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Easy to Make Christmas Gifts for Parents

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Written by: Katie Palmer

It’s that time of year! The time for teachers to do all the fun Christmas classroom traditions with their students. One of those traditions in many classrooms is making Christmas gifts for parents. However, will all the extra stresses teachers are feeling this time of the year, this can be an overwhelming task. But, Team Lucky Little Learners is here to say don’t worry! Let us take the parent gift planning out of your hands with this list of teacher and student approved gifts. Best part? These parent gift ideas are LOW prep, wallet friendly, quick to make and loved by parents.

easy to make christmas gifts for parents from students

Directed Drawing Calendar

This delightful gift idea is sure to keep parents smiling all year! AND Lucky Little Learners has made this easy! Using the Directed Drawings Holiday & Seasons Pack, students will draw a themed picture each month on a calendar template, for the WHOLE year!

student designed calendars with monthly directed drawings make great parent christmas gifts

These drawings are also part of the Directed Drawings bundle. Each pack (in the bundle) includes a step by step directed drawing video, step by step paper instructions, as well as writing paper to go with the drawings. (The bundle includes 445 drawings and 95 videos! WOW!)

The calendar template is included in this bundle as well and is ready to go all the way through the year 2025! What a fun (and easy) parent Christmas gift!

Materials Needed: Directed Drawing Pack & Calendar Template: Holiday & Seasons Pack (you will need to create your own calendar templates) or the BUNDLE(calendar template included).


  1. Have students draw and color each monthly drawing.
  2. Staple the calendar pages together
  3. Add a background paper (if desired)

Try a free Directed Drawing here:

Take a look at Directed Drawing packs in our shop:


Holidays & Seasons Pack

Directed Drawings Bundle

Handprint Craft

We all know kids grow fast! Why not permanently capture their handprint in its current kid size forever? There are a couple great ideas for this!

Rudolph Paper Ornament

Not only is this ornament ADORABLE, it is FREE and super easy! This ornament came from Jenny P., a teacher in our Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group.

handprint reindeer christmas ornaments are cute and easy to make

Materials Needed: This can be done COMPLETELY free, or with a few extra items.

  • White and brown paper
  • Laminator
  • Brown Paint
  • String
  • Optional: googly eyes and red poms (OR use construction paper for eyes and nose)


  1. Paint one of the student’s hands brown.
  2. Have them make a handprint on a white piece of paper.
  3. Cute the handprint out around the border.
  4. Glue onto a brown piece of paper and trim.
  5. If using construction paper for eyes and nose, do this now.
  6. Laminate
  7. Add a sharpie smile.
  8. If you are using googly eyes and a pom nose, do this now.
  9. Glue a string or punch a hole and tie the string.

Snowman Handprint Ornament

This is a super cute idea, also provided by a teacher, Ashely P., in our Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group.

create snowman ornaments using handprints and cardboard

Materials Needed: This can be done a couple different materials.

Steps: This project is best broken into a few days.

  1. Have students paint the background.
  2. Paint one of the student’s hands (just the four fingers)
  3. Have students add snowman details (scarf, hat, eyes, mouth, nose, etc..) with paint or Sharpies.
  4. Glue or tie string to the ornament.

VARIATION:If you are using the wooden circle ornaments, have students just paint one finger for a solo snowman. This leaves more room to paint a sky and snowflakes in the background!


This is a gift for any occasion! (Works great for Mother’s or Father’s day too!)

make keepsake coasters for parents using ceramic tiles mod podge pictures and construction paper


  • Ceramic tiles-you can get a huge box of these from your local home improvement store! (Think as low as 15 cents each!)
  • Mod Podge (can be store bought OR homemade! See this recipe from One Crazy Mom.
  • Construction or scrapbook paper for hearts.
  • Optional: felt circles (like these ones from Amazon) to avoid table scratches.


  1. Take a pic of each student blowing a kiss.
  2. Print and cut out the pics. (You decide if this is a teacher or student step! HA!)
  3. Students cut out several heart shapes.
  4. Have students apply the first layer of mod podge to a blank tile. Then, immediately apply their pic and heart and paint a thin layer over them.
  5. Apply several layers over a few days.
  6. Optional: stick on felt circles on all four corners of the bottom of the “coaster”.

Handmade Ornaments

Let’s be real, parents will LOVE anything their child brings home! If time or resources are short, simply pass out some paper and let the students create paper ornaments.

ornament classroom craft that makes a perfect christmas present for parents

Materials Needed:

  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • String
  • Coloring materials: crayons, markers, colored pencils–whatever you and students prefer!
  • Optional: Check out these FREE ornament templates from The Artisan Life.


  1. Print out the ornament templates OR have students draw their ornament shapes on cardstock or construction paper.
  2. Have them color & cut out the ornaments.
  3. Punch a hole and tie a string!

Handwritten Work

Another never fails idea is having students write a story, card or poem for parents. Remind students to use their neatest handwriting! This parent Christmas gift is very open ended…there are so many options! Here are a couple quick ideas:

  1. December Writing Pages: this writing page pack includes 20 different writing prompts (and multiple paper formats). Students could choose a few favorites and staple together as a book. Then, add a cute student made cover!Read more about these writing pages here: No Prep 2nd Grade Writing Prompts or check them out in the LLL Shop.

2. Acrostic Poem-Have students write an acrostic name poem for each member of their household. Then, glue the poems to cardstock or construction paper and have them illustrate designs around the edge.

Take a look at December Writing Pages in our shop:


1st & 2nd Grade December Writing Pages

December Must-Read Posts:

Wait! Before you head off to make those parent Christmas gifts, check out the other majorly helpful posts to get your classroom running smoothly during the most wonderful (and hectic) time of the school year.

Happy teaching!

easy to make christmas gifts for parents from students


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