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12 Interactive Telling Time Activities for 2nd Graders

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Written by: Mary Kate Bolinder

Time flies when you’re having fun – learning about time with our interactive math notebooks, that is! Our Interactive Math Notebooks feature 12 different telling time activities for second-grade students. Get ready to rock around the clock with these awesome interactive activities to teach time!

Why use interactive notebooks to teach time?

Teaching students how to tell time? We are here to save you time! Interactive math notebooks are a lifesaver when it comes to lesson planning, small group work, independent work, or math centers. Interactive notebooks are organized, fun, and engaging. These notebooks make it easy for students to participate in hands-on math activities every day. Students will return to these notebooks time and time again to reference different skills throughout the year.

Check out this blog post to discover 7 reasons why you should be using interactive notebooks in the math classroom!

Let’s take a closer look at the activities in the Telling Time Unit!

Jump to Activities By Skill:

Clock Basics

Clock Vocabulary

Telling Time to the Hour

Telling Time to the Half Hour

Telling Time to the Quarter Hour

Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes

Comparing Analog vs. Digital

Telling Time Story Problems

1 – Draw and Label the Clock

First things first: in order to tell time, students need to be able to recognize all the important parts of an analog clock face. In this activity, students will draw and label the minute hand, hour hand, and 5-minute intervals on the clock face. It is helpful for each student to have their own small clock and marker board, too. Looking for a fun way to introduce telling time to the minute? How about playing a round of Minute to Win It games? Click here to see a list of fun, school-friendly games that only take – you guessed it – one minute!

label the clock math notebook activity

2 – Clock Words

clock words labeling activity

In this telling time activity, students will identify clock words and write the digital time. With 10 analog problems, students will get extra practice writing number words (hello, bonus spelling review!). Telling the time in both digital and analog is an essential skill, even in our increasingly digital world.

3 – Lift the Flap “What Time is It?”

lift the flap telling time activity

In this lift the flap activity, students will be given an analog clock. They need to write the time in digital format. Have students switch notebooks with a partner to check for accuracy.

4 – Time Pocket Sort

time pocket sort activity for 2nd grade interactive math notebooks

It’s sorting time! Students will sort 16 different clocks into the correct pocket:

  • Time to the hour
  • Time to the half-hour
  • Time to the quarter-hour
  • Time to the nearest 5 minutes

The best part about this activity is that it can be done for review over and over again! Simply remove the cards from the pocket and sort them for extra review. Want an extra challenge? Have students time themselves to see how quickly they can sort each card. Keep practicing to see their times improve!

5 – Time to the Hour “Time Card Match”

Time card match interactive notebook activity

We love to do this activity with a small clock. First, students can match the time on the clock to the time on the card. Then, they write the correct time in their notebooks. Finally, this can also be done as a partner activity. One partner sets the time on the clock, and the other person has to write it on their marker board or notebook.

6 – Time to the Half Hour “Hour vs. Minute Hand”

time to the half hour interactive notebook activity

Don’t mix up the minute and the hour hand! Take your time telling activities to the next level by practicing telling time to the half-hour with this interactive notebook activity.

7 – Quarter Hour “What Time Is It?”

quarter hour what time is it interactive notebook activity

Your students have mastered telling time to the hour and the half-hour. Now it’s time to practice telling time to the quarter-hour! No matter how you say it: quarter of, quarter til, quarter to – it’s all the same! Practice with these 12 analog clock problems to master this skill.

8 – Nearest 5 Flip Flaps

Telling time to the nearest 5 minutes flip flaps activity for 2nd grade interactive math notebooks

By now your students have worked more than halfway through their telling time math unit. They’ve got this! Practice telling time to the nearest five-minute interval with this lift-the-flap activity.

9 – Telling Time Vocabulary Sort

telling time vocabulary sorting activity

We love how perfectly this activity fits onto the page. Now that students have had practice with telling time to the nearest hour, half-hour, and quarter-to, it’s time to practice sorting! Make this activity into a game – have the students work with a partner. Each student will flip their own cards facedown. Taking turns, students will flip one card over at a time, and sort it into the correct pile. The first student to fill a category with all 6 cards is the winner!

10 – Analog vs. Digital Partner Match

analog versus digital matching activity

This activity works well in multiple settings: whole group, small group, or math centers. To complete this telling time activity, one person will call out a time on the clock. Students will draw the time on the clock face, and write the matching time in digital format. For students that need additional visuals, instead of calling out a time, show the time on a large clock face and have them copy the correct time.

11 – Draw the Time

draw the time interactive notebook activity

Students love making this matching game in their interactive notebooks! In this activity, the digital time to the nearest 5 minutes is given. Students have to then draw the matching time on a clock face. Ready, set, go!

12 – Story Problems (Elapsed Time)

elapsed time story problems for 2nd grade interactive notebooks

Elapsed time is a tricky concept to master, but have no fear! With their amazing interactive math notebooks in hand, students have all the resources they need to figure out these elapsed time story problems.

Time is ticking! Download the Telling Time Second Grade Interactive Math Notebook and get started today! Your students will love these telling time activities.


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