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10 Teacher Desk Organization Hacks

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Teachers start the beginning of the year with a super cute, ultra organized desk area. However, as we all know the days, weeks and months of the school year tend to add “debris” to this area. Having an organized system AND tools to keep this important classroom area neat, tidy and usable is a must! This post will share many of our favorite tools, tips & tricks on teacher desk organization. Read on!

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Tools & Accessories

There are SO many amazing organization tools & accessories available to teachers these days. The list below is simply our top ten favorite teacher desk accessories!

1-Teacher Toolkit

Teacher toolkit ideas are all over Pinterest and Facebook. They are an AMAZING way to organize ALL the things! They can be found on Amazon (linked below) or at your local Walmart or hardware store.

These toolkits can be used for storing pens, markers, stickers, post-its, highlighters, hole punches, paper clips, rubber bands, etc! Many teachers add labels to the drawers to feel extra organized & to find things in an instant! If you want to make your own handwritten labels, measure the outside of each drawer and make a tracer.  From there, trace and cut all the pieces that are needed.  (see below)

materials needed to make a teacher tookit: 26 drawer toolbox, colored paper, stickers

Supplies needed:

  • 26 drawer toolbox
  • colored paper for labels
  • stickers (optional)
Cut custom labels for the toolbox drawers to name the different items you'll store in the teacher toolkit.
Labels in progress
The finished Teacher Toolkit with labeled drawers and school supply themed stickers
Voila! A finished Teacher Toolkit!
A finished teacher toolkit with printed labels for the drawers
Another version with printed labels. You can find free toolbox labels on TpT.

2-Pencil/Pen Holder

Everyone loves a good pen (flair pen) markers, pencil caddy! Check out these cute options from Amazon!

This Acrylic Desk organizer gives all the Caboodle feels! (Remember Caboodles?!)

This next one is a bit spendier, but is a teacher fave: Rae Dunn!

Rae Dunn pencil marker and pen organizer

If you want a SUPER inexpensive solution, head to your local dollar store and pick up jars or a utensil holder to store your teacher tools!

This personalized container is organized by flair pens, scissors, and fine point pens.  The wider slot in the back holds any very important papers like permission slips, etc. 

3-Hanging File Organizer

Teachers always have files laying around. If there are several files you will need to access in the upcoming week, why not hang them up in a way in which you can see them all and grab what you need quickly?! This hanging file organizer is perfect for the job! (And it is cute!) It can be hung on a wall, the side of a file cabinet or over a door.

Also, if you need more than 10 pockets, check out the other options on Amazon!

4-Magnetic File Holders

Do you want a quick place to put your daily read aloud or activities for the next lesson? (Also great for storing whiteboard markers!) Check out this amazing 3-pack of different sized magnetic file holders.

5-Paper Holder

This is an amazing accessory! Think of it as the rolodex of papers or files! A great use for this would be to put in all the papers for a day OR all papers for the week! They would always be right where you left them!

6-To Do Lists

Keeping a to do list helps teachers remember what needs to be done. There are SO many formats available for this! Here are some teacher favorites:

This list is the PERFECT size to keep on a clipboard hanging next to or on the wall near your desk. Add things to it as they come up!

What about this amazing acrylic clear whiteboard? So cool! And so many uses! For example, not only would it be a really cool to do list, but you could also use it for small group work, word of the day, etc. Add some string lights to the top for an extra fun look! Bonus: it comes with a cell phone stand!


Every teacher needs ALL the binders! In fact, many teachers have ditched traditional file cabinets for binders! Bonus: you can buy these four at a time!

8-Post-it Flags

This next accessory is not exactly for desk organization but does help teachers stay organized. Post-it flags can be used to mark book pages for lessons, papers to copy, student bookmarks, etc. Perk: the ones below come in a 1,200 pack!


Who doesn’t love a cute shelf?! And what if they are easy to mount (no nail holes) and can hold/organize much needed materials OR things that just make your classroom feel cozy?! Check out these three cute shelves.

10-Monitor Stand

A lot of teachers are working with a small desk space. Adding a monitor stand gives bonus space for storing things. Some monitor stands, like the one below, also come with a drawer!

3 Tips for Daily Teacher Desk Organization

Do you struggle with the day to day organization/decluttering of your teacher desk area? Do you leave it all until Friday only to feel overwhelmed when you go home for the weekend? If so, check out this tips to keep your desk organized (and you sane)!

1. Make a To Do List

As mentioned above, having a to do list can keep teachers on track during prep times and help not to forget what needs to be done. Some teachers keep a running to do list and just add & erase/cross off items as they go. Others keep a daily list of must do’s each day. Do whatever works for you in your classroom but just seeing the tasks in print can help them get accomplished.

2. Do 3 Things

This is advice from a veteran teacher. Do 3 things before you leave each day, even on Fridays! An example three things could be making copies, grade the latest assignment and write out the morning message for the next day.

3. Set up a Reminder Board

Set this up right by your computer monitor to house all the post-it’s! Bonus: Notice the image in the top left – this desk organizing chart is also on every students desk to help them organize their spaces!

an acrylic reminder board on a teachers desk with reminders about upcoming events and schedule changes

Want More Organizing Ideas?

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Happy teaching!


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