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Easy to do Father’s Day Crafts for 2nd Grade

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Written by: Jess Dalrymple

Celebrate the wonderful men in your students' lives with these fun Father's Day crafts! The ideas for the craftivities featured in this post were shared by creative teachers in our Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group. Best of all, they are easy enough for 2nd graders to create independently, and the supplies needed won't break a teacher's bank!

Teacher Tip: Label Father's Day gifts as “adult appreciation” since many students don’t have both parents and live with grandparents or other family members. Another idea is to give students the option to create their gifts for any adult they look up to. Many students will make multiple gifts so they can thank another important adult in their life besides their dads if given the choice.

1. Keychain Shrinkydinks

This one was so popular with moms for Mother's Day, we think Dads will want one too!

Grab full white shrinkydink sheets, and cut each sheet in half. Draw blue lines and one red line down the side so it looks like notebook paper. (Also round the corners slightly before shrinking. No sharp corners poking Dad!) Have students write special notes to their dads with a sharpie, punch a hole in the corner with a hole punch, and shrink them. Show kids how these work perfectly as keychain art for their dads' car keys!

keychain shrinkydinks fathers day gifts
Photo Credit: Bonni Gordon

2. Dad Donut Day

Invite dads to stay for a special donut breakfast at the beginning of the school day! If Dad can't make it, any father figure-type of relative can come! Or, combine this event with Mother's Day and make it “Dad or Mom Donut Day”.

Make “I donut what I'd do without you” cards!

Go all out with this theme by making the cutest little sock donuts to decorate the classroom!

Make cards, show Dads around the classroom. If Dad can't make it, any father figure-type of relative can come!

Alternate Event: Dudes Day Tee-ball game!

Play Dads vs kids and serve Gatorade and orange slices. This will be a huge hit for kids and dads! Recruit some extra dad figures to stand in on the dad team if needed.

3. Funny Folding Surprise Father's Day Cards

These father's day cards are super funny and look SO cute with kid drawings! Follow the step-by-step tutorial:

Here's another option for a foldable card craft from The Art Hub:

4. World's Best Dad, Hands Down Craft

This gift is super simple! Print the template below, paint handprints, and have students sign the bottom. Easy peesy!

World's Best Dad Hands Down Handprint Poster
All Access member? Download FREE here.

5. Father's Day Coasters

All you need are 4×4 white tiles, colorful permanent markers, Mod Podge, and tulle and felt (optional). Allow students to draw on white tiles with permanent markers. Mod Podge over the top and the next day, tie them together with tulle. So cute! Stick felt circles on the back, and voila – coasters!

Father's Day coaster craft
Photo Credit: Heidi Laleman

6. Father's Day Tie Art

On All Access, you can download a Father's Day tie craft! Students will create their tie design to celebrate Father’s Day. It can be designed for anyone in their life!

2 Ways to Get This Resource

Join All Access to download everything we've ever made.

toothy task kits

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toothy task kits

7. Rocky Craft

Head outside and collect 2 rocks per student, or find bags of rocks at the dollar store. Have students Create a card or picture writing, “Dad, you rock!” at the top. Then, use hot glue to attach the rocks to represent your student and their father figure.

8. All About My Dad

Keep things simple with this heartwarming “All About my Dad” sheet that students will enjoy decorating and filling out for their special person.

All Access member? Download FREE here.

These quick and easy Father's Day crafts are sure to be treasured by dads for years! Check out this post for more seasonal and holiday projects perfect for 2nd grade.

Leave a comment below with your favorite Father's Day gift to make in the classroom!


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