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Written by: Katie Palmer

Have you heard of ChatGPT? If not, this post will demonstrate how this advanced and new technology can assist teachers and save time in the classroom.

Overall, ChatGPT can be a powerful tool for teachers to save time and streamline their workload, allowing them to focus on what matters most – teaching and supporting their students.

The previous paragraph was written by ChatGPT! By simply giving the prompt, “Tips and tricks on ChatGPT for teachers”, I was given a large list of ways teachers can save time with ChatGPT. Although personalized writing is best, ChatGPT can assist teachers in many ways. You may be thinking, “How can teachers utilize this technology in the classrooms to their advantage?” Let's take a deep dive into this new tech tool.

Watch this ChatGPT teacher tutorial:

Check out ChatGPT here

ChatGPT Teacher Ideas

IEP Goals

Writing out IEP Goals can take AGES. Especially with an ever growing caseload. Using ChatGPT can save tons of time. Try starting with one of these statement frames:

  • IEP goals for a _______ grade student with ____________ difficulties.
  • IEP goals for a _______ grade student who is making progress in __________.

Report Card Comments

Just like IEP goals, ChatGPT is a perfect tool for generating report card comments. Try a simple statement like,

  • Report card comments for ______ grade.
  • Report card comments for a _____ grader who lacks _______ skills.

Parent Teacher Conference Materials

Coming up with discussion ideas or the proper wording for areas of improvement can be tricky. ChatGPT can take away the difficult part of parent teacher conferences!

Try these statement frames:

•Goals for a _____ grader.

•Goals for a _____ grader who needs to improve in _________.

•Comments for a ______ grader who has improved in ________.

•Parent teacher conference discussion topics.

Generating Word Lists

Use ChatGPT to create word study lists:

  • Specific sound lists: List of _______ words for ____ grade.
  • Grammar: List of _________ for _____ grade. (List of adjectives for 2nd grade for example.)
  • Alliteration: Words for an alliteration poem starting with letter _____.
  • Rhyming: List of rhyming pair words for _____ grade.
  • Syllables: List of _____ syllable words for ____ grade.

Topical Idea & Resource Lists

ChatGPT truly can help you with ANY sort of ideas list! Try searching the following ideas:

  • Classroom party ideas for ______ grade.
  • Best read alouds for _____ grade.
  • _______ lesson for ______ grade.

This section could go on and on! The only way to grasp the amazing usefulness of this tool is to explore it yourself!

All Access = Teacher Resource ChatGPT

If you like the way ChatGPT makes your teaching life easier, you will love All Access! Think of All Access as the teacher resource ChatGPT! Simply type in a few keywords and amazing, specific resources await!


  1. Ma. Cecilia Opon

    Please I want unlimited access.

    • Jess Dalrymple

      Hello Cecilia, Thank you for your interest! You can sign up for unlimited access HERE.

  2. Kristi Jacoby

    I can’t open unit 1 assessments for 2nd grade math

  3. Tisa Davis

    Love ChatGPT! Great resource for projects and lesson plans.

  4. Shannon DeBona

    Chatgpt can be used for so much! Thank you for your blog post. I have used Chatgpt for a few things after reading this. I have used it to create back to school documents, write lesson plans, and a few other items. My favorite thing I have done with Chatgpt is to create a teaching script for teaching the “ar” phonic sound. The script utilized kinesthetic learning surrounding the sound such as the student pretending to be archers, driving a car, and being a pirate. It was super cute and gave me a great starting point for coming up with some other ideas for the lesson.


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