The Best Sensory Tools for Your Calm Down Corner

When it comes to teaching, having a set of tools or a special area for kids to breathe is incredibly important. That’s where Calm Down Corners come in! They are a small designated area in your classroom where kids can decompress and try to relax when they are feeling overwhelmed. Below you can find a comprehensive list of sensory tools that will be perfect additions to your Calm Down Corner!

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What to Put in a Calm Down Box

Before I start sharing each individual item, please know that I have a section in my Amazon Shop titled Calm Down Corner that shows you a picture of each of these items. If you are a visual person, you can go straight to my Amazon lists to see each of these items.

If you’d like more information about Calm Down Corners, we are chatting about them over in The Encouraging Classroom!

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Calm Down Corners are popping up in classrooms all over the place.  There are many tools that can be placed in this space to help your students self-regulate their big emotions.  Here are a bunch of our favorite sensory tools for your calm down corner.


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