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Spiral ELA Review Routine Ideas


Written by: Katie Palmer

A great way to review skills is to have them spiral throughout the school year. Team Lucky Little Learners has the perfect resource for this, our Spiral ELA Review. Read on for the why and how on using this resource.

Benefits of using Spiral ELA Review

As teachers we know students need more than a quick introduction and lesson on ELA skills. It is best practice to review, or spiral, these skills throughout the year. Spiral ELA is the perfect way to review the skills and it is already prepped and ready to go for the ENTIRE year (40 weeks)!

Spiral ELA includes phonics, grammar and language skills. Bonus: only one sheet per student per week! Plus, the consistency of the sheets each week allows the students to be independent workers. And, of course the Spiral ELA is common core aligned, so no worries about hitting the standards.

The spiraled practice students will get with their ELA skills will be invaluable. Plus, teachers can easily differentiate by having students work through the 1st grade or 2nd grade Spiral ELA. Or, perhaps, they will do both! Be sure to use Spiral ELA to easily inform your instruction in ELA!

Spiral ELA Prep and Storage

Before we get into the ways to incorporate Spiral ELA, here are a few more tips on getting the most out of this resource.


Spiral ELA is mostly no prep, the only prep work is making enough copies for your class. With each student only needed one sheet per week, this is an easy copy job.

spiral ela by lucky little learners weeks 1-4


With a variety of ways to store Spiral ELA, find the one that suits your classroom /ELA routine the best.

Binder/ File Box

With this storage method, the teacher simply keeps a master copy of the Spiral ELA review in a binder or filed in a “to copy” box and simply makes the student copies each week/month.

spiral ela review sheets filed by skill
Workbooks or Packets

This storage option requires a bit more work but once the prep is done, it is done for the year. Make a workbook with all 40 weeks for each student and either have the copy machine staple it, use a heavy duty stapler or use a binding machine. This storage method is great for a morning work or literacy warm-up routine.

spiral ela review sheets organized in a student folder

The Spiral ELA Review Routine in Action

Now that we see WHY to use Spiral ELA, and HOW EASY prep and storage are, just how do you implement this resource in the classroom? There are a few ways: morning work, homework, warm-ups or as a literacy center.

1. Morning Work

This is one of the easiest ways to use Spiral ELA. Either have the entire Spiral ELA resource ready to go in a packet format or pass out a sheet each Monday. Students will be expected to complete all boxes for the day and then follow the rest of your established morning routine. Consistency is key here because if the students know the routine, the teacher can continue with all the other to do's that pop up right away in the morning. Correcting can be done whole group, although to really see what the students know, walking around and checking it quickly each morning is recommended. This can inform instruction and allow the teacher to see who may need to work on a different grade level's skills.

a 2nd grade student working on spiral ELA review, week 6

2. Homework

With clear directions, Spiral ELA can easily be sent home as homework. When the students bring it back each morning, be sure to check it to make sure they are understanding the skills and see if differentiation is needed. Bonus tip: If students have a homework folder, correct their work and put it right back in the folder. This will prevent having to pass them back out each day.

spiral ela review sheets for homework

3. Literacy Warm-Up

Similar to a morning work routine, Spiral ELA can be used a a literacy warm up at the beginning of your literacy block. This routine will get students in the right head space for your literacy mini lessons. During this time, the teacher can pull back a small group to work on the Spiral ELA review if needed. Otherwise, this is a great time to make sure all literacy materials are ready and set out for the day.

4. Literacy Center

Spiral ELA works great as a literacy center! Because students easily understand the directions, it should be a quick activity to complete before another center. This resource could even be the intro activity to a word work literacy center everyday all year! Students will know what to do which allows teachers to work with small groups with ease.

Download Spiral ELA below!

1st Grade | 2nd Grade

2 Ways to Get This Resource

Join All Access to download everything we've ever made.

toothy task kits

Or... Purchase the bundle in our shop.

toothy task kits

2 Ways to Get This Resource

Join All Access to download everything we've ever made.

toothy task kits

Or... Purchase the bundle in our shop.

toothy task kits

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