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Celebrate Winter With a SnowGlobe Classroom Transformation

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Written by: Katie Palmer

If you are looking to create a memorable fun day for your students AND you want it completely planned out for you, then you are in the right spot! Read on for winter party ideas galore and to find out how to transform your classroom into a Snow Globe winter wonderland!

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Snow Globe Schedule

The Snow Globe Schedule is your ONE STOP SHOP when it comes to planning this special winter party day. (If you are wanting to plan a Winter Holiday Party, head to this post.) This classroom transformation is full of winter party ideas! Our team has laid out the party for you complete with notes to send home, snack and decor ideas and all the printables you will need for centers, crafts and learning links. Every activity mentioned on this schedule can be found on All Access.

Download Snow Globe Day Schedule HERE

Plan & Prep

What things can be planned and prepped before the party? Use this section as your Snow Globe Transformation to do list!

Home Note

Sending a note home can help students prepare for the party and keeps parents in the loop. This home note is available in two versions: editable and print and go. The print and go version asks students to bring a stuffed animal as well as a mitten and winter hat for accessories.

Download Snow Globe Day Note HERE

Snow Themed Signs & Checklist

There are 8 different winter themed signs plus a student signs checklist and a Rules & Guidelines sign to post around your classroom. Ideas for using the signs:

  • Use the signs to signify different center areas around the room. Assign a different sign to each of these activities: Literacy center, Math center, directed drawing center, Writing center, Reading Center (put out some snow themed books), etc..If you use your signs this way, students can use the provided checklist and check off each station as they finish.
  • Use the signs for student group names.
easily transform the classroom into a winter wonderland with winter themed stations

Download Snow Globe Day Signs & Checklist HERE

Certificate & Brag Tags

When the Snow Globe day is complete, send your students home with these cute souvenirs: a Snow Globe Day certificate AND Snow Globe Day brag tags!

Download Snow Globe Day Certificates & Brag Tags HERE

Decor Ideas

The Snow Globe Classroom Transformation resource has SO MANY decor ideas! Some can be printed or student created, so may need to be purchased. The decor list is available on All Access, and can be downloaded below. But, before you run to All Access, here is a categorized list of decor ideas:

On All Access

  • Snow Globe Day Banner (Color or Black & White Version-have the students color it!)
  • Directed Drawings: have students create these a few days before the party and hang them around the room. Bonus idea: have students cut their drawings out and hang them on string for an oh so cute garland!

Download Snow Globe Day Banner & Directed Drawings HERE

Printable or Crafted

  • Paper snowflakes-students can make these and try to use symmetry
  • Print off an oversized Snowy Village-put on blue butcher paper and hang on the wall
  • Snowmen made out of boxes
  • Bring in any snowshoes or skis to prop against the wall. These pros are great for photo ops!
  • Fake pine trees-smaller works best
  • Project a Winter Scene
  • Stuffed Arctic Animals
  • Construction paper mittens, hat or scarves
  • Penguin Window Clings
  • Classroom door Snow Globe-use butcher paper to make the classroom door a snow globe!

Optional Purchases

  • Plastic blue tablecloths-put on the tables or lay them on the floor to make them look like skating rinks
  • White/Silver confetti for snow
  • Spray snow for windows
  • White sheets or tablecloths: Hang from the ceiling or to cover tables
  • Quilt Batting for snow

Download Snow Globe Day Decoration Ideas HERE

Snack Ideas

What classroom party is complete without snacks? Our Lucky Little Party Planner has a couple snack ideas for you AND the Snow Globe Classroom Transformation resource includes a snack label!

Download Snow Globe Day Snack Label HERE

But just what to put this label on? Check out these two ideas with snow much potential!

Marshmallow or Cracker Snowman

This snack is simple and can be created by students! (Could be a center.) Choose your snack materials and have them build their snowman.

