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How to Use End of the Year Awards with Remote Learning

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As teachers, we look forward to a few times each school year: the beginning, the breaks, and the end. The beginning allows us to meet the new lucky little learners in our classroom. We’re energized, challenged, and excited. The breaks give us a chance to regroup and breathe. And in the end, well, that’s our good-bye to these students we have watched struggle, grow, thrive, and find their voices. This year, some of that is ripped away from us and from them due to school closures and transitions to remote learning. However, we have a chance to keep some of our traditions going with the End of the Year Awards!

Whether I was teaching Kindergarten, first, or second grade, the end of the year was always a cause for celebration in my classroom. It wasn’t because of summer vacation (although we all enjoyed that)! We rejoiced in how the kids had grown and what they had learned about character and academics. I put together some End of the Year Awards that I would hand out to my students as certificates, lanyards, or in the form of brag tags. Now, with school closure upon us, you can use these resources in a digital fashion!

Digital Tools for End of the Year Awards


Flipgrid’s tagline is “bring the back row to the front”, and this tool definitely does that! Start a grid than post a topic where your students create a Flipgrid video to showcase evidence of their strengths. Assign their awards after having them post videos highlighting their year! Your students can even give acceptance speeches on Flipgrid!


When it comes to primary classrooms, Seesaw is the ultimate portfolio for your lucky little learners to share their learning. Have students set up portfolios to show their skills in Seesaw. Parents sign up for family accounts (free), so everything is secure and easy! As a teacher, you can also share and make announcements through Seesaw, so it’s a one-stop shop! I love to post End of the Year Awards directly to SeeSaw so everyone (including parents) can celebrate!

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is an awesome, interactive tool that pairs well with Google Slides. Use Pear Deck to have students write a reflection on which award(s) they deserve. Asking students to share why they should earn an award is a reflective exercise, but combining that practice with writing, presenting, and technology adds up to an effective teaching strategy. Even your youngest learners can do this in a fun and engaging way! You may even want to continue this method once you return to a brick and mortar building.

Check out these platforms and 32 other digital tools that are perfect for remote learning!

How to Assign Digital End of the Year Awards

The End of the Year Awards Bundle

I am so excited for you to use End of the Year Awards in your remote learning environment. 

The End of the Year Awards digital download features:

  • 75 End of the Year Award Certificates
  • 75 End of the Year Award Lanyards
  • 75 End of the Year Award Brag Tags
  • 75 EDITABLE End of the Year Award Certificates
  • 75 EDITABLE End of the Year Award Lanyards
  • 75 EDITABLE End of the Year Award Brag Tags
  • 75 DIGITAL End of the Year Certificates

Some of the awards include:

  • Positive Pal
  • Smile Maker
  • Never Gives Up
  • Classroom Leader
  • Perseverance Power
  • Really Reliable
  • Teamwork Top Dog
  • Growth Mindset
  • Tech Wizard
  • Filled with Integrity
  • Most Curious
  • Stands Up For What Is Right
  • Energy to Learn
  • Thinks Outside the Box
  • Caring Heart

Even if your school year ends with remote learning, make sure to recognize your lucky little learners with End of the Year Awards. Featuring and reflecting on these awards in a digital format will help you stay connected to your students and build classroom community!

Celebrate your students with these digital end of the year awards!  They can be assigned right inside of Google Classroom.  We provide you with many ideas on exactly how to do this!


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