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Celebrate the Extra Day: Leap Year Classroom Activities

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

The gift of an extra day is coming your way! Yep, that's right – every four years, we get a bonus day on February 29th. Why let this special day pass by without some classroom fun and learning? In this blog post, we've got the whole day planned, from morning work to dismissal! We'll take you on an adventure filled with exciting activities so you and your students celebrate Leap Year in style!

Sample Schedule

Let's take a peek at a sample schedule for a leap-year-themed day in the classroom. There are more ideas than you can probably fit in one day, so pick and choose what works best for your schedule and class.

leap day schedule
All Access member? Download this schedule here.

Jump to Activities

Morning Work

Literacy Block

Brain Breaks

Math Activities

Art, Science and Social Studies


Just for Fun

Activities for Morning Work

leap day placemat and handwriting page for morning work on February 29
All Access member? Download this handwriting sheet and this placemat here.
completed all about me leap year activity hanging on a wall
Photo Credit: Amy N.

Introduce the Concept of Leap Day

We'll kick off the day by using our teaching slides to introduce the fascinating concept of the extra day every four years. The slides include why we have leap years, what leap day is, and the history of leap day!

Read Alouds

Follow that up with a Leap Day read aloud and discussion questions. No need to buy new books.. There are some great options on YouTube.

LeapDay by Kathryn Samuel

Leopold's Long Awaited Leap Year Birthday by Dawn Desjardins

Leap by Campbell Manning

Pair your read aloud with a comprehension worksheet to deepen the discussion.

reading passages and comprehension questions for leap day
All Access member? Download free here.

Print and Go Leap Year Pack

completed leap year writing activity hanging in a window
Photo Credit: Elena B.

Literacy Block

Continue with your regular literacy block, but add a themed twist.


Engage your students in three themed activities to practice long ‘e' spelling patterns.

print and go literacy block activities with a leap day theme
All Access member? Download free here.

Grammar and Language

Can't forget about grammar! Here are two Leap Day-themed ideas to practice shades of meaning and synonyms.

Shades of Meaning Leapfrog Craft

shades of meaning leapfrog activity completed by a student
All Access member? Download free here.

Synonyms: Leaping into Sports

synonyms leaping into sports literacy center, perfect for leap day in the classroom
All Access member? Download free here.

Reading on Leap Day

You know we have Leap Day reading passages!

leaping lizards reading passage and comprehension questions for 1st and 2nd grade readers
All Access member? Download here.

Here are some activities you can easily do with reading passages:

  1. Close Reading: Engage students in close reading by having them read the passage multiple times, focusing on different aspects with each reading. This promotes a deep understanding of the text.
  2. Discussion Circles: Divide the class into small groups, assign each group a section of the passage, and encourage them to discuss and share their interpretations, fostering collaborative learning.
  3. Question and Answer: Provide comprehension questions related to the passage to assess understanding and encourage critical thinking. BONUS: Our comprehension questions are included and provide color coding to find text evidence!
  4. Artistic Interpretation: Allow students to create artwork or illustrations inspired by the passage, showcasing their understanding of the themes or content.

Print and Go Leap Year Pack

Brain Breaks for Leap Day

Here are some special Leap Day-themed Brain Break ideas:

LeapFrog Blippi Video

Math Activities

Set up themed math stations to practice essential skills like math facts, place value, telling time and more! Our Leap Day Pack includes 10 activities to select from.

10 leap day math activities included in the lucky little learners leap year pack
All Access member? Download these math activities here.

Print and Go Leap Year Pack

four students playing a leap day themed math game
Photo Credit: Bridget B.

Activities for Art, Science and Social Studies

Art projects and time capsules – the perfect way to celebrate!

completed 2024 leap day time capsule rolled into a paper towel tube
All Access member? Download here.


Since this special extra day only comes around once every four years, so why not make the most of it with some fun and creative writing activities?

the best way to spend an extra day writing prompt for leap day
All Access member? Get these writing prompts here.

Print and Go Leap Year Pack

More Leap Year Fun

Explore additional resources to enhance your full school day. Set up a special behavior reward system for the day (and beyond!) Plus, we've got community building, decoration, and snack ideas to make your celebration extra special.

2 Ways to Get These Activities

Join All Access to download everything we've ever made.

toothy task kits

Or... Purchase the bundle in our shop.

toothy task kits
18 completed leap day craft frogs hanging on a white board
Photo Credit: Tara R.

See these Ideas Up Close

Join Katie from Team Lucky Little Learners for a more detailed breakdown of how to make Leap Day am exciting and memorable day in your classroom.

Leap Year offers a unique opportunity for both fun and education in the classroom. So, don't miss the chance to make the most of February 29 – a once-every-four-years special day!


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