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Lucky Little Learners Brand Ambassador Program

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Written by: Angie Olson

Hey there! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Lucky Little Learners Brand Ambassador. Brand Ambassadors help spread the word about our teaching resources through photographs and social media.

Our Brand Ambassadors are 2nd Grade Teachers who love Lucky Little Learners products. Our Brand Ambassadors:

  • Receive access to our resources for free
  • Test out brand new activities before they are published
  • Take monthly photos of our resources “in action”
  • Share Lucky Little Learners products on his/her social media page

To be a Lucky Little Learners Brand Ambassador you will need to have the following requirements:

  • Current 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Have a passion for teaching
  • Task oriented and reliable
  • Great eye for photography

If this sounds like a community of teachers that you’d like to be a part of, please apply here. Applications will be accepted through August, 7th 2020. Selected applicants will be contacted via email. Applicants not accepted will not receive an email but are encouraged to apply in the next round.

Disclaimer: Other TpT sellers and bloggers are not eligible to become a Lucky Little Learners Brand Ambassador.


  1. Emily Iredale

    I use LLL products on a dailys basis and have a great Instagram following! I would love to help build your brand and have much experience being an ambassador for other retail companies?

  2. Sylvia Lopez

    Hi! I’d love to be one of your ambassadors!!! I’m a second grade teacher in a border town where all teachers are bilingual certified. Must be to teach here. I love teaching!

    • Emily Parrish

      Would love to try this!

  3. Elisabeth Gough

    I would love this! My favorite thing about being a teacher is the ability to change and try new things in the classroom. I teach 2nd Grade in Idaho and am always looking for something fun and new.

  4. Kelly Diaz

    Hello! I’m so excited about this opportunity! I really enjoyed your TY♥️O sessions and I’d love to work with you!

    I’ve purchased over 1k different types of resources on TPT over the past 5+ so I have lots of ideas for what makes a good resource.

    I’ve taught 2nd grade for 12 years and love it! – I also really like your products!!!

  5. Kelly Diaz

    Hello! I’m so excited about this opportunity! I really enjoyed your TY♥️O sessions and I’d love to work with you!

    I’ve purchased over 1k different types of resources on TPT over the past 5+ so I have lots of ideas for what makes a good resource.

    I’ve taught 2nd grade for 12 years and love it more with each passing year! – I also really like your products!

  6. Melanie Feeney

    Would love to be a part of this!

  7. Brenda Saltenberger

    I would love be a Lucky Little Learner’s Brand Ambassador! I am starting my 30th year of teaching, and I still love it!! 2nd Grade is definitely my favorite grade to teach! I am always looking for new, engaging ideas to help my students to learn and keep them engaged. Photography is another passion of mine. I love to take pictures of my students to share their love of learning with their parents. I hope you’ll consider me to be an ambassador for your products. I would enjoy trying out and testing your resources, and then sharing them out on social media.

  8. Denise Bishop

    I am currently a grade 2 teacher in a title 1 school. I own a great deal of Lucky Little Learner products and my students LOVE using them in the classroom. I would be honored to be a Lucky Little Learner Brand Ambassador. I start back to school on September 1, 2020 and as of today we will be doing a hybrid model so I will have students in front of me everyday! I also had 98% engagement during our remote learning from March until June.

  9. Briana

    This will be my first year teaching. I will be in second grade at a small private school. I already plan on using the toothy math and brag tags for classroom management! This community has been really helpful for me in things I need to prepare to make sure my classroom runs smoothly. I’ve saved so many posts!! I would love to be an ambassador for the Lucky Little Learners brand and give back to a community that has already given me so much in such a short time. I have many types of social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and tik tok. All of these are great platforms to promote the Lucky Little Learners products.

  10. Jackie Werts

    Hi! I am a brand new 2nd grade teacher (second career after leaving the medical field) I am also the mama of two special needs kiddos.

    I am passionate about building a faith filled classroom community based on creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. I would love the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for lucky little learners!

  11. Tracy Sjoquist

    I teach a combination 1st and 2nd grade classroom.

  12. Suzanne

    I would love this opportunity to test your amazing products. I a always looking for new ideas and activities to use in my classroom!

  13. Julie Ann Gordon

    I would be great for this!!!! My motto is to be positive and pro-active!!!! And I love teaching and 2nd grade too!!!!



  14. Sherry Moton

    I am so in love with your products that I feel I am already an ambassador. I’m continually sharing with my peers.

  15. Nicole Alaniz

    I absolutely love you resources! I’ll also a member of your social/emotional group Encouraging Classroom and am excited to use those with my new kiddos.

    This will be my 7th year in second grade and I absolutely love my job. I work with an excellent second grade team as well.

    My school is starting the year online though. Hopefully we’ll move to hybrid it face to face soon. Is that okay?

  16. Jennifer kaste

    I would LOVE to be a brand ambassador! I have several products by you already and was going to get your toothy collection. I love doing fun, hands on activities and centers with my 2nd graders. The more engaged, the more learning that is taking place! This is going to be my 4 the year teaching 2nd grade, my 20th year overall.

  17. Melanie Hieber

    I would love to be a Lucky Little Learner’s Ambassador. Angie’s resources are amazing. Toothy is one of my very favorite resources. My students enjoyed using the digital version of Toothy during digital learning at the end of this past year.

  18. Rebecca Yochem

    I have never been a brand ambassador but I would love to give it a try! I teach 2nd grade in a rural district in Illinois.

  19. Ann Kim

    What a fun opportunity to share and contribute to the LLL community. I have and love so many of your products. Your creations are easy to use, grade appropriate, and classroom ready.

  20. Amanda Figueroa

    I have been teaching for 17 years, 11 years of which have been in 2nd grade. It is by far my favorite grade. It is the perfect combo of silly, independence, love, autonomy and education. I would love to be part of this group.

  21. Lauryn

    My sweet second graders love TOOTHY and the math puzzles! I’d be so excited to share your other ideas and products with my students!

  22. Tammy Abare

    I am an avid user of Angie’s products!! I love them!!

  23. Leeann Fant

    This is so exciting!
    I use and love your products every day in class

  24. Valerie Gonzalez

    This is my 2nd year as a 2nd grade teacher. I love to use new material. I especially love that a lot of the material has print and digital. It makes being flexible easy. That is more important this year than ever. I would love to be an ambassador for Lucky Little Learners.

  25. Alexa

    I would love the opportunity to be a brand ambassador! I love teaching second grade and I am so thankful for your amazing and engaging resources for my students! One of my favorite days of the year is using your camping resources to have a Camp Read A Lot in my classroom! It is a day that my students will never forget! Special thanks to you for creating all that you do to make learning so fun to teach and so fun for my students to learn!

  26. Sandi Williams

    I would love to be a part of this opportunity! This will be my first year teaching 2nd grade and I love sharing products and resources I find that I love!

  27. Tena Runcorn

    Will you be doing this for 2021?

    • Bailey Jordan

      Hi Tena!
      It is our intention to do this again in 2021, however we do not have a set date/time when the application process would be opening up. Thanks so much!

      Bailey Jordan
      Lucky Little Learners


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