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Written by: Mary Kate Bolinder

As teachers, we give students the gift of our time and creativity daily. Gifts from the heart are the greatest of all. But sometimes, a little something extra to celebrate or show appreciation for your students and fellow teachers can go a long way! Check out these creative and affordable gifts for everyone on your list: students, fellow teachers, classroom parents, and more. Did we mention that all these gift tags are easy-to-prep and pun-tastic?!

Keep reading to find out more, and download your favorite Classroom Set-Up Gift Tags here.

Beginning of the Year Gifts

Welcome students to their new classroom with a thoughtful gift. Pass these out on the first day of school, at the end of the first week, or on meet-the-teacher night.

1. This Year Will Be Poppin’!

It’s going to be a great year! Pair this card with Pop-its, Popcorn, Bubble Gum, or Blow Pops. For an extra sweet activity, print out these back to school bookmarks for students to color and keep on the first day of school.

This year will be poppin gift tag
Download Back to School Bookmarks

2. It’s Going to be a BRIGHT School Year!

We love anything neon! Gift students a pack of neon crayons, sticky notes, play-doh, or highlighters to start the year off BRIGHT!

It's going to be a bright school year gift tag
Download this gift tag

Let’s Start the Year off WRITE!

Gift your students a fun pencil, highlighter, or marker.

Let's start this year off WRITE gift tag
Download this gift tag

Gifts for Parents and Classroom Volunteers

Do you have an out-of-this-world classroom parent or community volunteer? Show your appreciation for these helpers with these gift ideas.

3. Thank you “Soap” Much!

As teachers, we wash our hands All. Day. Long. Make it enjoyable with a nice bottle of soap as a gift!

thank you SOAP much for all your help gift tag
Download this gift tag

4. Thank You for Your Involve-mint!

A teacher tip I learned from my own mom: always have York Peppermint patties in your “secret stash” desk drawer – for you, and to share! Show your appreciation with this cute gift tag, and your favorite type of mints

thank you for your involveMINT gift tag
Download this gift tag

5. Thank You for Helping Me Grow!

Attach this gift tag to a bouquet of flowers, potted herbs, or a packet of seeds.

thank you for helping me grow gift tag
Download this gift tag

Any Time of Year Gifts

Teacher besties, where would be without them, am I right? Celebrate your awesome teammates or mentors with these funny and thoughtful gifts, any time of year (tip: a midweek surprise for no reason other than “You’re the best and I appreciate all the hard work you do” can make a big difference in teacher morale!)

6. Thanks a “Latte” for all you do!

My teacher besties and I would take turns treating each other to “payday lattes.” Attach this sweet note to show how much you appreciate that colleague who is always there to support you.

thanks a latte for all you do gift tag
Download this gift tag

7. Teammates Like You are Refreshing

Pair this gift tag with a reusable straw and their favorite beverage.

Teammates like you are refreshing gift tag
Download this gift tag

8. Donut Know What I’d Do Without You!

Sprinkle your teammates with appreciation – and donuts!

9. Something Out of the Blue Because We Love You!

Print these cards out at the beginning of the year to always have on hand. Then, you can surprise a colleague, mentor, or special guest with a small token of appreciation.

End of the Year Gifts for Students

You made it through another fantastic year! Celebrate your awesome students (and the start of a much-needed summer break!) with a memorable gift.

10. It’s O-Fish-ally Summer!

Attach this tag to a bag of Swedish Fish Candies or Gold Fish Crackers.

It's oFISHally summer gift tag
Download this gift tag

11. This Year Was Picture Perfect

Celebrate the end of the school year with a memorable class gift, like a framed class picture, a picture of you and your student, or a sketch pad.

This year was picture perfect gift tag
Download this gift tag

12. Thanks for a Sweet School Year!

This gift tag has so many possibilities! Attach it to a lollipop (hello, a discount gift that everyone enjoys!), cookie, doughnut, or other sweet treat.

Thanks for a sweet school year gift tag
Download this gift tag

13. I Hope Your Summer is Bursting with Fun!

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Attach this tag to a bottle of bubbles or bubble gum.

I hope your summer is bursting with fun gift tag
Download this gift tag

Love these fun and easy class gifts? Check out more effortless classroom setup materials with our classroom setup pack.


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