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Ways to Boost Morale in your School

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Written by: Angie Olson

Those darn teacher blues…you know what I’m talking about! There are just certain times of the year where the morale in your school seems low and everyone needs a little boost. Here are some ideas that the teachers from the Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group have put together! Enjoy!

Those darn teacher know what I'm talking about!  There are just certain times of the year where the morale in your school seems low and everyone needs a little boost.  How about a teacher treat cart?  #sunshinecommittee

1. Cart Full of Sunshine

Want to brighten everyone’s day? Try out a “Cart Full of Sunshine”! A few decorations, some soda and chips are all it takes to transform a regular cart to a morale booster for the school! Chips and soda not your thing? Get creative with other themes like a trail mix cart, ice cream bar, popcorn vendor, or fruit cart!

– Taylor

2. All About Me Page

At the beginning of the year, have all the staff members fill out an “All About Me” page that include things that they like and dislike such as candy, drinks, restaurants, pens, etc… Put all of the pages in a binder and leave the binder in the teacher’s lounge or workroom so if you want to get someone something, just take a look at that sheet! (You can also leave it in the main office so it is available to parents if they want to jump in!) If you are feeling extra ambitious, transcribe it to a Google Document so that is it available and easy to access at all times!

– Cassondra

3. Copy Fairy

For those of you teachers who have to pay for paper or ink, take on the role of a paper fairy and leave little stacks of paper, cardstock, or colored paper on the machine or in the copy room with a note for anyone to use. A perfect, easy way to brighten someone’s day!

– Heidi

4. You’ve Been Mugged

This one is an easy teacher favorite! You can grab a mug at any dollar store (or just circulate one mug), fill it with little goodies, and place it on a fellow staff member’s desk. Be sure to include a note with instructions to refill the mug and pass it along!

– Kristen

5. Soup-er Bowl Potluck

When football season rolls around, invite everyone bring a soup for a “Soup-er” Bowl Potluck staff lunch around Super Bowl Sunday!

– Savannah

6. Secret Car Wash

Coordinate a group of parents to get to together to wash all the teachers cars during the day while they are in the parking lot!

7. End of the Year Restock

Donate extra supplies or decorations to another teacher’s classroom.  If you know the teacher is coming back the next year, it is absolutely NOT lame to give them school supplies — extra pens, pencils, markers, tissues, antibacterial wipes, you get the idea!

8. ‘Atta Girl/Boy

I saw this at a school. There’s a board where people leave “atta girl” or “atta boy” notes about faculty members. It can be anonymous and it’s all positive.

– Ana G.

9. Tree of Thanks

Hang up a large paper tree on the bulletin board in the lounge to start off the “Tree of Thanks”. Any time you want to thank someone in the building for something (even small or silly things!), you write it on a leaf and pin in on the bulletin board in the lounge. It’s really encouraging to read all of those notes!


10. Pizza Time

Want to treat the teachers to lunch but have a small budget? Order a few pizzas for the team. This surprise is always met with smiles, and bonus, you don’t have to pack a lunch either!

11. Clean a Common Area

Some of our common areas (think the staff fridge or microwave) are in desperate need of some love. Take a few minutes to clean the space, and I promise it will be noticed.
(On this note, we had a couple of teachers at our school who took it upon themselves to bring ice from the cafeteria to the lounge each morning. This task, while it seemed trivial to them, made our lives SO much easier, and was truly appreciated.)

12. Random Acts of Cleanliness

At one of my schools, a little angel left a bottle of Bath & Body Works soap by the faculty’s restroom sink.  It was interesting to see how many people commented at lunch how nice to was to have that little luxury.  Sure enough!  When the soap was almost out, another angel replaced it.  Soon, other angels were leaving bottles of soap in the restroom.  All it took was one person to get the ball rolling. If there is already some luxury soap in the faculty restroom, try things like “Poo-Pourri”, seasonal hand lotion, or an air freshener!

13. Stock the Fridge

Grab a big pack of soda, pudding, or granola bars and leave them in the staff fridge with a “Free” or “Please take one!” note. Nothing like a simple free snack or treat to boost the morale of your day!

Join the Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group for more great ideas and be a part of our wonderful community of teachers just like you! And if you’d love to boost your own morale with some fantastic hacks that will simplify your teacher life, check out THIS POST

Those darn teacher know what I'm talking about!  There are just certain times of the year where the morale in your school seems low and everyone needs a little boost.  Here are some ideas that you can bring into your school!


  1. Mildred

    Awesome, I am glad I saw this.

  2. AnnMarie

    I think these are great ideas. I particularly love the “You’ve been mugged. I am going to try this. I am sure my colleagues and I need a will appreciate the motivation.

    • Shannon

      We did the “mugged” one at our school and it was lots of fun. Be sure to leave a note or something for the person to put outside their door also. This ensures nobody is left out and same person doesn’t get it over and over again.

      I love all of these ideas!!

  3. Lisa

    I loved the “You’ve been mugged” idea! When school resumes in person, I am going to try it!!


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