Marshmallow directions: Using a pretzel stick, attach 2 marshmallows. Add two more sticks for arms. Then, use chocolate chips for the buttons and eyes. Last, use licorice rope, more chocolate chips or any candy you wish, to create a mouth. (The mouth can be skipped also!) You may have to use a bit of frosting to get this to stick. We also added a graham cracker base.

easy marshmallow snowman snack idea kids can make on their own

Cracker directions: Lay three crackers on a plate and cover with either white frosting or cream cheese. Use raisins or chocolate chips for the eyes and button. Use a bit or carrot or candy (such as candy corn) for the nose. Place pretzel sticks for arms.

butter cracker snowman snacks

Snow Globe Snack Cups

This snack is AMAZING and comes from Our Sutton Place.

Materials Needed: Containers (check the dollar store), dry coconut OR white shredded cheese and a small snack like teddy grahams, goldfish or small cookies.

Directions: Place all items in the container and shake a bit. Note: if using the shredded cheese, be sure to refrigerate.

snow globe snack cup with teddy grahams and shaved coconut

Morning Work

Excitement will be high when kids enter their classroom winter wonderland, so having morning work ready on their desk/table is essential to keep the calm. Check out this fun Snow Globe I Spy.

Download Snow Globe I Spy HERE

Read Alouds & Lesson Ideas

The Snow Globe Transformation kit includes two optional read aloud ideas with several activities for each book. Read one or both, whichever is best for you.Let’s take a look at these books & activities to better help you plan your ultimate Snow Globe Day.

LIttle Red Gliding Hood

This adorable snowy twist on a tale students already love will have your students smiling from ear to ear. After reading, launch into these activities. (There’s just snow many!)

  • Comprehension Questions
  • Red Riding Hood Fractured Fairy Tale Writing
  • Snowy Story Elements
  • Skating Cause & Effect
  • Comparing Little Red
  • Verb Charades
  • Sequencing

Download Little Red Gliding Hood Activities HERE

Good Morning, Snow Plow!

Just like the first book, this one will be loved by students. After reading, here are the many activities available.

  • Comprehension Questions
  • Setting
  • Real Photo Vocabulary Cards
  • Plowing a Path Vocabulary

Download Good Morning, Snow Plow Activities HERE

Small Group Reading

When working in your small groups, you can still keep the winter theme going. Check out these two fun small group activities.

Partner Games

Partner up the students in your small groups and have them practice diphthongs with the Snowball Brawl or have them work on consonant + le words in Snowball Puddles. In both games, students are trying to cover four words in a row.

Download Snow Globe Day Phonics Partner Games HERE

Life Cycle of a Snowflake Mini Book

Guide students through cutting and folding their books, then tell them it is time for scientific research on how snowflakes are formed. There is even a version in which the students will draw their own pictures.

Download Life Cycle of a Snowflake HERE

Literacy Centers

R-Controlled Snowflake Sort

R-Controlled vowels tend to confuse kids. Just which rrrr sounds is in that word again? Give them the extra r-controlled vowel practice they need with this Snowflake themed R-Controlled vowel sort. Students will have fun matching the snowflakes to the snow globes!

Download Snowflake Sort HERE

Main Idea Mitten Match

Main Idea can be a very fun concept to teach, and one of my favorite ways to teach it is through clue words. This Main Idea Mitten Match station uses clue words that students will use to match with the main idea the clue words refer to. For example, a mitten could have these clues words: hot, sandy, waves, and the main idea would be: beach.

Download Mitten Match HERE

Adjectives Winter Sentences

Who doesn’t love a good winter sentence? How about sentences with rich adjectives? Students will read the sentences and find/record the adjective in each sentence. An extension to this center could be to challenge students to use the adjectives they found in a story!

Download Winter Sentences HERE

Writing Prompts

The Snow Globe Transformation kit includes two different writing prompts that will definitely spark student creativity.

  • Snow Play Ready: in this procedural writing prompt, students will list the steps needed to get ready to play in the snow.
  • Stuck in a Snow Globe Comic: With the craze of Graphic Novels sweeping through classrooms, students will love the opportunity to create their own comic about being stuck in a snow globe!

Download Snow Globe Comic HERE

Brain Break

Brain breaks are essential and can help students get out extra wild energy and refocus their behaviors. The Snowball Fight brain break is PERFECT for your Snow Globe Day. Students will write something form a teacher prompted category. It’s a review game and brain break all in one.

Download Snowball Fight HERE

And, if you want a bit longer break in the Snowy Activities, check out Snowy Bingo!

