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I am using a new discipline system this year and I LOVE it!  Each student is assigned a number to a clothespin.  I write the number for each student on their name tag at their desk too.  My students start every day with their clip on green.  If I or my para notice a student making good choices throughout the day, we will ask them to move their clip up.  If the student makes poor choices, they move down the chart.  What I love the most about this type of discipline system is that if a student has to move their clip down, they can still choose to turn their day around and make good choices.  If they choose to do this, they have the potential of moving back up and earning their way back to green or better.  There are rewards and consequences with this system.  You can make these rewards and consequences work for you in your classroom.  At the end of each day the kids have a spot in their BEE binders (take-home folders) that they are required to “color their day”.  My classroom parents have expressed to me that they like this routine in our classroom and make it a routine in their home to ask what color of day they have had.  At the end of each week, students who have had 5 green or better days get to go to the treasure box. 


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