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Lucky to Learn 2nd Grade Math Curriculum: Step-By-Step Lesson

2nd Grade Skills, Math, Place Value, Setup & Routines

Written by: Katie Palmer

Have you heard the amazing news?! Team Lucky Little Learners has been working hard on creating a full year math curriculum! This 2nd grade math curriculum, called Lucky to Learn Math, is standards-based, engaging and easy to teach! This post will serve as a step-by-step guide in teaching a Lucky to Learn math lesson. So, stick around to see what all the buzz is about.

The lesson featured in this post is the first lesson of Unit 1: Building A Place Value Community. This lesson is the first of 20 lessons in a four week unit. (This 2nd grade math curriculum is jam packed with lessons and resources!) Each Lucky to Learn Math lesson includes six main components:

Each lesson plan also features the lesson objective, materials list and differentiation options. Let’s walk through how to teach lesson 1.1: Count to 120 Using a Hundreds Chart.

Place value 2nd grade unit overview and lesson 1.1

As you can seen in the lesson plan above, we have two objectives for this lesson:

  • Count to 120 by 1s from any number
  • Read & write numbers to 120

The materials needed are all resources included with this curriculum!

Download Lesson Plan 1.1 HERE


The warm-up piece of each lesson is a whole group, get your brain in math mode activity. For this particular lesson, teachers will project the 120 chart teaching slide. (Yep, this 2nd grade math curriculum includes teaching slides in powerpoint or PDF format for EVERY LESSON!) Have students practice counting by 1s from a randomly given start number. Use teacher judgement to decide when they are ready to move on. Provide exercises while counting if movement is needed.

personal 120 chart

Math Chat

Math chats, also called number talks, are an important part of any 2nd grade math curriculum. These chats get students thinking about numbers by explaining their thinking. The big shift a few years ago in math teaching was having kids explore the why and how of math rather than just memorizing facts…and math chats do just that! For this particular lesson, students are determining the covered up number on the 120 chart.

(This part of the lessons, as well as the sections that follow, are all found in the teaching slides. Download the teaching slides for this lesson below.)

Follow these steps:

  1. Ask students to tell you what number is covered up.
  2. Write down every answer given and have students explain their thinking.

**It is important to write the incorrect answers as well. Research has proven that students have gained huge math brain development by analyzing errors!

teaching slides for the mini lesson, collaboration activity, and math chat

Download Lesson 1.1 Teaching Slides HERE


Now it is time to move on to the whole group lesson. By this time students should be in math mode and ready to focus. This mini-lesson focuses on 120 chart puzzles. Students get to be detectives! Teachers can project the puzzles slides as well as have students use the activity sheets provided. The main focus of this part of the lesson is to make sure students can easily add or subtract 1 and 10 from any given number on the 120 chart. Teachers will have to model these a few times and do several examples with the class.

independent or center activity sheets

Download Piecing Together the Puzzle HERE

Hands-On Collaboration

Hands-on activities are an important part of any lesson. This hands-on activity allows time for students to get up and form groups, giving them a needed brain break. Once students are in the groups, hand out the 120 chart puzzle pieces. Students will have a blast putting these together! It could even be a race. Bonus tip: Laminate these for long lasting resources.

Download Collaborative 120 Chart Puzzles HERE

Independent Practice

Once students have warmed up, had a mini-lesson and completed the hands-on group activity, it is time for independent practice.If you can’t tell, the focus of this lesson is being a detective. The case to solve? Missing numbers on a 120 chart! Independent practice is a great time for teachers to walk around and check student understanding, help them with their work or pull small groups as needed.

120 chart detective activity

Download 120 Chart Detective HERE

Check for Understanding

Each lesson in our Lucky to Learn 2nd grade math curriculum includes a check for understanding quick assessment to wrap up the day. This will show you which students may need more practice with the day’s lesson objectives. Perhaps these students could be pulled for a small group during independent practice the next day! These check for understanding practices are super quick and informative.

counting to 120 check for understanding

Download Lesson 1.1 Check for Understanding HERE

Differentiation Options

We all know students come in at all levels of math understanding. Differentiation is key! Each lesson in Lucky to Learn math comes with an intervention activity for those students struggling AND an extension activities for those students needing an extra challenge.

place value unit lesson 1.1

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Click below to browse the Lucky to Learn Math materials.

Download All Things Lucky to Learn Unit 1 HERE

Happy teaching!


  1. Freda Powers

    Is there a way to download the Place Value curriculum all at once?

    • Jess

      Hello Freda! Great question. Watch this video to learn how to easily download the Place Value Unit in All Access.

    • Chelsey

      love this so much, when is the next unit going to be available in September? thank you

      • Angie Olson

        Hi Chelsey! I’m glad you are loving this math curriculum! The next unit will be launching to All Access on September 15th and launching to TPT on September 19th.


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