Download Snowy Bingo HERE

Math Lesson

The Snow Globe theme continues with a whole group math lesson, Snow Many in All?, focuses on solving word problems using addition both with and without regrouping.Teachers can project each word problem and walk students through the CUBES strategy to solve them.This is sure to be a hit.

snow many in all winter themed CUBES word problem teaching slide and recording sheet

Download Snow Many In All HERE

Math Centers

Snowy Practice Sheets

The snow theme can continue into all parts of your day, including Math! These three snow themed math practice sheets are sure to keep kids in a wintery mood. These sheets practice comparing numbers, ordering numbers and skip counting.

Snow Globe Color by Number

Students love color by number, so this classroom transformation needed such an activity! The color by number Snowman has a couple versions: 2-digit subtraction & 3-digit subtraction.

Download Color by Numbers HERE

Snowy Arrays Booklet

If it is time to work on repeated addition and/or arrays, this is the math resource for you! Students will create repeated addition and multiplication problems with a given problem. Then, they will create their array using stamps, stickers or drawings.

Download Snowy Arrays HERE

Pattern Block Snow Globe Scene

Every kid loves using pattern blocks. How about challenging them create a snow globe scene with these blocks?! Fun!!

Download Pattern Block Scenes HERE


STEAM is SO important to incorporate into your classroom with all of the valuable thinking skills it leads to. Check out all of these STEAM resources that are perfect for a Snow Globe transformation!

Anchor Chart

The States of Matter anchor chart is perfect for a visual display during your STEAM lessons.

Download States of Matter Anchor Chart HERE

Reading Passage

Use this passage to strengthen student knowledge on the states of matter and as a close read. Have your students pay attention to themselves when they read it aloud by either recording them and having them listen to the playback or by using whisper phones.

Download States of Matter Reading Passage HERE

Cut & Paste Sort

In this activity, students sort pictures according to their states of matter. This will be a great review activity.

Download States of Matter Sort HERE

Color by Word

We know students love Color by Number, but have you tried a Color by Word with them yet? In this States of Matter themed activity sheet, students will read a statement and determine the answer, then color their answer the given color. Fun!

Download States of Matter Color by Word HERE

States of Matter Toothy

Kids LOVE Toothy! So, why not incorporate a States of Matter Toothy into your day? (If you are new to Toothy, start here: Toothy Task Kits.) Toothy is the ultimate self-checking independent station!

Download States of Matter Toothy HERE

Science Experiments

Students LOVE science experiments, so of course our team had to include snowy Science! There are two options, with few materials needed.

Ice Melting Experiment

In this experiment, students will be answering the question, “What makes ice melt the fastest?”

Materials Needed Per Student Group:

  • 4 Cups or Bowls
  • 4 Ice Cubes
  • 1/2 Cup of three different materials. Examples: warm water, cold water, salt. sugar, sand, etc.
  • Experiment Sheet (download it from All Access below)

Kids will love seeing which cube melts first.

Download Ice Melting Experiment HERE

Making Snow Experiment

In this experiment, students will get to make snow. This will be especially exciting to students who live in areas that don’t get snow!

Materials Needed Per Student Group:

  • 2 tablespoons Baking Soda
  • 1/2 cup Hair Conditioner
  • Bowl
  • Spoon

Kids will get to see live what happens when a solid and liquid mix!

 Download Making Snow Experiment HERE

Social Studies

What classroom transformation is complete without a Social Studies lesson? The Winter Wonderlands Around the World posters are perfect to project digitally (or print out) and show students how winter in their hometown is the same or different from locations around the world. Idea: have students fill out a venn diagram on their hometown vs one of the locations you show.

Don’t forget to have them write about their favorite winter location as well (included in the same download)!

 Download Winter Wonderlands Around the World HERE

Behavior Management

Classroom transformations are days filled with excitement. How can teachers reign in the chaos? Try our Yeti or Snowflakes themed behavior management resources! Set a goal as a class, or just reward positive behaviors throughout the day. See both resources on All Access.

 Download Winter Behavior Incentives HERE

Interested in additional Classroom Transformations? Check out these fun themes!


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