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Riddle Bags to Count Down the End of the Year

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Have you tried riddle bags to count down the end of the school year yet? This is one of the most fun and easy ways to celebrate the count down to the end of the school year!

How do Riddle Bags Work?

Each day when students arrive at school, a new riddle bag will be on display. Once students solve the riddle on the outside of the bag, they get to open the bag and see the surprise inside – often a fun activity or event to do that day to celebrate the end of the school year!

Another popular idea is to have the class “earn” their riddle bag each day as a good behavior incentive!

five riddle bags

How to Prep Riddle Bags

  • Get enough gift bags or boxes for the number of riddles and activities you would like to do.
  • Attach a riddle to a sealed party bag or gift box.  
  • Place an item that represents the solved riddle inside the bag or box.
you are just "plane" awesome riddle bag

If you don’t have items to put inside each of the bags, create cards to reveal the answer like the ones below:

solution cards to use if objects to put inside bags are not available

That’s IT!!

If you want to keep this activity SUPER low cost, just choose riddles and events that don’t require you to purchase anything, like having a dance party, a read-in, extra outside time, etc.

three bags ready to use with the class on the last week of 2nd grade

Where to Find Riddles

Make up your own riddles with some simple Google searching – OR – make it easy and download the riddles from All Access! Download, print, assemble, and start the fun!

There are 20 print-and-go riddle cards and 20 surprise cards, plus editable cards so you can customize the surprises and activities.

Download Here

Need a fun way to end the school year?

Each riddle leads to an easy and free or cheap surprise that your students will love! These are perfect for an end-of-year countdown, theme days, class rewards, celebrations, and/or an end of year class party! Need more ideas for the last week of school? Check out this post: Last Week of School Activities.

Want a fresh student behavior incentive?

Have students earn each bag through their behavior during class. They will be motivated by new and exciting activities, and promote positivity!

Looking for a customizable countdown?

The riddles can be used in any order, and you can use as many as you have time and resources for! Editable riddle cards are included if you would like to add additional riddles & surprises.

We can’t wait to hear how these riddle bags make the end of the year special with your students! Leave a comment and let us know how it goes. Happy teaching!


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