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Daily Grammar Practice Freebie

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Written by: Krys Warstillo

Want some quick and engaging daily grammar practice to add to your ELA block? Grammar Day by Day is a no-prep way to give your students their daily dose. No more stressing about how to incorporate meaningful grammar practice into your lessons. These daily grammar practice sheets can be used as center activities, bell work, homework, or small groups.

daily grammar practice freebie for 2nd grade

Printable and Digital Options

This resource includes both digital and printable versions of each activity. So, no matter where your students are learning from, they’re covered!

printable and digital grammar freebie for the classroom

How To Use Daily Grammar Practice

Grammar Day by Day is designed to be simple for your students to use – in a way that conserves your resources. First, download the freebie and decide which version you will be using (digital or printable). 

Printable Version

If your printer allows, print the freebie page double-sided. To make things easier, a week’s worth of activities are printed on two pages. 

Supplies Needed:

  • Grammar Day by Day worksheets
  • Pencil
  • Color pencils or crayons
free grammar practice activities for the 2nd grade classroom

The Grammar Day by Day freebie focuses on common versus proper nouns. On Day 1, students read and complete a color by code to categorize nouns. 

free daily grammar worksheets for second grade

On Day 2, students read nouns and sort them into the correct categories. This is great practice for your students who forget to capitalize proper nouns in their writing. 

one week of free daily grammar activities

On Day 3, we up the complexity a little bit. Students read sentences and find the nouns in each sentence then color them according to their type. 

free grammar skills practice sheets

Day 4 asks your students to read nouns and decide if they are proper or common nouns.

free week of grammar practice for 2nd grade

Finally, on Day 5, students connect what they’ve been practicing to the world around them. They will use their own book and find examples of each type of noun and write them in. 

5 days of free grammar practice

Digital Version

The digital version has the same activities as the printable but is optimized to make the activities interactive for your distance learners. Just like the printable version, there is a week’s worth of activities on two slides. On Monday, assign the whole week to your students and they can work on one activity a day. Ask your students to submit the entire assignment on Friday. If they accidentally submit it early you can send it back to them in Google Classroom. Let’s take a closer look at the digital versions of each activity. 

On Day 1, students will move the red and blue colored discs on the slide. The discs are translucent so the word they cover will show through. 

free digital and printable grammar activities

For Day 2, your students will type their answers into the text boxes. The textboxes will autocorrect some capitalization errors but not all of them so remind your students to double-check their work. 

grammar freebie for the 2nd grade classroom

On Day 3, students read sentences and move translucent colored boxes to label the nouns they see. Keep in mind, some students get frustrated when the boxes aren’t the perfect size to cover a word. For these students, you can teach them to change the size of the boxes or instruct them to simply center the boxes on their chosen word. 

digital daily grammar freebie for the 2nd grade classroom

Day 4 and Day 5 are both text box activities. Remind your students that these text boxes autocorrect some spelling errors and some capitalization errors but they also incorrectly capitalize some words. Students will need to go back and check their work thoroughly. 

Free Grammar Worksheets

Daily Grammar Practice

If you’re loving this resource and want an entire school year’s worth of daily grammar practice check out our Grammar Day by Day sheets for the whole year!

Download Grammar Day by Day Sheets HERE

Need some more ideas for practice? Check out the posts Simple Homework Assignments to Help Students Review Grammar or 3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Grammar Practice Into Your Day.

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