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Must-Have Children’s Books and Videos About Responsibility

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Written by: Angie Olson

Responsibility is such an important skill for kids to learn while they are young. One of the greatest ways to teach this characteristic is through videos and books. The assortment of both books and videos below will be sure to interest and be an enjoyable way for your students to learn all about responsibility and how they can be responsible in their daily lives.

responsibility books and videos for kids

Books That Teach Responsibility

Books are a fantastic way to teach kids all about responsibility. Seeing and hearing how someone their age handles being responsible can be so effective to having them understand what it means to be responsible. All of these books have question and answer sheets inside of The Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for 1st and 2nd Grade if that is something that interests you!

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1. I Just Want To Do It My Way! by Julia Cook

This story is for children who have difficulty staying focused long enough to complete assignments or who insist they have a better way to do things.

2. But It's Not My Fault  by:  Julia Cook

Join Noodle on his journey as he learns not to blame others or try to find fault; but instead practices accepting responsibility, and turns his very rough day into a very good NEW day!

3. The Paperboy by: Dav Pilkey

A lovely, meditative book about a child who rises before the sun, loads up his delivery bag, and sets off on his appointed rounds with his dog by his side. It teaches the importance of responsibility in a way that shows kids it is not only rewarding but nice to feel responsible for something.

4. Miss Nelson Is Missing by: Harry Allard

This book is a lighthearted reminder to show our appreciation to those we value.

Videos That Teach Responsibility

Using videos to show kids these character traits in action is a great way to expose them to what it means to be responsible. You can find questions to ask your kids about each video in The Social Emotional Learning Curriculum if you like having a further discussion on the topic of responsibility.

1. Rings of Responsibility

In the online world, we might think about how what we do impacts ourselves. But what about others? In this lesson, students learn about a framework — the Rings of Responsibility — to understand how to balance their responsibilities as digital citizens. The key is in understanding how the ripple effect of our actions impacts both ourselves and others.

2. Dean and Diane ~ Value of Responsibility

In this episode, Dean and Diane will explore and act by the value of Responsibility, with their beloved friends.

3. SAMPLE Video Lesson for Responsibility 2016

This video shows just how much fun learning about responsibility can be!

Responsibility Activities for the Classroom

We think that the following activities are extremely valuable when it comes to teaching your kids about responsibility in your classroom. All of these activities can be found inside of The Social Emotional Learning full-year curriculum. There are 12 different character traits in total and each module includes, daily lessons, songs, videos, read alouds with questions, art projects, home connections, and more! Additionally you can find video trainings about Calm Down Corners, Breathing Techniques, Morning Meetings, Self Regulation, Developing Student Relationships, and more within the curriculum!

1. Responsibility Poster

Print and hang this poster on your character wall or on your whiteboard.  It's a great tool to use to introduce the focus of the month.

responsibility character poster

Download Responsibility Anchor Chart HERE

2. Anchor Charts

Use this anchor chart as a whole group activity, independent activity, or both!  There are many options for this chart.  You could display it on the SMART Board and fill it out with your class or even have your students fill out their version along with you!

responsibility anchor chart

3. Read and Respond Passages

These read and respond passages include a 1st grade and 2nd grade set with correlating text level complexity.  Students can do this independently, in a small group, or whole group with the teacher walking them through the activity.  Students read the passage.  The passage has a difficult situation with no ending.  The students need to decide how to respond to the situation.  These are similar to the scenario cards except with a longer passage and guided opportunities to respond with writing.

Topics Include

  • Pushing Yourself To Do Your Best
  • Going Above And Beyond
  • I Believe In Me
  • I Can Learn Anything I Desire
responsibility read and respond passages

4. Home Connections

Building a connection with your students families will help bridge the learning that is happening at school and brings it into the home. Home connections are a quick task that all families can do at home with their child(ren) to help reinforce the character focus skill.  There is one per week for the entire month.

home connection notes to share with parents about responsibility activities

Download Responsibility Home Connection HERE

5. More Ideas For Teaching Responsibility

Be sure to check out our post about how to teach responsibility in the classroom! We have lots of activities and tips about how to bring this concept to life for your lucky little learners.

If you want all the tools at your fingertips, The Social Emotional Learning Curriculum has everything you'll need for the full year. Click the button below to view this amazing resource in our shop.

responsibility books and videos

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  1. Alicia Ortego

    To particular age, kids are always dependent on their parents and other adults in the damily. However, the time comes when we need to gradually teach kids to be responsible. Because if we don’t, kids will have a hard time becoming independent and confident. The easiest way to teach kids to be responsible is to give them little tasks every day, of course with our help. Plus, if they are old enough, they can surely do their morning routines without help, and try to make the bed or tidy up their toys.
    I have even more activities to help kids to be responsible and I think they will be a great addition to your article. Look


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