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5 Reasons Teachers are Choosing an All Access Membership

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Raise your hand if you have an online membership… Netflix alone has over 230.7 Million subscribers… so there's a pretty good chance you're raising your hand right along with me! Whether you're looking for entertainment, recipes, workouts or pet toys, memberships exist to make our lives easier in some way. And as teachers, we deserve to press a few easy buttons when we can! That's why teacher memberships are quickly becoming the most popular 21st century teaching tool.

So, what are the best ones? It's simple. The best membership sites are more than just an endless scroll of basic activities. The best teacher memberships have both a variety of high-quality resources AND built-in tools to help teachers save time.

There's only one I've found that serves as both a teaching tool and toolbox all in one: The All Access Teacher Membership.

What sets All Access apart?

Think of All Access as a virtual file cabinet jam-packed full of high-quality resources to teach every standard… And, all of those resources are organized in multiple ways, so with Amazon-level search and filter capabilities, you can find the precisely right activity lightening-fast. But, that's only the beginning of what makes All Access so unique… Read on to find out the top five reasons teachers are joining All Access – and then saying they'll never teach without it again!

1. All the differentiation you need in one place.

How many times have you purchased individual products to meet the needs of each student in class? With over 16,000 resources for grades K-2 in every subject, AND the fact that new resources are added every single week, everything you'll ever want or need is at your fingertips.

Take a closer look at just a handful of the types of resources that can be found in All Access below.

2. Search for the EXACT skills you're teaching.

No more digging through big bundles. No more racking your brain to remember which pack has “that one great activity”… With All Access everything is neatly organized by skill, topic, resource type, grade level, concept, and more! There are also quick links to popular seasonal resources and series that are updated based on teacher needs and time of year.

Take a look at how FAST you can plan with All Access in the video below.

3. Build your own bundles.

With All Access, teachers can make their own custom bundles using any combination of resources they choose! The possibilities are endless.

  • Bundle Idea #1: Bundle as you plan, then print when you're done!
  • Bundle Idea #2: Morning work packets
  • Bundle Idea #3: Reading groups
  • Bundle Idea #4: Unit planning
  • Bundle Idea #5: Classroom parties
  • Bundle Idea #6: Sub plans

Watch a teacher use the bundling tool to quickly prep for a sub:

4. Create your own tools.

Sometimes teachers want resources personalized for their class. All Access has a whole section of the membership site called “Create Your Own Tools”. So you can create your own word searches, crosswords, spelling lists and math facts sheets, with more create your own tools being added all the time!

Here's a demo on creating your own personalized word searches. SO quick and easy!

5. You can request custom products

If you don't see something you need, Team Lucky Little Learners will make a custom resource for any All Access members. It's a simple matter of jumping on the product request hotline and sending Team LLL the details. Now that alone makes All Access a next level teacher membership, don't you think?!

Check out a sampling of the product requests Lucky Little Learners fulfilled for members in just one week:

So – are you ready to press the easy button yet, with the best teacher membership option out there? Join over 10,000 teachers who are taking back their nights and weekends by working smarter, not harder – with All Access.

Join All Access to download everything we've ever made.


  1. Marcella

    How do use the differentiation passages? I would like to see a video on how it is actually taught.

  2. Mickey

    Is LLL only for first and second grade?

    • Jess Dalrymple

      Hello Mickey, great question! We have resources for Kindergarten-third grades.

  3. Crystal

    Do I have access to the intervention kits with a monthly membership?

    • Jess Dalrymple

      Hello Crystal, Yes you sure do! Members have instant access to everything we have ever made.


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