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Classroom Easter Egg Hunt: Science of Reading Style!

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Written by: Katie Palmer

Teachers – are you on the hunt for engaging, yet purposeful Easter-themed activities? How about activities that not only bring the fun, but also tackle a standard or two? Exciting news! Our team has created an Easter themed activity that checks off all of these boxes. Introducing the Science of Reading Easter Egg Hunt.

This “eggcellent” activity is a perfect phonics and phonemic awareness review. With just one fun activity, your students will review:

  • Segmenting sounds
  • Blending sounds
  • Mapping letters to sounds
  • Beginning, middle, final sounds
  • Syllables
  • Beginning, medial and final sound substitution
  • Adding a final sound to change the word
  • Phoneme deletion
  • Simple word spelling

Plus, take a look at how easy this activity is to set up!

Prepare for your Easter egg hunt

  1. Get ahold of 24 plastic eggs.
plastic eggs ready to be assembled for the classroom sor easter egg hunt

2. Cut apart the 24 SoR review strips to place in the eggs.

3. Hide the eggs around your classroom. The older your students, the more challenging you can make it!

easter egg with science of reading task inside hiding in the classroom library

4. Students take their recording sheets along on the hunt, jotting down their answers AND placing the review strip back into the egg when done.

Bonus Tips and Variations

  1. Have students work in pairs. This extra set of eyes will ensure they locate all of the eggs.
  2. Demonstrate how to gently open and close the plastic eggs before the egg hunt begins.
  3. Play as a Scoot Game and have students rotate from desk to desk to complete all the tasks.
  4. Use as a literacy center and keep the eggs in a tub for students to select and solve.
  5. For use as a whole group event, print multiple sets of the SoR strips and recording sheets on colored papers that match the egg colors. Then assign teams of students a color.
  6. Set up outside if you dare! Enjoy!
science of reading easter egg hunt for the classroom with recording sheet

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If you like this activity, try our math version too!

free math review easter egg hunt

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Happy teaching!


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