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Brag Tags for Classroom Management

Brag Tags, Self Control, Social Skills

Written by: Angie Olson

BRAG TAGS have been an awesome addition to my classroom!  I created my first set of these about 2 years ago and saw a drastic change in the behavior of my students.  Here’s how they work.  BRAG TAGS are given out to students throughout the day for rock star, amazing choices.  For example, your students are finishing up an art project and the floor is a DISASTER.  You notice that one of your students has taken the initiative to pick up the scraps off of the floor without being asked.  At that point, I would give that student a Class Custodian BRAG TAG.  Or, let’s say that it’s Daily 5 time and you notice that one of the students that is working on writing is going above and beyond the expectations of the assignment.  I would reward that student with a Journaling Genius BRAG TAG.  Now, let me say that my students know that if they point out the positive behavior or action, a BRAG TAG will not be given.  This is something that I need to notice and recognize.  I also give out BRAG TAGS for special days such as birthdays, field trip days, AR Camp Out, etc.  I also have a monthly Homework Club BRAG TAG that gets rewarded to those who complete all of their homework for the month.  The kids love these things and work their tails off to earn them!  Here are some of the FAQ’s that I get:

In the photo below you will see a closer view of how I organize and store these BRAG TAGS.  Since taking these photos I have added MANY MORE BRAG TAGS to this product so you will not see them pictured.

Here are all of the BRAG TAGS that are included in this product.  I am always thinking of new ones to make so feel free to comment below if there is a specific BRAG TAG that you are looking for!


  1. Deb Weaver

    I would love to see Star of the week, Ar points, I tried my best, I know my sight words, I can count to 30, 50, 100, lost tooth, solving conflict, I met a goal. Happy Birthday, team spirit, I could go on and on. I love this idea and the kiddos would love it too.

  2. cindy winkler

    I think having one for the student who stands in line correctly all the way to our destination!

  3. 2nd Grade Teach

    I did Reading Necklaces last year with the Reading Olympians program, and the kids LOVED them! I really want to branch out this year to use them with Brag Tags.

    • 2nd Grade Teach

      I'd love to see tags for: Reading Counts points (10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150), I Met MY Goal, I mastered my addition facts, I mastered my subtraction facts, Sight Word Master

    • Judy

      I would love AR champ, Birthday girl/boy, super achiever, stellar speller … to name a few! These brag tags are on my wish list. Would love to win!!

  4. Christy Bassett

    I would love to see reading counts, energy monitor, I mastered my SWAP words, FAST MATH star, I met my reading goal ___(write in the level or lexile)

  5. Julie Davis

    I would love to see reading counts brag tags!!!

  6. Leigh

    I LOVE these! I'd love to see one for sight word mastery and a super speller award. 🙂

  7. Hardlyable Farm

    I would love anything about quiet hallway walker, quiet restroom user, I was caring today?? So many possibilities:):)

  8. Brandi Reed

    How about one for being on task.

  9. joalderete

    I love the idea of the brag tags. I want to try them next year. I think my students will love them. I don't know if you already have one, but how about Bucket Filler, Super Improver, Great Sportsmanship, or Awesome Helper?

  10. Erin

    I would love some focused on the PYP learner profiles and attributes as I teach at an IB school!

  11. Melissa Bateen

    Attentive student would be great for that student who is always first at being ready to listen and learn.

  12. Lori Olson

    I love these Brag Tags! How about "I had a great day!"?

  13. Charme'

    Sight Word Star would be great.

  14. Linda Winkler

    I love all of these. Some others that I would want to use include: Great Attitude!; Great Character (Character Counts); Good Friend!; Never Give Up!; …

  15. TNelson

    I have been wanting some of these for my first graders!

  16. Chanda

    I love these! I just need to find a place to hand the chains. I'm in a new classroom with less wall space and only one bulletin board. This gives me something to plan for in the next few weeks as I get ready for next year.

  17. Keshia

    I'm so excited to start using brag tags next year! Ones for meeting counting goals (to 100 or 120), mastering letter sounds, sight words, etc would be great too!

  18. Amy M

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would like to see some brag tags for making the Honor Roll, BUG (Bringing Up Grades), a Multiplication Mathematician (for mastering all the multiplication facts through 12), Spelling Bee participant….

  19. Once Upon A Classroom

    These are such a great idea! I love the visual reminder/motivator for students. In our school board we choose one character trait to focus on each month (caring, cooperative, honesty, responsibility, inclusive, respectful). I'd love to see tags relating to these attributes! I'm thinking Caring Friend, Responsible Learner, Inclusive Leader??? Just some thoughts! Great idea – I'd really love to win these!! Erin Palleschi

  20. Disneymum (Kristi)

    I love these!!! I would like to see one for line behavior, cafeteria behavior or when they are good in pe, music, art, etc

  21. Connie Getty

    These are awesome. I would love to see one about being a great role model.

  22. efurth

    These are great! I've seen the commercially made ones but I like the ideas you have here!

  23. cathy

    Love these! Can't wait to start my brag tags in August! Would love one for cafeteria! Thanks!!!

  24. Kriss

    These are great!!!! I love the positive!! I would love to see one for each of the 7 habits.

  25. Kristi Smith

    These are super duper awesome, Angie…of course!!! Some of the brag tags I would be interested in seeing are "Creative Writer," "Best Effort," "Perfect Attendance," "Super Improver," and "Role Model." You are AWESOME <3.

  26. Juli

    These are amazing. I have been eyeballing them for a few but haven't used them yet. I think this year I am going to do it. This set would be a great way to do it! The kids would love it!

  27. Lucy Weaver

    I love how you explained these. I have not used them before but would love to try them. I think the kiddos would love them and I find them much more enticing than candy and love that they can collect them. Great idea.

  28. Mili Effio

    I would love to see some for sight words.

  29. Lucy Weaver

    I forgot to put what I'd like to see…..I'd love the see the 7 habits or character traits and any kindergarten milestones and can't believe you are going to customize! Thanks for the chance. I loved your blog about them. I think that's a great way to use them. Your Faq's sections was very helpful. I had most of those

  30. C Hath

    I agree with others, I would love AR brag tags. Or, since I teach in a private school, what about books of the bible, or memory verses? Could you do one about chapel behavior maybe too?

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  31. Lu Scroggins

    I'd love to see sight words. I've never tried these but would love to.

  32. dddandtan

    I have a question about the necklace part. Are the little kids able to operate the connectors on the necklaces to put their own tags on or do you have to put them on for them?


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