Digital Stickers with Google Classroom and SeeSaw

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Teachers are finding ways to get creative when it comes to rewarding their students while distance learning. Whether you are full or part time distance learning, digital stickers could be what you are looking for! Digital stickers can be used on Google Classroom or SeeSaw. Learn how to use them, get some free digital stickers, and see how we make them below.

What are digital stickers?

Digital stickers are exactly that. They are a sticker that can be used digitally. Essentially, it is an image file that is placed on top of an activity or assignment as a way to reward them for a job well done.

Where can digital stickers be used?

Any platform that allows a person to add an image file can use digital stickers. Here is a list of the most common teaching and learning digital platforms that students are using today. All of these platforms do accept image files (aka digital stickers).

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Slides
  • Google Docs
  • SeeSaw
  • Canvas
  • Schoology
  • Class Dojo
  • Microsoft Teams

How do I attach a digital sticker to an assignment?

The video tutorial above demonstrates how to add a digital sticker on a Google Slides activity but the process to adding it to other platforms is very similar. Find the button that allows you to add an image and follow the same steps as the video shows to assign a digital sticker to a student’s work.

Digital Brag Tags vs. Digital Stickers

Are you wondering what the difference is between a digital brag tag and a digital sticker? To be honest, there is no difference! A lot of teachers that follow our page have used brag tags over the years. As the challenges of distance learning and COVID safety regulations fell upon us, we were asked how to use brag tags without having to print them. That was when we thought of the idea of turning brag tags into digital brag tags or digital stickers.

Digital Sticker Collection

Now that your students will be earning digital stickers, they will want to start keeping track of their rewards. Students love to collect things so why not encourage them to collect their digital stickers? We have created this free collection page for you to give to your students as a way of collecting all their rewards throughout the year.

Digital stickers are a great way to reward and incentivize students while they are distance learning.  Grab your free digital sticker collection sheets and start using them right away!

We created a free digital sticker collection sheet pack for you to get started! Fill out your name and email below so we can get this in your hands right away.

Tips and Tricks

If you plan to use digital brag tags and digital stickers this year, we suggest that you create a folder on your computer. Inside that folder you will save all of your favorite stickers you plan to use throughout the school year so they are all in one place and ready to go for you!

We also suggest that you label each sticker with the title so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Shop Brag Tags

We have a bunch of brag tags that you can turn into digital stickers for your students. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: None of the bundles have any overlapping of brag tags. The growth mindset brag tags are not found in any of the bundles.

Digital stickers can be used on Google Classroom or SeeSaw.  Learn how to use them, get some free digital stickers, and see how we make them in this post.


  1. Mollie T Carter

    How does it work on Canvas? I would love to use them!

    • Bailey Jordan

      Hi! We would love to help you with this question, please email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to answer it for you! Thanks so much!

      Bailey Jordan
      Lucky Little Learners


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