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500+ Reading Comprehension Passages for 2nd Grade

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

What's one teacher task that takes HOURS of weekend, evening and planning time every year? Hunting down high-interest 2nd grade reading comprehension passages for ALL the whole group and small group reading lessons taught throughout the school year! Even if you've put in the time and have a strong collection of passages for each comprehension skill, chances are, you still have to spend time searching for different versions of those passage topics to meet the needs of all the reading levels in the classroom.

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to have leveled 2nd grade reading comprehension and fluency passages for every comprehension lesson you'll possibly be teaching – all year long?

  • 576 highly engaging 2nd grade reading comprehension passages and questions to use all year. *On a huge variety of topics so it's easy to integrate instruction with science and social studies concepts.
  • 3 different levels of text and questions for each title so every student in your classroom can be using the same story at the same time.
  • Set up to print OR assign digitally through Google Forms, so you can easily use them in pencil/paper form or on devices as needed.
  • Word count and fluency tracking included so you can improve your students’ fluency AND comprehension with just one resource!

Get your free time back with our bundle of 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension and Fluency Passages.

Read on to see what is included in this timesaving resource. Plus, download the whole set today with an All Access Membership!

High-Interest Titles

The passages were created with kid-approved high-interest topics in mind!  Your students will be excited to see what they’ll be reading about every time you assign a new passage. Also, because the titles are differentiated, everyone gets the same story. So, your struggling readers will get to read the same title as everyone else and be a part of the discussion too.

16 Different Reading Comprehension Skills

Regardless of your students’ reading levels, you will have multiple options for teaching and practicing targeted comprehension skills – either in class or for work at home. Click the comprehension skill you're working on to browse passages. Sign up for an All Access Membership and download all 500!

Word Count/ Fluency Tracker

Want to improve fluency while you’re at it? No need to purchase any additional resources! Each passage includes a word count and a fluency tracker. This is perfect for repeated readings and fluency practice as well as RTI progress monitoring data points.

Here are directions on how to give a fluency assessment using these reading passages.

Three Levels of the Same Text

Differentiation is easy when you have three levels of the same text AND three different levels of the comprehension questions as well. This way ALL second grade students – whether they are below level, at level, or above level – will feel successful and equipped to join in the conversation. 

In addition, the comprehension questions offer a variety of response types. This allows students to show their knowledge in multiple ways. As a bonus, it’s also great test prep because it exposes students to different types of questions!  

How Teachers Are Using the Passages

“These skill-focused 2nd grade reading comprehension passages and question pages are perfect for reading homework, interventions, or assessments! You can also use them in small groups, reading centers, and with reading partners!” 

-Kelly P., 2nd Grade Teacher

“I’m using this during with our independent center time during hybrid learning. I have to plan individual centers and this is a perfect way for all of my learners to engage with reading and practicing important reading skills!”

-Michelle B., 2nd Grade Teacher

“I had the kids highlight the topic and details and answer the questions on the back. I teach Resource and love the 3 different levels.” 

-Kristin, 3rd Grade Resource Teacher

“I can scan and place on schoolwork app for students to read and respond to questions.  These work well for days we are not using curriculum text or just to pull out for something extra in a center.”

-Julie R., 2nd Grade Teacher

“I assign these for homework to support the concepts we are learning in class. It doubles as our fluency homework and serves as a quick comprehension check. It is not overwhelming for the parents or the students. I have had several parents thank me for sending home a resource that they can easily use.”

-Rustic Acres, 2nd Grade Teacher/ TpT Seller

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!! I was moved to 2nd grade two years ago and have always struggled with assessing our reading standards without just using some sort of conferring. Conferring with every student, on ever standard, and doing regular conferring was just too time consuming!!! There are not enough minutes in the day to get everything done… here's where reading comprehension passages come in! I love the differentiation in the questions and how even though they are differentiated the answers are always the same! It makes it so quick to grade all of the reading passages and then if a student struggled I can move them back or do a quick one on one with them to assess their understanding. I also was able to give my high flyers the above level so they didn't feel like they were wasting their time. The passages are engaging, not your typical made up stories to try and fit the theme or standard. I HIGHLY recommend you get these!!”

Ashley R., 2nd Grade Teacher

Take a Look at the 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension & Fluency Passages

Free Passages

Click the comprehension skill you're working on to browse passages. Sign up for an All Access Membership and download all 500!

Reading Passages in Action


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