5 Ways Teachers Benefit By Using Instagram

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Written by: Angie Olson

5 Ways Teachers Benefit By Using Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that is growing quickly.  Launched in 2010, Instagram now has over 400 million users and growing!  Teachers have taken Instagram over by storm.  So, you may be asking, “What’s the big deal?”  Personally and professionally speaking, Instagram has improved my teaching in so many ways that I decided to compile a list of 5 Ways Teachers Benefit By Using Instagram.

1.  Instagram is the world’s largest and most positive teacher’s lounge.  

Think about a stereotypical teacher’s lounge for a second.  What kind of conversations do you hear?  I’m willing to guess that they aren’t all positive conversations.  You won’t find these conversations on Instagram.  That is one reason I love Instagram.  It is filled with positive teachers who love to collaborate and share ideas.  Need I say more?

2.  Instagram provides free professional development right at your finger tips.

The need for spending tons of money and time on an out of town conference has decreased for me because of Instagram.  No longer am I taking an entire day or two away from my classroom to sit in a conference session to gather as much information as I can write down and process.  Now, I can get on Instagram from the comfort of my own couch, car, bed, waiting room, dance practice, bleachers, etc and gain insightful information for my classroom.  For this busy mom, this has been a game changer!  Don’t get me wrong, there are still conferences out there that are well worth the time and money to attend but I am finding that I am gaining a ton of new information and ideas right from my phone.

3.  Instagram hashtags are your friend.

Hashtags are your friend.  Think of hashtags as a way to filter all the online content into a narrowed down topic of interest.  Hashtags can be thought of similar to a google search engine.  Not sure of what hashtags are popular on Instagram?  Look no further.  Here are some that I frequently use on my Instagram account.

4.  Instagram will help build and grow your professional learning network (PLN).

I think about teaching as a collaborative effort.  Some of the best teachers have an amazing network of other amazing teachers to learn from.  As much as we love the teachers we work with, it’s okay to want MORE.  Instagram is filled with teachers from around the world who are ready to collaborate and learn from you!  I have found tons of holiday party ideas, pen pals, lesson plans, art projects, snack recipes, teacher outfits, newsletter templates, parent teacher conference tips, and more!

5.  Instagram is teacher eye candy.

Teachers love visuals.  Door decorations.  Anchor charts.  Bulletin boards.  Classroom themes.  Funny memes.  The list could go on and on.  Here are a few of my favorite.
5 Ways Teachers Benefit By Using Instagram

Are you on Instagram?  I’d love to connect with you!  You can find me @LuckyLittleLearners  Leave your Instagram handle in the comment section below!  I look forward to connecting and learning with you soon!

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  1. have2teach

    I love Instagram and all of the wonderful ideas that are shared. My handle is @have2teach2nd

  2. Elyse

    My teacher account on Instagram has been the best thing for my teaching! I agree with all of these especially the PD and positivity. Making one over the summer was the best thing I could have done!! I love being connected with so many passionate, positive educators! I've gotten so so so many ideas from the gram! I LOVE it! I'm @pep_and_pencils on Instagram 🙂

  3. Alicia Wittmer

    I love using Instagram to get ideas and stay refreshed. Teaching requires a community! My handle is @wittmerswhimsies. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ruthanne

    Love Instagram for all of these reasons!
    I am there as @planninginpencil

  5. April Warren

    What a great idea for a blog post! My handle is @theglittertree2!

  6. twolittlebirds

    I have gotten so many great ideas from IG, it is my favorite!! I love connecting with other teachers & feel like I get to know them! @two_little_birds_tpt

  7. Diana Rowland

    Great post! I just started posting this year but it's been a great experience. My handle is @the_rockin_rowlands

  8. Garden Full of Knowledge

    Love the post! Love Instagram! I love that I can quickly post a picture and share it with everyone. Instagram also acts like my personal album and diary; it's a great reminder of all lessons and things you've done in the past.
    I'm @gardenfullofknowledge

  9. Recipe for Teaching

    LOVE Instagram!! It seriously is some awesome PD right at your finger tips like you said!! I get SO many amazing ideas and I love that I am connecting with teachers from all over! Great post and I complete agree with everything you shared!
    ~Heather 🙂 @recipeforteaching

  10. Tara Greggs

    I would love new followers! This is such a great post Angie!! I love the "teacher's lounge" comment! I think I'll spend my lunch on Instagram from the comfort of my classroom 🙂

    follow me @teachingincle

  11. Karen Foley

    Great article! I hadn't thought abt the teachers lounge piece but you nailed it. I'm on @kinderkfoley 🙂

  12. Allie @ The Gypsy Teacher

    Insta is my favorite form of Social Media- and it truly is an amazing resource we now have! I love screenshotting things I can use in my classroom and I'll go back to them later in my photos, find the instagrammer, and find her blog or TpT store to see more of how to use it, or a product to get! Instagram has truly changed my teacherpreneur life! My handle is @alliethegypsyteacher 😀

    The Gypsy Teacher

  13. Anne

    Sooo true–instagram is one of my new favorite places to connect!!

  14. Jamie Paino

    You are such an inspiration!! @sparkleinsecond

  15. ItsMeCaitlin

    Inspired by this post, I decided to create a 3rd Instagram account just for following other teachers! Follow me @CaitlinTeaches9th

    I've always used Twitter for following other teachers, but lately it's gotten too noisy when a lot of the educators I follow engage in Twitter chats.

  16. Miss Smartie Pants

    Angie! This has been a great post! I LOVE Instagram, I am definitely a visual girl!! Thanks for sharing the love of all teachers around the world! My Instagram is @miss_smartiepants. Looking forward to connecting with you soon! ����

  17. Miranda Payne

    I'd love to follow @mirandasnowmartin

  18. Judy Holmes

    Thank you for this post. I never would have thought of Instagram for my classroom ideas.

  19. Rachel Resto

    I was reluctant to start but it's been great for connecting with others @misskindergartenfix

  20. Hip Hooray in K

    Love, love Instagram! Eye candy is right!! I am @HipHoorayinK

  21. S.B. Linton

    Thanks. I am really starting to like Instagram a great deal too. I'm on @AutismClassroom

  22. Paige

    Since I'm the only 1st grade teacher at my school, I am so thankful for IG to see what's going on in other classrooms! @apagebypaiger

  23. Amy Woods

    I have learned so many things on Insta! Loved the way you described it as a positive Teacher's Lounge! Perfect!!!

  24. Katy gilliland-

    Love Instagram and your blog thanks for helping us be better at what we do!

  25. Julie

    Hi Angie, just found you by watching your Periscope on multiplication strategies, which was great! I'm new to Instagram and am really loving it. I do clip art for teachers on TpT (lots of maths clip art!).
    I'm on Instagram at @sculptdesigns

  26. Lora Camp

    LOVE Instagram! Such a fabulous and positive resource for teachers! You are so right about the Teacher Eye Candy!
    I'm on Instagram at @campinwiththeclass I'd love to connect with any of you!!!!

  27. deirdre forde

    Love, love Instagram and the great teachers I have met. I'd love to connect @fordesfirsties

  28. Tammy Croft

    I am learning about instagram. Thanks for the info!

  29. Wendy

    I love following you Angie! I have used your Camp Read A Lot idea for the last two years! The kids love it!! My IG handle is @4th_5thgradehappiness

  30. Sarah Beth Crabtree

    Thank you for sharing! @thenotsocrabbyclassroom

  31. Mary Ann Lopez

    I love Instagram! Thank you for reaching out to teachers. You are an inspiration. @beatiger26


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