  My kids use them all the time for different writing projects.)  They walked around the room labeling all the nouns that they could find.  I have a few snapshots below of some of the nouns that they labeled!
The activities above were done on Monday of this week.  On Tuesday my kids took nouns a step further.  We started with a Brain Pop video about nouns.  If you are not familiar with Brain Pop…you NEED to check it out!
Next each child received 3 sentence strips and were instructed to write a complete sentence for each strip.  One sentence had to have a person noun, one sentence had to have a place noun, and one sentence had to have a thing/animal noun.  This was a great opportunity to discuss what an interesting sentence looks like.  We call them “beefy” sentences.  For some reason, my kids really understand this!  (Whatever works, right?)  Here is a picture of the anchor charts that my students created.
 Can I just say that I am really liking LOVING student-made anchor charts!!!  It saves me a ton of time and my students seem to read them more because of their sense of ownership and pride.  I have these displayed in the front of my classroom.
On Wednesday we sat down on the rug in front of our anchor charts.  Each child had their own markerboard, marker, and eraser.  I would read a sentence off of the anchor chart and my students would write the nouns that are in the sentence.  After some wait time I give them the cue…”1, 2, 3, SHOW ME!” and the kids then hold up their answers.  We go over the nouns and I highlight them on the posters.
 I hope you found some of these ideas useful!  Please comment below if you have any other fun and effective ideas to teach nouns!

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