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Fall Early Finisher Activities

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Written by: Katie Palmer

A teacher just finished a well planned, thought out lesson. She heads to her desk to take a sip of coffee while her students work on their independent work. She plans on walking around the room and assisting several students with skills they need to work on. But then, the dreaded words come from across the room, “Teacher, I’m done!” Oops, she forgot to plan early finisher activities!

fall early finisher activities for second grade

What to do with those early finishers? Lucky Little Learners has you covered with our brand new Fall Early Finisher Pack.

fall early finisher subject and predicate sheet for 2nd grade

Download Serving Up Sentences HERE

Why use the LLL Early Finisher Pack?

This pack, which is a part of a year-long bundle, is sure to keep your early finishers enriched! It allows a low prep independent work option. (Staple it and put it in a packet. Students can keep this pack in their desks for any time it is needed.)

Unlike other early finisher activities, every page in the Lucky Little Learners fall pack is purposeful! Students will be working on targeted skills, since teachers can pick and choose which ones to use.

2nd grade early finisher sheets to review targeted priority standards

Download I Spy The Silent E HERE

Each page is engaging with kid friendly directions and graphics. Students will be reviewing previously learned content, while the teacher now has the time to work with individuals or small skill groups!

What’s Included?

So, what is all included in this fall pack?

  • 50 skill-focused engaging worksheets with a fall theme
  • 50 answer keys for each page
  • Activities in Math, ELA, Art, Social Studies, Science, SEL, and more!
  • Focused on skills typically taught in the first few months of second grade, so a GREAT review activity!
fall themed early finisher worksheets

You can always save and go for the year-long bundle too!

  • 200+ skill-focused engaging worksheets, organized by season
  • 200+ answer keys for each page
  • Activities in Math, ELA, Art, Social Studies, Science, SEL, and more!
  • Each seasonal packet incorporates skills typically taught during that time of year
early finisher activities for every season in the 2nd grade year

A closer look at some fall early finisher activities:

Math & ELA

There are LOADS of Math and Literacy activities included in the early finishers pack!

math and ela early finisher worksheets for 2nd grade

With clearly labeled focus skills in the upper corner, teachers can pick and choose with math or literacy skill their students need to focus on. (Hello differentiation!)

With these standards based activities (24 Math & 32 ELA activities) students will get the math & literacy skill practice they need!

Download Fall Early Finisher Activities HERE

Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional skills are essential! The Fall early finishers pack includes targeted practice in these skill areas. These activities allow students to reflect on themselves and work on their mindset.

social emotional learning activities for early finishers in 2nd grade

Download Baking Feelings Pie HERE


science activities for 2nd grade early finishers

Kids love science! Have them work on this hands-on science activity sorting states of matter (a 2nd grade standard!) and watch their engagement soar.

Download States of Matter HERE

Social Studies

The fall pack includes social studies activities like letters to veterans and map skills.

letter to veterans from the Lucky Little Learners fall early finisher pack

Download Thank You for Your Service HERE


Sometimes, we just need a moment to let our creative juices flow! Each seasonal pack includes art activities so students can enjoy a little reward for finishing have-to tasks early.

fall mandala art sheet from the Lucky Little Learners fall early finisher pack

Download Fall Mandala Art HERE

If you’d love to have ready-to-go quality review activities for your early finishers, head to All Access and download the Early Finishers Fall Pack today!

Download Fall Early Finishers HERE

More resources for Early Finishers:

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2nd grade early finisher packets

What to do with Early Finishers? (coming soon!)

Did you know that Toothy is a PERFECT early finisher task? Read this post: 5 Spots Toothy Fits Perfectly in Your Schedule

five spots toothy fits perfectly into a school schedule

Happy Teaching!

fall early finisher activities for 2nd grade


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