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Graphic Organizers to Support Students With Reading Comprehension

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Written by: Mary Kate Bolinder

2nd grade is a mixed bag when it comes to student reading fluency and comprehension skills. On one hand, you may have students reading and comprehending at or above grade level. On the other hand, there are students that need that extra push to read and comprehend on grade level. Or, you may even have students who are fluent readers, but have difficulty comprehending what they just read.

Whatever your students’ challenges, we are here to help with graphic organizers for 2nd grade reading comprehension skills. Graphic organizers are a useful tool because they give students a strong visual, and a place to organize important reading information. With practice using a graphic organizer, students will be able to identify the essential information in a reading passage. Use these graphic organizers in whole group instruction, small group, one-on-one instruction, or use as a poster to keep for reference all year long! Learn more about how to teach reading comprehension skills.

Jump to a comprehension skill:

Narrative Story Structure

Main Idea and Author’s Purpose

Nonfiction Text Features

Compare and Contrast

Text Evidence

Expanding Vocabulary

Narrative Story Structure

Use this graphic organizer to pull out the important information in a narrative story structure, such as character, title, problem, setting, main event, and solution.

Bonus activity to help reinforce this skill:: Fiction Story Structure Reading Center!

Main Idea and Author’s Purpose

This graphic organizer can be used to identify the main idea and supporting details. It can also be used to identify an author’s purpose, and list supporting details that tell whether the author is writing to persuade, inform, or entertain.

Bonus activity to help reinforce this skill: Pies for a Purpose Early Finisher Activity!

Nonfiction Text Features

The majority of reading we do as adults is nonfiction text (like this very blog post!) Help students identify the key elements of a nonfiction text with this text features resource poster.

Bonus activity to help reinforce this skill: Nonfiction Text Features Reading Passage & Comprehension Questions!

Compare and Contrast

A Venn diagram is one of the most familiar graphic organizers. It is used across subject areas to compare and contrast two or more ideas. Here’s an idea on how to turn a Venn diagram into a hands-on morning meeting activity.

Bonus activity to help reinforce this skill: Ladybug Venn Diagram Reading Center!

Use Text Evidence

Super reading sleuths can use text evidence to answer questions. This 5 W graphic organizer breaks down the text into manageable questions so that students can practice referring back to the text to find answers.

Bonus activity to help reinforce this skill: After School Clubs Reading Passage and Comprehension Questions!

Expanding Vocabulary

People of all ages love learning new words (think of all those word of the day calendars and apps!). For 2nd grade students, they are constantly absorbing new words. Using context clues, prior knowledge, and word building skills, students can determine the meaning of an unknown word. Keep these reading comprehension skills fresh in students’ minds by giving them a reading comprehension book mark to tuck into whatever they are reading. A simple and easy tool to reinforce basic comprehension skills. Print on colorful paper for each skill, or have students color them on their own.

Bonus activity to help reinforce this skill: Unknown Vocabulary Reading Center!

Looking for more ways to practice reading comprehension skills with your students? Check out these helpful blog posts to have your students on their way to reading and comprehending like an all-star 2nd grader!

Keep these graphic organizers handy for your next small group instruction lesson, or use throughout the year with the whole class! You can download them any time with an All Access membership. New to All Access? Check out these resources and so much more here!


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