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How to Teach Science in Just 30 Minutes a Day!


Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Hey there, fellow 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade teachers! Do you find yourself putting all the fun stuff you want to bring into your classrooms (like science) on the back burner because literacy and math take up all your time? Literacy and math are super important, essential, in fact, in primary grades. But let's not forget the magic of diving into science with our little learners!

There's just something so special about sparking their curiosity and wonder through science exploration, isn't there? Watching their eyes light up as they discover new things is what teaching and learning is all about!

But here's the problem..

Many of us have found ourselves in schools where science and social studies resources are scarce. We're left to scour the internet in search of age-appropriate materials and struggle to translate complex topics into language our young learners can understand.

That's where our solution comes in.

Introducing science mini-units designed to bring the magic of science to your classroom in just 30 minutes a day. These units are carefully crafted to address the challenges faced by primary grade teachers just like you!

Fit Science into a Busy Day of Learning with Mini Units

It's surprisingly easy to weave in high engagement science in just 15-30 minutes a day. Let's dig into this with an example using the mini unit “States of Matter”.


Start the week with teaching slides to springboard exploration and provide a solid foundation of knowledge on the topic.

states of matter teaching slides displayed on a classroom smart board
All Access member? Download slides free.


Share a video and an activity to enhance learning and spark curiosity. Bonus: Check out our Lucky to Learn Science teaching guides. We already did the activity selection and video previewing for you!

states of matter lucky to learn science teaching guide
All Access member? Download free.


Complete a one pager activity. Here is an example – just a front and back page that goes along with the topic. Need ideas that are NOT boring fill-in the blank worksheets? We have one pagers already created for dozens of science topics.

lucky to learn science one pager for states of matter unit
All Access member? Download free.


Extend learning by digging into science-based reading passages!

reading passage about states of matter
All Access member? Download free here.


Get hands on with an experiment and seal the learning with a real life experience!

states of matter root beer float experiment
All Access member? Download free.

There you have it! With just 30 minutes/day, you can bring the wonder of science into your classroom.

And if you're looking for a SUPER easy, already DONE FOR YOU option, look no further!

Lucky to Learn Science: Open and Go Mini Units

10 lucky to learn science mini units
View all our Lucky to Learn Science units

Quick & Easy Science Experiments

Another idea–try low prep science experiments to bring extra engagement into your classroom.

Check out our mini social studies units too!

Click to view

Looking for ways to integrate science and social studies with math?

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  1. Martha Lepore

    I did a few of these activities and my students loved them.


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