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Hallway Art Ideas for Every Season

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Every year art projects fill the hallways of schools around the world. Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with just the right project. Well, never fear! Below is a treasure trove of seasonal hallway art ideas to spruce up your school this year!

hallway art ideas to spruce up classrooms and schools for every season


Colorscape Portraits

the colorscape app creates self portraits kids can color

What a fun twist on student self portraits! These coloring pages were created using the Colorscape app.

Want a more traditional student drawn self portrait project? Check out this Self Portrait Guided Draw For Kids.

Bats & Spiders (with TONS of other activities)

how to make a bat and spider

What better way to get kids excited than by studying creepy crawlies?! The bat and spider art projects are from Lucky Little Learner’s Bats & Spiders Lapbook.

Download Bats & Spiders Lapbook HERE

Mummies & Monsters

mummies and monsters art project for elementary schools

“The mummy is just a person cutout covered in paper towels The Frankenstein is just construction paper.”-Tamera P.


Snowy Day Penguin

snowy day penguin craft for 2nd grade

For this project, students painted sunset stripes and then created their penguins and icebergs with construction paper. Finally, adding felt hats, mittens and scarves gave this project a collage look.

“I think this is my favorite project we’ve ever done! The kids got so creative and they all turned out adorable.”-Sarah G.

Check out this more in depth tutorial: Penguin Project.

Van Gogh Inspired Snowmen

van gogh instpired snowmen wall art display for the classroom

“This is a teacher led directed draw. They used markers to color the snowmen, crayons to draw swirls, and then watercolor for the background. I tell the kids they can be creative and do a pattern of their choice for the scarf. They come out really cute! “-Ashley L.

Lovey Dovey Gnomes

Valentines Lovey-Dovey Gnomes Craft

Have your students make these cute love gnomes to decorate the hallway near Valentine’s Day. It would also be a great project to review 2D shapes!

Spring & Summer

Rainy Day Umbrellas

rainy day umbrella springtime craft idea

“This project is a 3-step process.

  • First step: draw the umbrella (on water color paper if available). Use black sharpie to trace lines and crayons for resist art. Cut it out.
  • Second step:Cut a yellow ‘triangle’ with rounded corners from construction paper. Then, cut out two rectangles and a circle out of black construction paper. (Cut the circle in half…instant math talk!)
  • Third step: Background is wet on wet watercolor crayon resist. Took us a wile, but I would do it again!”-LaDonna P.

Cherry Blossoms

spring craft for 2nd grade hallway decor

“I’ve done this cherry blossom one. I cut strips of paper for the trunk and branches instead of painting them. Kids can tear the paper into different lengths and glue to make them.”-Nancy H.

Birds Nest

A fun folding, cutting and gluing spring craft. Bonus, it is guided through a video!

springtime birds cutting craft idea with video tutorial

Bright Summer

summer craft ideas for 2nd graders

“This is a summer writing/art piece. The kids drew what they were going/hoped to do this summer in their sunglasses. Then drew a self portrait. Last they wrote a paragraph about their summer vacation activities.”-Jardel S.

Bonus Ideas

Check out Lucky Little Learner’s NEW Directed Drawings

Read about them here: How to Use Directed Drawings in the Classroom

Download Butterfly Life Cycle Directed Draw HERE

Art Hub for Kids

Head over to Art Hub for Kids for oodles of directed draw projects!

art hub for kids fun and interactive craft idea

Happy crafting!

hallway art ideas for the elementary classroom


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