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Everything 2nd Graders Need to Know About Verbs

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Teaching verbs in 2nd grade can be SUPER fun! There are so many engaging resources and activities that can be used to help students master this skill. Check out this post for engaging verbs resources that are meaningful and ready to use!

What are Verbs?

Let’s start by defining verbs. If you look up verb in the dictionary, it says: a word used to describe an action, state or occurrence. There are three main types of verbs: action verbs, helping verbs and linking verbs.

Verb Examples

Check out these examples of each type of verb to help your students (and you) gain a better understanding of the verb types.

a) Action Verbs

The action verb is the type students are mostly likely familiar with. Action verbs describe what someone or something does. Here are some examples:

  • jump
  • sit
  • run
  • walk
  • think
  • read
  • sleep

b) Helping Verbs

Helping verbs help the main verb describe the action. Examples:

  • am
  • could
  • have
  • are
  • was
  • had
  • would
  • were

c) Linking Verbs

Linking verbs describe a condition. You could say they link a subject to a noun or adjective in a sentence. Here are some examples:

  • is
  • am
  • are
  • was
  • being
  • been
  • were

Bonus: Check out this post, Teaching Linking Verbs to dig into this grammar skill!

d) Irregular Verbs

These are verbs that don’t follow the “-ed” pattern when in the past tense. Examples:

  • wear-wore
  • feel-felt
  • draw-drew
  • fly-flew
  • speak-spoke
  • catch-caught
  • do-did

To find out WAY more information on irregular verbs, head to this post: 5 Resources for Teaching Irregular Plural Nouns & Irregular Verbs.

Introduction: Types of Verbs Anchor Chart

Using anchor charts does just what the name says: it anchors learning! Using a chart similar to the one below can help students differentiate types of verbs PLUS be able to identify verbs and use them in their writing.

types of verbs anchor chart with definitions and examples for action, helping, and linking verbs

Resources for Teaching Verbs in 2nd Grade

Okay, but you are still wondering how to teach verbs? The following resources can help with that PLUS help you figure out how to explain verbs to your students!


Using picture books is a surefire way to get students engaged in a lesson. Why not use them to introduce verbs too? Check out these great reads. Note: The following are Amazon Affiliate links.

1-Slide and Slurp, Scratch and Burp-Brian P. Cleary

As you can tell just by the title, students will love this book. Ha! Brian Cleary’s grammar books give great examples of skills and his verb book does NOT disappoint!

2-Press Here-Herve Tullet

Are you ready for your students to have fun?! This book has students using action verbs to read the story! A fun extension activity would be students writing their own “Press Here” books using action verbs on each page!

3-If You Were a Verb-Michael Dahl

Michael Dahl also has a great series with each book featuring a different grammar skill. His verb book features TONS of verbs on each page. Extension activity: create a class chart of all the verbs from the book.


We all know students love a video hook during lessons! Here are some valuable videos to teach verbs!

1-Understanding Action Verbs-Grammar Songs By Melissa

This video gives a quick intro on what action verbs are AND provides a quiz (find the verb in the sentence) at the end.

2-Introducing Linking Verbs-Grammar Songs by Melissa

This video will offer a great introduction to linking verbs.

3-Helping Verbs-Grammar Songs by Melissa

Might as well use this whole series of videos! This last video helps students understand what a helping verb is, in song format.

Printable & Digital Resources for Teaching Verbs in 2nd Grade

Now that you have taught the lessons, made the anchor chart, read the books, watched the videos, it is time for students to practice verbs! Below are some tried and true, teacher & student loved resources!

1-Identifying Verbs Toothy

This resource helps students identify verbs. PLUS they get to draw teeth!

identifying words toothy game

Download Identifying Verbs Toothy HERE

2-Irregular Verbs Toothy

The great thing about Toothy is that once students know how to play it, they can practice ANY skill! Check out this next featured Toothy kit: Irregular Verbs Toothy.

irregular verbs toothy game

Download Irregular Verbs Toothy HERE

3-Verbs in a Sentence Toothy

The last Toothy kit to share today helps students practice how to use verbs in sentences.

verbs in a sentence toothy game

Download Verbs in a Sentence Toothy HERE

4-Grammar Toothy Freebie

Do all these Toothy sets sound too good to be true? See ALL Grammar Toothy sets here!

Download Grammar Toothy HERE

How to Teach Other 2nd Grade Grammar Skills:

Is it time for a new concept in grammar? We have a post for that!

1st Grade Review


Verbs (You are HERE)

Common & Proper Nouns

Types of Sentences



Compound Words

Complete Sentences


ABC Order

Verb Tenses

Linking Verbs

Irregular Plural Nouns & Irregular Verbs


Possessive Nouns


Comparative Endings


Antonyms & Synonyms


Subject-Verb Agreement

Collective Nouns


Demonstrative Pronouns


Multiple-Meaning Words

Prepositional Phrases

Shades of Meaning-Verbs & Adjectives

Similes & Metaphors


Happy Teaching!


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