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Teacher Membership Options: How to Choose the Right Fit

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Written by: Katie Palmer

In this tech savvy age, there seems to be online subscription sites for every need. Teaching is no exception. Teachers have been joining online subscription sites in large numbers. This is due to the easy access to thousands of resources in an instant. Also, these sites make teaching easier and gives teachers back their personal time. But, how does one know which teacher membership options could be the right fit for their teaching style? We think we know just which teacher membership option is best and can lay out a checklist of reasons why All Access is exactly what is missing from your teacher career.

All Access Has It All!

Of all the teacher membership options out there, we stand behind All Access and truly believe it is the best fit for primary teachers. Let's walk through the reasons All Access really does have it all!

What exactly is All Access?

All Access is a teacher membership site housing every single resource ever created by Lucky Little Learners, and everything that will be created in the future! It is your one stop shop for everything primary grades!

All Access features at a glance.

Take Back Your Time

One things teacher always lack is extra time. With so many things to teach, plan and do, there never seems to be enough time to get the workload done. (Let alone any time for anything else!)

All Access allows you to take back your time.


  • No more searching for hours for an activity, with almost 18,000 resources, we have what you need!
  • Easily plan your weekly lessons, as shown in this video

Easy Sub Plans

It's a teacher's worst nightmare. You wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick, and you'll need to make sub plans.

Luckily, with All Access, there is no more early morning trips to school to type out plans and make copies.

Simply login, bundle together what you want the sub to do, and email them to a trusted coworker to print. Done! Watch this quick demo on how to use the bundling tool to save you time!

Also, All Access has three sets of FULL day sub plans for the beginning, middle or end of the year that make taking a sick day restful, as it should be!


If you have ever had a couple morning coffee runs before school, you have already spent more than it costs for a membership to All Access!

All Access costs less than your coffee run.

All Access will pay for itself many times over with the ease of planning it will bring you. Check out the pricing options below.

Hyper Focused on Grades 1-2

Although All Access has products for grades K-3, our prime audience is a first or second grade teacher looking for resources to fill their entire school day. At the time of this post, we have over 18,000 resources and growing.

Differentiate with Ease

Knowing that All Access has resources for Kindergarten through 3rd grade, you can differentiate with ease!

Many of these resources are also leveled, creating even more differentiation options. For example, our reading passages for 1st and 2nd grade are each available in below, on and above grade level. That is six levels of differentiation within one resource!

New Resources Each Week

Other teacher membership options post products every once in awhile. All Access, on the other hand, posts new resources each week. Every week, our team of teachers is plugging away at creating engaging and research based resources to benefit teachers and students around the world.

This allows us to upload new resources each week!

You will most often see the newest (and seasonally appropriate) resources listed first in the membership library, as shown below.

A view of the All Access membership library.

Request Products

All Access is the only teacher membership option that has allowed you to request products from the start.

If we don't have something specific you need, fill out the product request hotline form and our curriculum team will review it. Last year we created almost 500 member requested products!

All Access members can make a custom product request.


Does searching for what you need from a library of almost 18,000 resources (and growing) sound overwhelming?

Searching is a breeze on All Access.

You can search by:

  • Grade level
  • Category: this includes subject area, product type and time of year
  • Resource type: are you looking for games, lesson planning resources, posters, worksheets, centers…this could go on and on!
  • Format: digital, printable or editable
  • Series: search by Lucky Little Learners specific products like our Lucky to Learn Math Curriculum, Literacy Centers or Toothy!

Scope & Sequence

Mapping out a school year takes time and a lot of work. However, All Access members don't need to take the time to create a scope & sequence.

All Access includes 1st and 2nd grade year long scope & sequences.

You can get these scope & sequences for free in your inbox!

Save Your Favorites

If you find resources you love, no need to screen shot them or write down a list of “must find agains”.

All Access allows you to save lists of your favorites.

Create lists for everything from data folders, holidays, or behavior management!

Below is a short tutorial for creating a list of favorites on All Access.

Click. Print. Teach.

Click, print teach is our All Access motto. Why? Because teachers can literally click on the resource they want, print it out, and be teaching within moments.

No more last minute scrambling to find the perfect resources. All Access will have a research based, standards aligned resource in your hand as fast as you can get to the printer!

Check out this real time video showing just how fast you can find exactly what you need on All Access in a moment all teachers have had. A student walks up to your desk at the end of the day telling you their mom says they need to bring home all of next week's work today. Don't fret, All Access is here for you!

For Teachers, By Teachers

Unlike big box curriculum or other teacher membership options, all resources on All Access are created by master, veteran teachers with an expertise in primary grades.

All resources are researched and carefully crafted to meet best practice, be standards aligned and fit into the school day.

We are teachers, just like you who know what is practical, the amazing things students and teachers are capable of, as well as the daily schedule constraints teachers face. We create our resources with all of that in mind, ensuring usability and student engagement.

Angie, the founder of Lucky Little Learners.

Want a closer look?

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