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Teacher Gift Guide: 11 Gift Ideas Teachers Will Truly Love

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Written by: Katie Palmer

As the holidays approach, you may be thinking about getting your colleagues, or your child's teacher, a gift to show your appreciation. However, choosing a gift that doesn't break the bank or take up space can be tricky and time consuming. Save time (and your holiday shopping sanity) with our quick teacher gift guide, sure to include something for every educator in your life.

We have broken this gift guide into three categories for easier browsing.

Crafts & Homemade

$12 or Less

Higher End

Crafts & Homemade

Who doesn't love a homemade keepsake? I have kept many a card from students and parents to pull out and read on a tough teaching day. The bulletin board behind my desk is adorned with homemade wall art that truly means a lot to me. Check out these homemade and heartfelt ideas, the most sentimental options in our teacher gift guide.

1. Card

A handwritten note or card goes a long way in helping teachers feel appreciated. Write a short message about their impact to fill their day with joy. To make it extra special, have the student add a picture or message as well.

Download this cute template!

2. Small Wall Art

I don't know about you, but I love hanging little quotes and pictures in my teacher area of the classroom. This spruces the place up and brings me joy. Choose a saying or quote that resonates how much you appreciate all that teacher does to inspire their young learners. If you have a Cricut machine, you can create your own wall art! Bonus idea: if your gift recipient has a classroom theme, try choosing a quote or image that will fit in!

Here are some ideas to purchase or create:

Purchase on Amazon

Purchase on Amazon

Find on Amazon

Purchase on Amazon

3. Gift Basket

Creating a themed gift basket is a fun way to show you care. Additionally, depending on what is included in the basket, teachers can pamper themselves and enjoy some time focusing on self care. Here are gift basket ideas:

  • Movie night: candy, fuzzy socks, popcorn and popcorn bowls
  • Basket of Sunshine: Include all things bring and yellow: M & M's, yellow coffee mug or water cup, Lays chips, Bert's Bees chapstick and yellow lotion, for example.
  • Self Care: Fuzzy socks or slippers, lotion, chapstick, sweet treats, a new book
  • Sweet & Salty: Chips and chocolate
  • Self Care kit: see video below!
Photo credit: Leslie Ellis Perkins

4. Personalized Items

Personalizing a gift shows you took the extra step to make it extra special. Try using a Cricut machine, or ordering personalized gear from Amazon. Here are some ideas of items to personalize:

  • Pencil Pouch
  • Water or coffee cup
  • Pens
  • Stationary
  • Name plate
  • Classroom sign

$12 or Less

Many teacher gift ideas are super affordable! Here are some top picks from our Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers and Lucky1st Grade Teachers Facebook Groups.

5. All Things Coffee

Before we dive into this idea, we must acknowledge that we know not all teachers enjoy coffee. This gift idea can be adapted to fit whatever your special teacher's drink of choice. Coffee ideas:

  • $10 Gift card to a local or favorite coffee shop
  • New mug or thermos
  • Flavored coffee beans

6. All Access Membership for a Month

Here is a unique idea! Give your favorite teacher the gift of time! With an All Access membership, teachers will no longer feel the prep time stress or spend hours lesson planning! All Access is a teacher membership geared at grades K-3, with a hyper focus on grades 1 and 2. By typing in a single keyword, teachers will be flooded with engaging and meaningful activities, no prep required!

Your teacher friend will thank you for a month of low to no stress planning!

Want to know more? Join Angie in seeing how quickly a teacher can lesson plan with a membership!

7. Snack Stash

During the teaching days, having a stash of sweet, salty or chewy snacks can help teachers push through. Fill up a gift bag or box with their favorite snack (students may need to ask some sneaky questions). If you want to add to the gift, purchase a cute container to make the snack stash even sweeter.

8. Supplies

The right supplies can make school days better! (For real!) Purchase some teacher favorites from this Amazon wishlist: Teacher Favorite School Supplies.

Higher End

If you're looking to spend a bit more, check out these options.

9. Gift Cards

Who doesn't love a gift card? The perk of giving a gift card is choosing the amount and store! If you want the teacher(s) in your life to be free to purchase whatever they want, do a Visa gift card! Other gift card ideas:

  • Coffee shop
  • Target
  • Dollar Tree
  • Walmart
  • Specialty local shops
  • Amazon
  • Lucky Little Learners

10. Apparel

A teacher trend is wearing cute, graphic tees or sweatshirts. There are very cute options on Amazon! Here are our favorites.

Get on Amazon

Peruse on Amazon

Find on Amazon

Find on Amazon

Purchase on Amazon

11. All Access Yearly Membership

If you want to give the gift that keeps on giving, all school year long, a yearly All Access membership is the way to go! As mentioned above, All Access gives teachers the gift of time! No more stressed out mornings, with All Access, they can click, print and teach in minutes. This is a gift that will never be forgotten!

If you want to peruse more teacher gift ideas, check out these posts from our teacher facebook groups. (Click the image.)

Check out the ideas from this post

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Do you have more teacher gift ideas? If so, drop them in the comments below!

Happy teaching!


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