Teaching Place Value with Interactive Notebooks

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Written by: Angie Olson

During this past school year I started to dabble into using INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS with my students and I found that they LOVED them.  The more they used them, the quicker they got in making them too!  I find that INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS are fun for the kids to make and they keep them engaged…even after the activity is finished!  Often times, my students will page back in their notebooks and look through their IN pages because they are fun and I think they feel proud to see how neat their work looks.  Oh, not to mention that they are learning from their work and it is a keepsake that they get to take home at the end of the year.  I also like that it showcases to the parents what the child has learned throughout the school year.  I have made quite a few INTERACTIVE MATH NOTEBOOKS so far but today I am featuring my most recent creation…PLACE VALUE!

All of the activities in this product include a black & white printable along with a photo that shows how the page should be assembled.  I have had a lot of feedback from buyers stating that these INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK pages were easy for their students to assemble and very helpful to have the photo included.

You will notice from the photos that I like to copy the INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK pages onto colored paper.  No color ink is needed for this product (which I love)!  I have seen these pages printed onto white paper with the option to add color with crayons or no color at all and I still think they look great!


Some of the activities in this product come with a “cutesy” version and a “plain jane” version depending on what your preference is to use with your students.  Below you will see an example of this.




I have also included opportunities for differentiation!  A lot of the activities in this product have place value activities to the HUNDREDS PLACE and a version that goes to the THOUSANDS PLACE.




I think that my INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK pages are very easy to assemble.  The only supplies that are needed are:  scissors, glue, and pencil.  One of the activities in this particular product requires dice.


What’s Included in this 38-page product:
*Explanation of Interactive Math Notebooks
*Place Value Mini-Posters
*Roll It
*Place Value Bubble Map
*Ones, Tens, and Hundreds Flip Flaps
*Base Ten Block Flip Flaps
*10 More, 10 Less, 1 More, 1 Less
*Greater Than/Less Than 500
*What’s the Digit Value
*Photos of these interactive math notebook pages






  1. cindy winkler

    I would love to see something with addition and subtraction skills because that's such a big common core skill!

  2. teacherfirst64

    Would LOVE to win you interactive notebooks. I am trying to incorporate these more in my classroom! Thanks for the chance. rwrench64@yahoo.com

    • teacherfirst64

      Would love to see some addition/subtraction; missing addends; true false equations…….

  3. Rachel

    I would love to see one on Graphing! Love having my students graph items or read a graph!

  4. Deb Weaver

    I would love to see a kindergarten level for addition and subtraction to 5 or even 10, a rhyming riddle notebook about shapes (2d and 3d), graphing, what number comes before, next. I just love them all!

    • Judy

      I would love to see graphing, word problems, and missing addends. Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  5. jgmund

    I would love to see any of the basic facts done – important skill for my special ed. kiddos! Thanks for sharing your great activities you have developed!

  6. Christy Bassett

    Do they have to be math? Could you do some LA or Science interactive notebook things? But if math only then problem solving (story problem, addition, subtraction, number strings, number line, 2 digit w/ regrouping, adding 3 numbers) just to name a few. πŸ™‚

  7. Jen Ecklund

    I love your interactive notebooks! I would love to see one on graphs. πŸ™‚

  8. Casey Canion

    I all ready have your geometry interactive notebook and I love it! I'd love to see something on addition and subtraction (up to 1,200) and graphs!

  9. Brandi Reed

    Interactive Notebooks are so much fun for my students! Would love these!

  10. MM Bilingual

    I agree with a few of the posts above!! I would love to see some addition and subtraction. My second graders tend to struggle with that and maybe the interactive notebook would be a new way of approaching this skill πŸ™‚ Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  11. Unknown

    I started using some interactive notebook ideas for my second graders this year–they loved it. They always wanted to know when we would do more. I would like to try using more in this upcoming year– if I win my students will love it and I will be one happy teacher.

  12. Leigh

    I already have your Geometry interactive notebook and I LOVE IT! I also would like to see addition and subtraction… maybe addition and subtraction strategies and addition and subtraction with regrouping. πŸ™‚

  13. tigerdrmrmom

    Just found some unused notebooks in the supply closet at the end of the year so I am anxious to try interactive notebooks this year. I have a couple on my wish list. lineal@sssnet.com

  14. Sarah O'Connor

    Love these! I would LOVE an addition/subtraction pack that focuses on unknown addend. It's such a difficult concept for my kiddos to get! soconnor1@cps.edu

  15. Julie Davis

    I would love to see more notebooks geared towards Kindergarten! We love using your notebooks but I need some for the beginning of the year when we are just starting out with very basic math like numbers and counting.

  16. sarah

    I would love to see a pack focusing on addition and subtraction.

  17. Sarah Peterson

    I can't wait to use your interactive notebooks with my kiddos next year!

  18. Hardlyable Farm

    I would love to see basic fact and problem solving practice and maybe something to improve basic number sense for kids. I have my fingers crossed to win this one:):)

  19. Robin Green

    I have never used interactive notebooks but am very interested. I would like to see word/ story problems.

  20. Kelly M

    Using interactive notebooks is one of the things I want to try next year in 3rd. I hope I win! Eek!
    Love to Teach A-Latte

    • Kelly M

      Oops! I didn't read the topic! I think multiplication would be awesome!

  21. Karen F.

    its a toss up of basic addition/subtraction or word problems… Thanks for the chance to win and or all of your creative work!!!

  22. Kristi Smith

    I would love to see Addition and Subtraction, and Multiplication and Division notebooks!!! These are all AB FAB, Angie!! Thank you for considering me =). leafsgirl@rogers.com.

  23. Julie C Littledeer

    I love this idea it can be used for so many subjects and grades!


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