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Phew!  My classroom is FINALLY feeling close to done and some of my favorite areas of my classroom are my bulletin boards.  They make me happy.  They will make my students happy.  They will make other adults who come in to help in my classroom happy.  Happiness is one of the key elements to my classroom so I am here today to share with you what I love about my bulletin board displays.  I will start off by saying that I feel incredibly blessed to have connected with Creative Teaching Press because I ADORE them, their customer service, what they stand for, and their Painted Palette series.

This is my birthday bulletin board display.  School hasn’t started for us yet but once it does my students will have a picture of themselves holding the number of their birthday.  As you can see, my room is a rainbow theme with black and chalkboard accents.  I really like the way that this Rainbow Herringbone border ties the posters together !

My alphabet display is at the front of my room and I’m loving the way the layered borders go together!  I like to use fabric instead of paper on my bulletin boards because it never fades and you can get fun patterns with fabric.  The fabric was purchased from a local fabric store and the layered borders are called Rainbow Paint Chip and the Dots and Loops border is from the Chalk It Up! series.

 My Brag Tag and Math Focus Wall displays are beautiful because of the unique layering that was done with the borders!  Each of these displays are apart of a larger bulletin board so I needed something to separate each section.  In the top photo I took Rainbow Herringbone and used 2 strips and placed the straight edges together.  Then I took the Chevron in Chalk border and laid that over the seam of the bottom layer of borders.  I am really happy with the way it looks!

 I used the same layering technique as the brag tag display as I did here.  The only difference is the borders that I used.  The bottom layer is Ombre Rainbow Scallops with Herringbone in Chalk.

Did you know that borders are a great way to dress up a dry erase board?  Even better, did you know that a dry erase board is a great place to put a word wall?  I am looking forward to having my word wall here because I can easily add and take away words without having to have word cards pre-made.  I also have some big plans for a word jail that I will show you as the year goes along!  The border that I used for my word wall is called Moroccan Nights and the grid lines were made from electrical tape.

 I have a small bulletin board by my classroom door that I use for transportation notes and a class list.  I used the Rainbow Chip Border for this display but since the bulletin board was so small, the width of a standard border is too thick.  Solution?  Cut a border in half and it’s perfect for the smaller displays!

 Lately, I have been getting pretty creative with my borders!  I laminated this set of Chevron in Chalk border and used it to dress up my not-so-attractive shelf.  I used tape to adhere the border to the shelf surface and I’m loving it!  Here’s another view of the shelf.

 This year I decided to change out my calendar board display and I love how nicely this Painted Palette Calendar Set goes with the theme of my classroom!  I’m looking forward to staying with the interactive approach to calendar with the days of the week and weather elements.  Isn’t it pretty?  It is a 67-piece set!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and stay tuned for my classroom reveal which will be going live on September 2nd!  Next stop…Mr. Greg Smedley-Warren from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard.  I promise you will want to check out his post.  He is all kind of crazy talent, happy, and inspiration!

The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

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  1. Erin

    I love the idea of layering borders! I've done it with a solid and a print, but I really like your print mixing! I also LOVE your pen storage idea! I just had a "why didn't I think of that?" moment! 🙂 THANKS!
    Very Perry Classroom


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