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Written by: Krys Warstillo

If your students are anything like mine, then Halloween is one of their favorite times of the year. Tying my instruction to Halloween instantly makes the content more engaging. That’s why I love this digital Halloween math game. It gives your students the opportunity to work on addition with regrouping in a fun self-checking way. Let’s take a closer look at the game!

Kids will solve addition problems to help the witch add ingredients to her brew in this FREE digital Halloween math game

Addition With & Without Regrouping

By this time of the year, many 2nd grade classrooms are working on addition with and without regrouping (that’s “borrowing” to us old-timers). This is one of my favorite skills to teach. It can be challenging for some students but it’s one of those skills where you can really see when it clicks. Those lightbulbs moments are amazing! Once your students have the basics down, repetition and lots of opportunities for practice are key.

2nd grade classrooms spend a lot of time working on addition with and without regrouping.

Let’s Play a Halloween Math Game!

The free Halloween Math Game can be used as a whole class review, individual practice, or homework. It’s completely up to you! The best part? It’s self-checking.

How Does It Work?

The free Halloween Math Game is a digital resource. You’ll get access to a Google Slide Deck. Once you copy it into your Google Drive you can use it just like you would any other slideshow-based game. This post about assigning Digital Toothy would be a great place to start if you aren’t comfortable assigning/using digital resources.

help the witch add 2 digit numbers so she knows the order to add ingredients to her brew with this free halloween themed addition math game

The Halloween Math Game is a game where students help a witch create a special brew by solving two-digit addition equations. Each slide has a picture of a witch standing next to a cauldron with an equation on it. Around her are the ingredients that can go into the special brew.

practice addition with this fun and interactive halloween math game

When students solve the equation they click on the ingredient with the answer on it. If they are correct they will see a cute, quick animation of the ingredient falling into the pot. If they are incorrect, they will see a screen that tells them they are incorrect but can try again. Students can try as many times as they need to but the game won’t progress until they get the answer correct. This gives your students a low-stakes way to practice what can be a difficult skill.

the witches brew math game is self checking and prompts kids to try again when the answer is incorrect

Grab your free copy of the Halloween Math Game here!

So Many Ways to Play the Halloween Math Game!

Since this resource is digital it has a lot of flexibility. You can project it onto your board and play it whole class. Give your students whiteboards and have them solve the equations in their own space and hold them up. You can ask students to model how they solved the equation and play the game together.

project your free halloween math game on your smart board or assign to students to play individually on devices

You can assign the game to your students through Seesaw or Google Classroom. This way students can play at their own pace. This can be used as a fun seasonal math center if your students have individual devices, or played from home for virtual learners.

free digital halloween math game that can be played on digital devices by assigning to seesaw or google classroom

Grab your free copy of the Halloween Math Game here!

Working on Addition?

If you’re working on addition with and without regrouping with your students we have a couple more resources that could be useful to you. Check out the blog posts below! Plus, a link to a regrouping song my students love.

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free digital halloween math game


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