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Math Worksheets to Practice Place Value in 2nd Grade

2nd Grade Skills, Math, Place Value

Written by: Katie Palmer

For students to master skills such as addition and subtraction facts, knowing their place value is of utmost importance! Just like with any skill, the more place value is practiced, the better it is learned. But, daily repetitive place value practice can get boring for students. Introducing Lucky Little Learners Place Value Worksheets (provided in digital AND printable formats)! With a wide array of place value worksheets, this product is sure to keep students engaged and learning!

place value worksheets

With this product, teachers will get 71 (yep 71!) worksheets in printable and digital (Google Slides) format. The worksheets cover eleven math standards.

Worksheets & Skills Included:

Hundreds, Tens, Ones

  • Building 3-Digit Numbers (Hundreds, Tens, Ones)
  • Magical Numbers (Amounts of Hundreds, Tens, Ones)
  • Place Value Painting (Base-Ten Blocks to Hundreds)
  • Roping Up Groups of Ten (Bundles of Ten)
  • Searching for Hundreds (Bundles of Ten)
  • Working with Hundreds (Bundles of Ten)
  • Hundreds, Tens, and Ones (Hundreds, Tens, Ones)
  • Pick the Place Value Key (Hundreds, Tens, Ones)
  • Loads of Numbers (Hundreds, Tens, Ones)
  • Exploring 3-Digit Numbers (Bundles of 10 Tens= 1 Hundred)
  • How is it Different? (Understanding Tens & Ones)
  • Mystery Numbers (Understanding Place Value)
  • Place Value Practice (Place Value)
  • Make a New Ten (Make a New Ten)
  • Adding 1, 10, or 100 to a Number (Recognizing Patterns & Place Value)
  • Time to Work (Place Value & Property Strategies)
hundreds tens ones place value worksheet

Comparing Numbers & Number Values

  • Delicious Digits (Value of a Number)
  • Give the Dog a Bone (Understanding Place Value)
  • Comparing Cats (Comparing Numbers)
  • Greater Than, Less Than (Comparing Numbers)
  • Comparing Prices (Comparing Numbers)
  • Comparing Numbers (Comparing Numbers)
  • Racing to be First (Ordering Numbers)
  • Order on the Race Track (Ordering Numbers)
  • Camp Place Value (Determine Value of Underlined Digit)
comparing numbers Place Value Worksheet

Mental Math

  • Ready…Set…Go! (Mental Math)
  • Adding and Subtracting (Mental Math)
  • Spin to Solve (Mental Math)
  • Mental Math Mail (Mental Addition/Subtraction)
  • Speedy Mental Math (Mental Addition/Subtraction)
  • Spinning for Mental Math (Mental Addition/Subtraction)
  • Carnival Mental Math Map (Mental Addition/Subtraction)
mental math worksheet

Skip Counting

  • Skipping by Tens (Skip Counting by Tens)
  • Number Line Skip Counting (Skip Counting by Tens)
  • Ice Cream for Fives (Skip Counting by Fives)
  • Making Jumps of Five (Skip Counting by Fives)
  • Hero of Hundreds (Skip Counting by Hundreds)
  • Skip Counting Hundreds (Skip Counting by Hundreds)
  • Skip Counting Review (Skip Counting)
  • Counting by Tens and Hundreds (Skip Counting)
skip counting by fives worksheet

Read & Write Numbers to 1000

  • Place Value Party (Writing Standard Form Numbers)
  • Case of the Missing Numbers (Read & Write Numbers to 1,000)
  • Ways to Write a Number (Read & Write Numbers to 1,000)
  • Place Value Puzzles (Read & Write Numbers to 1,000)
  • 3-Digit Number Charts (Read & Write Numbers to 1,000)
  • Fishing for Number Forms (Read & Write Numbers to 1,000)
place value party worksheet to practice writing standard form numbers

3-Digit Numbers

  • Understanding 3-Digits (Reading & Writing 3-Digit Numbers)
  • Place Value Picnic (3-Digit Numbers)
place value picnic worksheet

Addition With & Without Regrouping

  • Drops of Addition (2-Digit Addition without Regrouping)
  • Adding with Emojis (2-Digit Addition without Regrouping)
  • Add It Up Popsicles (Adding Multiple 2-Digit Numbers)
  • Spinning Big Problems (Adding Multiple 2-Digit Numbers)
  • Flying Four-Addend Kites (Adding Multiple 2-Digit Numbers)
  • Turtle-y Awesome Addition (2-Digit Addition with Regrouping)
  • Put on a Show (2-Digit Addition with Regrouping)
  • Kick It To The Top (Mixed Double Digit Addition w/ and w/out Regrouping)
  • “Egg-cellent” Addition (Addition to 1,000 with Regrouping)
  • Lights, Camera, Addition (Addition to 1,000 with Regrouping)
  • Adding Tens and Ones (Adding Tens & Ones)
  • 3-Digit Addition with Regrouping (Addition with Regrouping)
  • Adding 2- and 3-Digit Numbers (Addition & Place Value)
adding with emojis place value practice

Subtraction With & Without Regrouping

  • Batter Up Subtraction (2-Digit Subtraction without Regrouping)
  • Coffee Shop Subtraction (2-Digit Subtraction without Regrouping)
  • Splashing Into Subtraction (2-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping)
  • Llama Tell You about Regrouping (2-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping)
  • Sea Creature Subtraction (2-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping)
  • Dino Subtraction (3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping)
  • Super Tennis Subtraction (3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping)
  • Shoot Out (Subtraction & Place Value)
  • 3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping (Subtraction with Regrouping)
no prep place value practice

Easily Differentiate Math Instruction

These worksheets cover a wide variety of place value skills and standards (see above). Using the skills list and teacher judgment, math skill groups are EASILY formed! Each math skill group can utilize the worksheets that will best benefit their learning. These worksheets can be used whole group, small group, or one on one with a struggling learner.

Use for Independent Stations

Due to being available in digital AND printable formats, these place value worksheets could easily be used as a paper/pencil OR tech station. Two stations on place value each day! What a way to practice those skills!

2nd grade math worksheets

The digital versions are compatible with Google Slides and can be assigned to complete in a classroom OR at home for distance learners! The digital versions are engaging with fun graphics and colored manipulatives.

digital place value worksheets

Skills Are Easily Identified on Each Worksheet

Teachers can do a quick scan through these worksheets to see the targeted skill in the upper right hand corner. This allows for quick prep!

place value skill identified on each worksheet

Try implementing these place value worksheets into your classroom and cement those math skills!

no prep place value worksheets for 2nd grade

Place Value Pre-Assessment and Check for Understanding

Our Lucky to Learn Math curriculum feature a whole unit on place value skills. Looking for a pre-assessment, or to check for student understanding of place value? Look for the preassessment and check for understanding worksheets in each lesson of Lucky to Learn Math. You can find these place value sheets here.

(Image: LTLM preassessment and check for understanding pages)

Additional Place Value Resources

We’ve compiled lists of kid-tested books and videos that teach place value as well! You’ll easily have all the resources needed to keep this skill alive all year long!

Purchase Place Value Worksheets


Place Value Worksheets for 2nd Grade

pick the place value key worksheet


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