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Fun Ways to Teach the 4 Types of Sentences

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Written by: Mary Kate Bolinder

Are you teaching types of sentences? Look no further than Lucky Little Learners! We have the resources you need to teach the four different sentence types to your first and second grade students. Keep reading for anchor charts, hands-on activities and centers to teach the four types of sentences in new and fun ways!

What are the 4 types of sentences?

anchor chart to teach the 4 sentence types with examples

Try introducing the four types of sentences with an anchor chart.

In first and second grade, students will learn to read and write four different sentence types. Here are the four sentence types with examples:

1. Declarative/Statement

A telling sentence. This ends with a period

Example: Taylor walked her dog.

2. Exclamatory/Exclamation

A sentence that shows excitement. This ends with an exclamation point.

Example: This ice cream is delicious!

3. Imperative/Command

A sentence that tells to do something. It can end in a period or an exclamation point.

Example: Put your shoes on now!

You need to tie your shoes.

4. Interrogative/Question

This is an asking sentence. It ends with a question mark.

Example: What time is it?

anchor charts to teach the different types of sentences with examples

Our Lucky Little Toolkit offers two different varieties of anchor charts to help students learn and remember types of sentences. The anchor charts can also be found in our All Access library below.

2 Ways to Get These Resources

Join All Access to download everything we've ever made.

toothy task kits

Or... Purchase the bundle in our shop.

toothy task kits

These anchor charts are great to use during small writing groups, or whole class instruction. To learn how to print anchor charts to poster size on your own computer, click here.

Activities to Teach Types of Sentences

a. Sentence Type Toothy

sentence types toothy game by Lucky Little Learners

Our favorite learning game, Toothy, is back with a types of sentences version! Students will have fun using this self-checking center, or play as a fun digital game with the whole class. Fill Toothy’s mouth with teeth and get ready to smile when your students have aced this activity!

b. Sentence Sorts

sentence sort grammar center activity by Lucky Little Learners to practice identifying different sentence types

Practice sorting sentence types with these 1st and 2nd grade level literacy centers. Students will draw a card, read the sentence, and sort it into the correct sentence type. Two different levels can make all learners feel successful!

Check out the 1st grade level sentence sort here.

Check our the 2nd grade level sentence sort here.

c. Grammar Day by Day

grammar day by day by lucky little learners

This 5-day spiral review reinforces the 4 types of sentences. Use as a review, independent activity, or writing center. The Roll-a-sentence game on day 5 would also be perfect for a group game!

daily practice sheets to review the 4 types of sentences

d. Types of Sentences Spoons

Even if your students haven’t played the traditional version of the spoons game, they are sure to be delighted with this fun way to teach types of sentences. All you will need is three plastic spoons, each with a different sentence end mark drawn with sharpie. (If you want all students to play at the same time, you will need enough sets of spoons to have one per pair of students.)

Types of Sentences Spoons Directions:

  1. Lay out the spoons on a table or on the carpet in front of the classroom.
  2. Call up two students for the first turn.
  3. Read a sentence out loud, but do not let students see it unless you write it without its endmark.
  4. Students quickly decide which type of sentence it is, and which end mark it would need.
  5. They try to be the first to grab the correct spoon.
  6. Whoever grabs the correct spoon first wins, and advances to the next round.
  7. Play until there is an ultimate winner!

Videos to Teach Types of Sentences

The Four Types of Sentences Song by Silly School Songs

Four Kinds of Sentences Song by GrammarSongs by Melissa

We declare, after reading this post, you will be ready to teach types of sentences. You’ve got this! Any questions? Ask us in the comments below.

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