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Toothy Tips and Outside-the-Box Ideas

How to Use Toothy, Toothy

Written by: Angie Olson

We love to use our Toothy Kits and we have so many options for how we can use them in the classroom. However, sometimes we love to learn those new and special ways that we can utilize this fun activity. We have 8 fun tips and outside-the-box ideas for using Toothy that go beyond just how to play. If you are looking to change up your Toothy game this post is for you!

If you are wondering what all the hubbub about Toothy is check out this post here!

toothy tips and ideas

Toothy Tips and Ideas (#1) – Make It Special

You'll make the Toothy experience even more special with cute animal faces, holiday characters, and making Toothy look like your students! Toothy mats can be easy to customize to fit the need and look of your classroom. You can grab all these fun options!

Watch these cute mats in action in the video below:

Toothy Tips and Ideas (#2) – You Can Make the Toothy Smile a WHOLE lot of Fun

Toothy doesn't just have to be independent or in a small group, it can be used in whole group instruction as well. Take that adorable Toothy grin and place it up on the big screen. Give your students any problems that you need to meet your current standards, and for every question they get right you add a tooth. The whole class will be grinning in no time!

Second grade teachers are you ready to smile through your lessons? You can find your Toothy options right here!

Math Toothy Task Kits

Toothy Tips and Ideas (#3) You are the Ring Master!

Just like in a circus (because aren't we in our own little circus?) the ringmaster is the one to liven up the crowd. We as teachers do the same thing! When we sell what we are teaching the students are going to be more excited.

You are the key to your student's engagement! When you show the fun that can be had with an activity you open the door to your student's excitement. So remember you can have the tools of the fun game, but you are the one to make it spark and come alive.

kindergarten toothy games

Kindergarteners are the epitome of fun and excitement! This is why we are so excited we have some super fun Kinder Toothy activities!

Toothy Tips and Ideas (#4): Storage Has Never Been So Easy

We've all been in a teacher closet that makes your heart race when you walk in. It can feel like a mess, and how you can find those center items can be a bit nerve-wracking. That is why we love using these envelopes to store our Toothy kits! They can fit a centers worth (6 sets) of Toothy task cards in them so you never have to waste time looking for your supplies. You can find colorful envelopes for storage here.

Which of these Toothy Kits will you be storing in your envelopes?

toothy task kit storage
Grammar Toothy Task Kits

Toothy Tips and Ideas (#5) – These Locks and Task Cards are a Great Combination!

Forgo printing the answers on the back of your Toothy cards and instead use this fun combination. Attach these fun locks to your task cards (which were originally found on the NAEIR website), and preset them so that the answer is the combination. Not only will your student finding the answer be the key they need, but it helps with those fine motor skills!

Use the solution to the math problem to open the lock!
Math Toothy Task Kits

Third graders love a challenge and so this way of practice could be just the thing to UNLOCK some new skills! We can't wait to see what they can learn with these great 3rd Grade Toothy kits.

toothy resources for third grade
Reading Toothy Task Kits

Toothy Tips and Ideas (#6) – Various Ways That You Can Make it Responsive

We love that whole group instruction component and it can be a great way to introduce a skill or spruce up before that assessment. Have your task cards projected up onto the board using a document camera. Students can then record their answers on a whiteboard, a recording sheet, or even simply raising their hands. If they are remote learners they can use the chat to respond to the answer as well. This is great if you are wanting to create only one set of task cards in a pinch, or want to have a little Toothy fun in your whole group instruction.

Toothy brings engagement to your whole group lessons.
Phonics Toothy Task Kits

For an added bonus you can follow this strategy and make it a competitive game for review. Separate your students into teams and have them answer the task card questions in groups using a whiteboard. As they get questions right they can earn points! A great way to work together as a class and get a little collaboration into a fun lesson.

toothy game team variation
Math Toothy Task Kits

Toothy Tips and Ideas (#7) – Zip Up the Mess!

If you are looking for a way to store your Toothy kits on a budget then this is a great option! Not only are Ziploc gallon bags easy to come by, but they are a fabulous inexpensive option. Even better putting those task cards on binder rings helps keep them organized and ready to go! Never have a fear of losing those task cards again!

Toothy storage options
Download this Ten Frame Toothy Activity

We know those first graders are pros at losing their materials, but now they will never lose their Task Kit items with this wonderful tip! Now they are ready to rock and roll with some fun learning.

toothy task cards
Download this Long A Vowel Teams Toothy Set

Toothy Tips and Ideas (#8) – Zoom Through That Assessment Practice!

With Toothy, the distance due to remote learning doesn't have to mean we can't have that same fun! Teachers can show their Toothy questions on the Zoom or Google Meet call and have their students write the answer on their white boards. Then one student may unmute and share the answer. Not only will there be smiles on the call, but there will be a smile on the Toothy board as they get those answers right!

toothy games for distance learning

Are you wanting to assign Toothy on Seesaw as another digital option? Here is a great post on how to do that to expand those remote learning options! Plus enjoy 35 other useful remote options here!

digital toothy
Download Digital Money-Mixed Coins Toothy

We hope you enjoyed all of these fun Toothy tips and ideas! If you're ready to jump into the Toothy game but don't know where to start, check out this post and get your students playing this fun and engaging game.

Download this Science Toothy Set


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