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How To Use Mini Math Anchor Charts With Students

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Written by: Krys Warstillo

How’s math instruction going in your classroom? Second-grade math is a pretty mixed bag of abilities. Students are making the transition from a lot of concrete math instruction in Kindergarten and 1st grade into more challenging and abstract concepts. Plus… word problems. Need I say more? The difficulty ramps up a bit in 2nd grade math and it’s important that we are ready and willing to differentiate and support our learners. One easy way to do this? A bank of resources, like math anchor charts, can serve as a reference for students. Read on to learn all about the Lucky Little Learners Small Group Math Kit and its included mini anchor charts.

how to use mini math anchor charts with 2nd grade students

What Are Math Anchor Charts & Why Should You Use Them?

Anchor charts increase student independence and problem-solving skills. Creating anchor charts with your students produces reference materials that will serve your students whenever they need them. As teachers, we repeat ourselves constantly. It can be so exhausting. Instead of answering the question, “How many sides does a pentagon have?” for the 75th time, your students can visit a 2D shape anchor chart and figure it out on their own. Yay for teaching them to independently use the resources around them!

how to make an anchor chart to teach 2-D shapes

Math Differentiation

In many classrooms, anchor charts are created as part of a whole group lesson. However, if you’ve done a math screening and are using data to help plan small group lessons then you know exactly what skills your students need support in. This is a great time to add in mini anchor charts!

math screening tools to drive small group lesson plans

If you’re reading the above paragraph and realizing you need a little more help with small math groups take a look at How to differentiate planning for small groups in math and What does a math intervention lesson look like? These two posts will give you a TON of valuable help in planning small group math instruction. 

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toothy task kits
hands-on math intervention activities for small groups

Student Anchor Charts

So, anchor charts are great but the walls of classrooms can get busy fast, and sometimes students need to revisit material they learned a while back. That’s where mini, or student, anchor charts come in! 

How to Use Personal & Printable Math Strategies Posters

Student anchor charts (or math strategies posters) are great for going over the important math vocabulary words in a unit. When doing this with your students you can make your anchor chart with just the boxes and words ahead of time. Give your students their mini anchor chart for them to complete with you. Since my students use interactive math notebooks, we glue our anchor charts into the notebooks so we can refer back to them all year. Go through the vocabulary words that you want to focus on for the day. Give the kids opportunities to “turn and talk” with their partner as each word is discussed. I would allow your students to give their ideas of how the picture should be drawn to represent the word.

mini anchor chart for students to complete while the teacher demonstrates

Types of Anchor Charts Included In The Small Math Group Kit

Process Charts

This type of anchor chart walks students through a math process they’ve learned. This is the type of anchor chart you’d use when teaching students CUBES for word problems, the standard algorithm for regrouping, or measuring length. 

anchor chart for CUBES word problem math strategy

2 Ways to Get This Resource

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toothy task kits

Or... Purchase the bundle in our shop.

toothy task kits

Strategy Charts

These types of anchor charts are used to remind students of the different strategies they’ve been taught. For example, once students get to the end of 2nd grade and beginning 3rd grade having a reference for multiplication strategies is so valuable. Your students will refer to it over and over. There’s also a great mini anchor chart on partitioning rectangles so your students don’t have to ask the question, “Which way do rows go?”

math multiplication strategy poster for 2nd grade

Vocabulary Charts

These anchor charts simply serve as a reference for those students who need a quick refresh of a previously learned concept or math term. The Small Group Math Kit has printable student anchor charts for graphs, time, coins, 2D & 3D shapes, fractions, addition, subtraction

money vocabulary math chart for 2nd grade

Reference Materials Made Easy

No need to scour Pinterest and Google images for math strategies posters. You’ve got all the 2nd grade anchor charts you need in the Small Group Math Kit. Future you is going to feel such a surge of pride when you see your students turning into independent little mathematicians.

using mini math anchor charts to help students master 2nd grade math concepts


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