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Set Your Sights on These Sight Words Activities

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Written by: Jordan McKinney

When it comes to sight words, we all pour over all the latest Pinterest activities to make centers or lessons really come alive and pop! Why? Because we know that sight words are crucial to growing our student’s comprehension and fluency rates. So, while we know it’s important to add these into our weekly stations we can sometimes struggle to find just the right thing to help our kids grasp the words while also loving the process.

This is where our editable sight words activity sheets come in handy!

What Sets This Sight Word Resource Apart?

Ease of Use AND a Huge Time Saver!

First, as teachers, we can be run ragged when it comes to getting all the materials ready for a fun sight word activity. This pack has the instant gratification of filling out your sight words for you – regardless of the type of lists you are using in your classroom – instantly!

After you type in the letters to each block to spell out the word, the file fills in the word to the rest of your worksheets where needed! This saves you time so you can easily print and go!

Getting Visual with Your Sight Words Materials

When it comes to getting our students excited about writing their words it’s great to get a variety of materials into their hands. The Sight Word Sheets activities let students use all the tools in this art toolbox! Writing helps solidify the words we are learning into our brains. When we use a plethora of mediums to do this it helps not only remember the word but adds to the fun!

From writing with markers to crayons, or even writing in different kinds of font – there are so many fun ways to write sight words!

Learning Beyond What They See

While practicing sight words is very important it’s even better when you can practice other skills along with it. That is where some of our fun activities that hold a variety of other skills can come in handy! You can have your students practice through the vowels, consonants, and syllables of their words which will help them hone their phonics skills!

If you are feeling like those math facts are a bit rusty and need some addition practice have no fear! Have the students add together addition sentences using the sheet High Score! They’ll be so focused on seeing which word is worth the most points they’ll forget they’re even learning.

Finally, no matter the grade you teach, ABC order is something that consistently needs practice. So our ABC Order sheet has your students practicing two skills in one go! If your students use a highlighter for that first letter (and a second if needed) it increases the fun because what student doesn’t love to use their highlighter?

Writing with Their Creative Eye

The more our students write using their new words the better they will remember and reuse them. Plus any chance for practicing their writing can help us as teachers tackle the writing standards, which is something we are trying to instill in our students throughout the year. Having your students write a story with their sight words or having them use them in a sentence will help them create a relationship with that word. This better helps them recall and properly use the word in the future.

Seeing Your Students Have Fun With Sight Words!

Engagement for our students is always a must. We love seeing their faces light up when they see a worksheet they love! There are a variety of fun worksheets you can pull from this pack. Use these to sprinkle throughout your stations and lessons to make learning these words go from basic to the bomb.

From creating fun codes to playing Tic-Tac-Toe with a partner your students will be begging to go practice their sight words! Learning these words doesn’t have to be a bore. Light up your student’s eyes with these fun sight word activity sheets!

We have some other fun creative ideas in this post here.


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  1. Cindy Winklr

    Do you have these for spelling words?


    • Bailey Jordan

      Hi Cindy!
      These sheets can be used with you spelling word list as well. Please email us at if you have any questions! Have the best day!

      Bailey J.
      Team Lucky Little Learners


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