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5 Ways to Start the Day with a Positive Attitude

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Written by: Angie Olson

School can be frustrating and overwhelming for both teachers and students. There is so much work to do, and for our students, new concepts don’t always come easy. There are a lot of emotions and skills to navigate outside just academics. By focusing on a growth mindset and starting each day with positivity, you and your students can have incredible year! Here are some ways to start the day with a positive attitude.

Try new things.

Your students may struggle to try something new. In fact, teachers may also have a difficult time with change. Being willing to try new things is one way to instill a growth mindset. Share growth mindset scenarios with your students to help them be willing to try new things in the classroom and their own lives. The scenarios allow students to answer questions about the passages and reflect on their own experiences.

Learn from mistakes.

It’s easy to have a negative, fixed mindset when things don’t go quite right. Looking at mistakes as opportunities for growth is a way to keep that positive attitude going throughout the school year. Hand your student a  brag tag with a message like, “Struggling makes me stronger” or “I learn from my mistakes’. These brag tags come with the growth mindset bundle to help students learn from their mistakes.

Embrace creativity.

Having your students create, explore their own curious questions, make music and art, and collaborate with one another creates a positive classroom community. Creativity fosters a growth mindset with statements such as, “I can think creatively” and “I can learn anything I desire”. One way to use creativity and art in the classroom is through the music and art activities in The Encouraging Classroom, a membership course that focuses on character. It’s all about growth mindset and positivity!

Be proud.

Both teachers and students should be able to brag about the great work they are doing! As a teacher, share your stories with the community in The Encouraging Classroom, and tell your stories on social media or to your colleagues. Students can be proud of the work they are doing in and outside the classroom. Their positive attitudes will shine when you share brag tags that focus on character and growth mindset first. Academics are important, but working hard and doing your best is where true growth is at!

Encourage practice.

Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it does make permanent. Model what it means to practice new skills and believe in the “power of yet”. Even if your students (or you) haven’t reached a goal or mastered a skill “yet”, a growth mindset means being able to improve with practice and never giving up. Don’t forget to model positivity in your team meetings too!

Starting each day with a growth mindset starts with you as the teacher. Model a positive attitude with your students by sharing the skills you are practicing and taking pride in your work. Let your students know that it is OK to struggle, but you are proud of the work they are doing in the classroom. These ways to start the day with a positive attitude will keep your students engaged and working all year!


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